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Good product recommendation|Rapoo XK300 Bluetooth keyboard makes iPad easier to use

It has been 12 years since the Apple iPad was released. After several generations of changes and configuration updates, today’s iPad has already transformed from an "artifact for watching dramas" into a productivity tool in the hands of many users. Not only can it replace conventional laptops to a certain extent, Moreover, it is more portable, and with peripherals such as keyboard and mouse, it can bring a better mobile office experience. The Rapoo XK300 Bluetooth keyboard recommended for everyone today is a good digital product that can make the iPad more usable.

The outer packaging of the product continues the iconic blue and simple design of the Rapoo office series, with a high-definition display picture of the product printed on the front, and an introduction to the parameters and characteristics of the product on the back. This Rapoo XK300 Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with 10.2/10.5-inch iPad products such as iPad7, iPad air, and iPad Pro.

In terms of accessories, only a product manual and a TypeC charging cable are provided.

The overall size of the Rapoo XK300 Bluetooth keyboard is about 258×193×25mm. It adopts a double-sided folding design. It is fixed by magnetic absorption structure. The degree of adsorption is moderate. The opening and closing feel is good, and it is very convenient for daily storage and placement.

The upper and lower sides of the keyboard are the protective cover and the main body of the keyboard respectively. The outer layer is made of TPU leather fabric, which is scratch-resistant and non-slip.

The protective cover is made of silicone material, and the interior is designed with anti-skid lines, which effectively prevents the iPad from falling off. The top and side of the protective case are designed with lock screen and volume adjustment buttons, with precise opening, moderate rebound and excellent hand feeling. At the same time, the protective cover also provides a hidden pen slot, which is convenient for users to store the stylus, and avoids loss and damage.

The keyboard adopts the classic scissor foot structure of the Rapoo Blade series, with a small-sized key layout design. The keys are common chocolate keys, which feel comfortable and balanced when struck, and rebound quickly. Touch, and the key position is adapted for iPadOS, which is convenient for Mac users to use seamlessly.

The F area provides 16 multi-function buttons, which can realize various functions such as brightness adjustment, multimedia control, lock screen screenshot, switching APP, etc., taking into account practicality and convenience.

Below the keyboard is a high-precision multi-touch panel, which supports 4-finger operations and up to 16 shortcut gestures. The sliding is smooth and flexible, and the positioning is precise. The overall performance is very good.

The lower right corner of the keyboard is designed with a power switch, a pairing indicator light, a case indicator light and a low battery indicator light. The current status can be clearly identified through the indicator lights, and the user can be reminded to replenish the battery in time. At the same time, there is a reset button next to the power switch. button.

Through the folding support structure on the back, the iPad can be easily transformed into a notebook computer, with the keyboard to achieve fast input and quick operation, and with the stylus and mouse, it is a proper productivity tool. We can also adjust the support angle according to different usage scenarios and postures, which is more stable and more comfortable.

For daily use, you only need to pair and connect the iPad and the keyboard. The Rapoo XK300 Bluetooth keyboard uses a Bluetooth 5.0 chip. The connection is stable and efficient. There are no problems such as disconnection or delay during use. The keys are moderate in size, comfortable to touch, and excellent in noise control. They can easily meet the needs of codewords and manuscripts. The multi-function button on the top can realize various functions such as brightness adjustment, multimedia control, lock screen screenshot, switching APP, etc., which is very practical and convenient. The touchpad operates smoothly and can quickly recognize and respond to gesture operations, which is enough to meet the daily needs of most users.

The Pennefather XK300 Bluetooth keyboard has a built-in 250mAh lithium battery, which can provide about 25 hours of battery life when fully charged, and a standby time of 100 days. With the automatic wake-up function turned on, the sleep function closed and the function of charging and using at the same time, it effectively reduces the user's stress. Continuation anxiety.

Rapoo is committed to creating a smart device ecosystem, and has successively launched a variety of multi-mode connection peripheral products and tablet computer accessories, which not only improves its own product categories, but also brings users more abundant product choices and better Use experience. This Rapoo XK300 Bluetooth keyboard has a comfortable tapping feel, rich shortcut functions, and long battery life. While meeting the needs of daily use, it also turns the iPad into a productivity tool, improving the coding experience of the tablet, and making it easy. Coping with various usage scenarios. During the 618 period, the official discount promotion, interested friends must not miss it!

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