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Good looks? Aluminum lumps? customized? Gasket? Real shots of my seven keyboards + experience + shopping advice for Double Eleven

Before I knew it, I became a keyboard guy, one step closer to a real middle-aged man~

After going in and out, I still have seven keyboards in my hand, each of which I have used for a long time. I will integrate them today. I hope to give you some references on the occasion of Double Eleven~

No more nonsense.

From top to bottom, from left to right, they are:

Next, let’s talk about these keyboards in order~

This keyboard is the most pleasantly customized keyboard I have ever used~

With a price of more than 300 yuan on Double Eleven, it provides RGB, OSA small round PBT keycaps, Keychron pro hot-swappable switches, noise reduction sponges, supports VIA/QMK customization, and a metal multimedia knob~ even supports win /mac dual system dual keycaps ~ really great value!

In terms of appearance design, it is calm and not jumping off, the black and blue keycaps are harmonious and low-key, and the red esc and enter keys are very lively, very attractive!

On the top of the keyboard, there is a Win/Mac switch button and a C-port data cable socket, which is very versatile.

The keycaps use OSA-height PBT keycaps. The surface is matte and feels very comfortable to the touch.

The multimedia knob on the top can easily adjust the volume and one-key mute, and supports customization,

The shaft body uses the Keychron pro shaft body. The one in my hand is a brown shaft. Its step feeling is not as obvious as that of the green shaft, but fortunately, it is not so noisy, and the pressing force is moderate, and the degree of lubrication is high. It takes a lot of effort, has a good sense of confirmation, and is not easy to trigger by mistake. Still very suitable for social animals and gamers~

It also has a satellite axis on the long key, which has a better sense of consistency~

Coupled with the noise reduction cotton between the PCB and the positioning board and the silicone pad at the bottom, this keyboard has a good noise control and rebound feel, which is really awesome~

Not only that, this keyboard is basically fully customizable, and you can easily replace your favorite parts such as the shaft body and keycap, with a high degree of freedom.

In terms of RGB, this keyboard has a lot of modes, which looks very pleasing to the eye~

All in all, this keyboard, no matter what it is, does enough at this price, and it is definitely a good thing on your desk~

Many people say that Luo Fei has never lost in appearance and has never won in hand feeling. This sentence is neither right nor wrong. For many people, the subtle touch is really hard to detect, but the appearance can indeed be seen at a glance, which is why Luo Fei is now growing stronger. because


After getting it, my wife's first reaction was "My God, how can it be so beautiful?! Because this keyboard is so beautiful: from the packaging to the keyboard, to the keycap, it highlights a high-value and exquisite sense.

The whole keyboard has an extremely refreshing and girly visual experience, with an abstract expression of orange juice and ice, which can feel the coolness of summer.

The overall keyboard has an ice texture, double-layer design on the edge, a high transparent shell on the outside, and a mirror-plated bottom design. The texture and visual effect are extraordinary in the hand. Each keycap is made of transparent PC material, and in order to achieve the crystal clear ice effect, the keycaps are actually double-layered and hollow.

The shaft body is even more special, the shaft body under the blue button is almost completely transparent material.

Under the orange button is a very rare orange, through the keycap, the color is still very nice. With the white light below, the light feeling of typing on the keyboard is extremely gorgeous.

And the characters on the surface of the keycaps are also super cute! The style is lively and cute. Filled with a thick girl's heart! No wonder my 2-year-old loves this keyboard so much, she wants to hug it when she gets it.

In terms of workmanship, it is very fine, smooth to the touch, without roughness, and has a strong sense of quality.

This keyboard is a compact 68-key keyboard, which removes the Fn key and retains common keys such as arrow keys, which is suitable for most people.

As a keyboard, the most important thing is the touch feel. This keyboard uses a custom-made MX structure shaft body, which feels soft when used, with small trigger travel and low force, especially suitable for girls who type fast. Typing for a long time, compared with the green axis keyboard my wife used before, this keyboard makes the fingers less tired.

Not only that, this keyboard also realizes full-key conflict-free, even playing games is OK.

Also worth mentioning is its unique backlight. Although it is white light, the effect is very beautiful. Through the Fn key + Backspace key in the upper right corner, you can switch between various lights.

As stated in the product's slogan, this keyboard is obviously eclectic, taking a refined route, doing its best in design, and achieving excellent user experience. It can be called an extreme keyboard for young people, but It is doomed not to be able to enter the eyes of Lao Shao. After all, product positioning is different. Please use an inclusive attitude to look at each product with different positioning~

This is a keyboard from the veteran digital peripheral manufacturer Lvlian. It continues its design skills and integrates the soft and fresh macaron color scheme into this keyboard, which is simply beautiful.

Its color scheme is fresh and comfortable, the keycaps are warm to the touch, and the soft keyboard backlight is not as dazzling as RGB. It has added super convenient and practical shortcut keys, and it is also a Bluetooth wireless + wired dual-mode mechanical keyboard. I can’t refuse it at all. Don't mention Miss Workplace~

In terms of design, it takes rounded corners as the main design element as a whole, and the color changes from white to pink, showing a macaron color transition, which makes this keyboard very attractive to women.

The keycaps of the buttons are slightly upturned, but the surface is concave, and a soft surface coating is used, which makes the finger pads feel very comfortable to the touch.

The combination of button + shaft looks like little mushrooms from the side, which is a little cute.

The switch body of the button is a half-height switch, the feel is between the green switch and the red switch, more similar to the brown switch, the trigger force is small, it has a moderate sense of paragraph, the confirmation feeling is relatively simple, and it can keep up with you when typing fast , In this way, it feels good and does not take much effort. Personally, I think it is very suitable for women's office codes.

The last is the backlight. You can adjust the backlight mode, brightness and backlight switch by FN + up, down, left, and right arrow keys. This keyboard, though only available in a soft white light suitable for the office, is a lot of work and a lot of fun.

Moreover, this keyboard has a very good shortcut design, so I think it is necessary to give a few examples to talk about it separately.


On the right side of the keyboard, the INS key can quickly enter the newly added screenshot function of the system, enabling full-screen screenshots, rectangular screenshots or arbitrary shape screenshots. I have been using QQ screenshots, as if I have entered a new world.


The HOME button can quickly enter the search mode. I am used to typing English + ENTER through the search mode to quickly open a certain program. This is definitely an artifact of efficiency.

One key lock screen

The END key can lock the screen with one key! It is really super convenient to leave the computer temporarily and lock the screen with one key to prevent peeping.

Minimize all windows with one click

The PGUP key can minimize all windows with one click and return to the desktop immediately. The operation of clicking the lower right corner of the screen with the mouse to return to the desktop is extremely cumbersome in comparison.

devil and

The PGDN key is an emoji expression shortcut key that I have never opened on Windows. When chatting, you can get a fresh experience that is completely different from the default emoji on WeChat and QQ. Of course, it is consistent with the emoji library on Apple and Android~

other aspects

The shortcut keys on the right side of the keyboard are convenient, but they are too close to each other, and it is easy to touch them by mistake. It takes a while to get used to.

In general, this keyboard meets all my needs for appearance, feel, and functions. While ensuring the basic functions, it adds a lot of practical shortcut key operations. It is a keyboard that has been thought about "for whom". nice keyboard.

Even as a Bluetooth/wired dual-mode half-height mechanical keyboard, its price of more than 300 yuan is really not expensive, and I think it is very worthwhile.

The model of this customized keyboard is q2, which is jokingly called aluminum lump, because it is really a big lump of aluminum with amazing weight!

In terms of design, this keyboard has the characteristics of retro and calm, very attractive, and it is also very suitable for placing on the desk.

The overall style of the shell is very tough, with edges and corners, but the edges have been treated so that it feels smooth and does not cut your hands. It uses a whole piece of aluminum as the frame and bottom cover material. After taking it apart, the material is extremely thick and looks very durable.

There is a multimedia knob on the keyboard, the keyboard motherboard comes with RGB, the shaft supports hot swapping, and the keyboard supports VIA and other open source key changes. It can be described as the mainstream configuration.

The color matching of the keycaps of the keyboard is very retro, different functions are distinguished by different colors, and the yellow color of the esc and enter keys is the finishing touch. The keycap mold is the same as the V3 and other Keychron keyboards. The small round keycaps are still very comfortable. With the matte touch, the visual experience and the hand feel are excellent.

The entire keyboard has a certain inclination, and with the inclination of the keycaps, the overall ergonomics design is passable. When typing, the wrist will not be very tired.

In terms of switches, this keyboard uses Jiadalong tea switches, which feel lighter, not hard, and have a good mute effect. When typing quickly, there is a sense of smooth flow. This is also the combination of shaft and keycap with the best typing feel among my current seven keyboards. With its gasket structure, it is really No.1!

This is an extremely beautiful keyboard with thick materials, reasonable ergonomics design, and various ways of playing. I am personally very satisfied! Whether it is codewords or playing games, it feels extremely comfortable in the hand.

The pink color of this keyboard immediately caught my attention. It can be said that this is the most pink keyboard I have ever seen~ It is a small-sized keyboard with 84 keys in a compact layout. The frame and frame are integrally formed from a single block of aluminum. It also has a gasket structure and the hot-swappable feature of the shaft body, and supports three-mode connections, and it is unambiguous in terms of professionalism.

Moreover, it also has an RGB backlight + unique pickup light bar that is enough to make a macho fall!

The shell and structure of this keyboard are entirely made of aluminum alloy. It can be said that it is processed by CNC from a whole piece of aluminum, and the cost is high. The weight of the entire keyboard is as high as 1.5kg, and it is very, very stable on the table.

The surface is anodized, and the color presents a pink texture like rose gold, which still looks very advanced~

Dareu 84PRO uses three-color keycaps. The different functional areas of the keyboard and special keys are matched by peach pink, white, and black. The matching is very harmonious, reasonable and has a color contrast effect.

The material of each keycap is two-color injection molding PBT, and the closed characters are directly formed by injection molding without fading. The surface is frosted, which is not only comfortable to touch, but also has a high content of PBT material, and it is not easy to oil up after long-term use.

In addition, the axis body is the sky axis V3 self-developed by Dareu and manufactured by Huanuo. The main material is blue and transparent, which can well let the backlight below shine through.

Although the keyboard casing is a heavy and hard material, the actual feel of the keys is quite springy.

Because the interior is a gasket structure, the silicone gasket gives the keyboard motherboard enough cushioning, and with the soft PC positioning plate, the sound of the whole keyboard becomes very small, and there is no metal sound or cavity sound. And it's bouncy, neither too rigid nor too soft, and feels good~

The trigger height of the switch body of this keyboard is quite suitable. It is neither the slight paragraph feeling of the brown switch nor the ultra-short trigger stroke of the red switch. It is true that it is not easy to accidentally touch it. Stimulation, but after a long time, this kind of feel is less likely to be tired, and it does not disturb the people~

There is a pressable metal knob on the upper right corner of this keyboard, through which you can easily adjust the volume of the system, it is very convenient to use~ and it feels very good~

RGB+ pick-up light bar, the atmosphere is full~ Which hunk can refuse? ?

Due to the fact that the keys are opaque, the RGB lights can only pass through the gaps in the keycaps~ a little regrettable~

And the sound pick-up light bar can move according to the ambient sound, you can think about the visualization effect of playing music in Windows Media Player ~ (exposure age)

This is a high-end mechanical keyboard with full appearance, excellent feel, and absolutely thick materials. It brings a lively light effect to the boring desktop and becomes a great embellishment. The starting price of the Double Eleven pre-sale is 999. As a keyboard with an aluminum lump + a customized gasket structure, the price is still acceptable~

This is a three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard with a cool design, two-color injection molding PBT transparent keycaps, and RGB backlight/surround ambient light.

It uses Jiadalong G PRO 2.0 series shaft body, supports 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth wireless and wired connection methods, and the whole keyboard has no conflicts with all keys, whether it is daily codewords or fierce battles in Unreal Arena, it It can provide an excellent tapping experience at this price~

This keyboard has an 87 layout and uses an ultra-narrow bezel. The whole machine is designed with notched corners, so it presents a hexagonal feeling.

And its keycap suspension design, the shaft is exposed, and the RGB light at the rear is also brighter~

The front keycaps are in red and black, and the overall color scheme is not monotonous.

A multimedia knob is placed on the left side of the keyboard to control the volume and switch of the sound.

come to the back

There are two feet that allow the keyboard to work at a higher angle, making it a little more comfortable to type on.

It is worth mentioning that this time the keyboard switch, RGB, connection mode switching and other switches are all in this small area, and there are instructions below the four small switches.

In terms of experience, its Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connections are very stable, even if I plug in a USB flash drive or a mouse, it will not affect the wireless stability. If you are looking for lower latency, plug-in is also possible~

It uses the yellow switch in the Jiadalong G PRO 2.0 series switch body. The main material is transparent, which can well let the backlight below through. It has a good feedback feel and appropriate pressure. It is effortless to use, has a crisp feel, and is not easy to trigger by mistake. It is especially suitable for the student party who plays a lot of games and types a lot.

And its multi-function multimedia knob, twist left and right, you can adjust the volume, press down to mute with one key. Super convenient for daily use.

The keyboard has a built-in 4000 mAh large-capacity battery, so there is basically no power anxiety. Moreover, it can also be plugged into the computer when charging, without affecting daily use.

Finally, RGB~

The cheap donkey keyboard is very suitable for the student party, whether it is the cool appearance or the actual use experience, and the price is only 400 yuan. The price/performance ratio is really first-class. If you are buying a mechanical keyboard for the first time, this one can be considered.

More than 400 yuan

hot swap

RGB backlight

Three-mode wireless

Large capacity battery

There is also a super high-value fully transparent shell

Add up the above, this is the RS6 keyboard.

The overall use of bright red and frosted transparent body, button layout color matching is very beautiful, coupled with the red metal positioning plate, with the lines of the mecha style, directly hit my aesthetic point.

Different functional areas and special keys of the keyboard use different colors, the color system is in a range, and the matching is reasonable and has a color contrast effect.

There is a multi-function multimedia knob in the upper right corner. Turn it left and right to adjust the volume, and press it down to mute the volume with one key. Super convenient for daily use.

On the left side of the keyboard, there are switch keys and system switch keys. The switch comes with a small window, so you can clearly know what kind of working mode it is now. This design is very well received.

After removing the keycap, I found that the material of the keycap is two-color injection molding PBT, and the surface is frosted, which is not only comfortable to touch, but also not easy to oil after long-term use.

In addition, the switch body is Jiadalong's G PRO brown switch, and the main material is transparent, which can well let the backlight from below shine through. This keyboard supports hot-swapping, so I can remove the switch body with confidence. The triggering force of this switch is small, with a relatively clear sense of paragraphs. It is effortless to use. It feels crisp, has a sense of confirmation, and is not easy to trigger by mistake. It is especially suitable for people who type a lot and press a lot of times.

What attracts me most about this keyboard is that it has a built-in numeric keypad area under the compact shape, which is very convenient for daily office input.

It is worth mentioning here that using fn+backspace, you can see the remaining battery capacity through the keyboard backlight in the digital area. This design is really unexpected to me, it is innovative and practical.


Whether it is the red transparent appearance or the actual use experience, it is very in line with my heart. It is worthy of its Double Eleven price of about 400 in all aspects, which can be described as a cost-effective high-end mechanical keyboard. If you are buying a keyboard for the first time, you might as well try this one, it will definitely satisfy you like me.

These are the keyboards I currently hold. In terms of feel, my personal favorite is Keychron Q2, and in terms of appearance, I like the cheap ass RS6 and Luofei 1%. However, these seven keyboards are all or There are more or less shortcomings, and none of them are perfect. And the perfect keyboard in my ideal should be the Keychron Q2+ wireless mode. It feels invincible and simple.

I hope manufacturers can hear my voice.

I also hope to leave your comments, welcome to exchange~

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