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Good Species Grass Chapter Thirty-five: The atmosphere table you want, without bells and whistles, the Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard is very suitable

I have played a lot of mechanical keyboards, but the Black Jue brand is the most used for daily commuting. It can also be said that I have completely become a "black" fan. From Heijue's K870T to K840T, these two keyboards have been with me in the past two years. I don’t like fancy designs. Heijue’s design is a little bit back to basics. It has a classic shape and a coordinated color scheme, but it’s also more suitable for people who like tabletops. So this time I started with the 96-keys from the 84-keys. Heijue AK966 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard.

As one of the few brands in China that focuses on keyboard and mouse peripherals, Heijue relies on years of industry accumulation and cooperates with Qingyu E-sports to create gaming mechanical keyboards with better experience, which occupies a pivotal position in peripherals. It is a favorite brand of the student party and games. It has enough materials, simplicity, good feel, and customization. It is the evaluation of several products I have used.

And the Heijue AK966 RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard I bought recently belongs to this year’s flagship product, with a popular 98 configuration, a total of 96 keys + 1 volume metal knob, a GASKET structure, and a 10,000 mAh battery. Customized high-end configuration imagination, three-mode connection to get rid of messy wires, full-key hot-swap replacement of the switch body is more convenient, sublimation keycaps have a better feel, Kaihua MX CREAM all-round switch body has a better feel, colorful RGB backlight Straight men must love.

If you want to know better, let's experience this product together with the machine friends.

The packaging is simple, with the brand cooperation logo in the upper left corner. As a partner of the professional youth training base of the League of Legends, if you are a lol fan, you will definitely be reaped. experience.

In terms of color matching, there are 3 options for Heijue this time, from left to right: Mengxia, Xingwan, and Senyu, which are suitable for men, women and children. As a straight man, Xingwan’s color scheme still attracts me.

In addition to the color, the Heijue AK966's other stacking configurations are very powerful. The shaft is the Kaihua Mx Cream ice cream shaft, which supports hot-swappable shaft seats. You can replace it with any shaft you like. The use experience fully meets the customization Usage requirements.

The key point is that this keyboard adopts the popular Gasket gasket structure in the current customization circle, PC positioning board, PORON material sandwich cotton + bottom cotton + shaft underpad, factory-lubricated special satellite shaft, and the stacking is full. The percussion feel is better, and most of the key cavity sounds are eliminated, resulting in better percussion feel and sound performance.

In terms of design, Heijue AK966 broke the traditional key arrangement this time, adopting a 96-key design, which is a popular 98-key arrangement, and the overall size is 20% smaller than the traditional 104-key arrangement. There is no shortage of key positions and functions, making the keyboard The design tends to be more concise.

The design of the numeric keypad and the common function keys are retained. What is surprising is that a volume rotation button is added. Rotate left and right to adjust the volume at any time, and press to quickly mute.

Four function indicator lights are also added to facilitate quick identification and use when switching between uppercase and lowercase and connecting signals, which is simple but not monotonous.

Surprisingly, the Heijue AK966 full key uses MDA highly sublimated PBT ball cap, which brings a larger contact surface and a more fingertip-friendly touch. The PBT material is durable and will not oil.

The default key is in the format of the Win version, and the keyboard itself is not optional. If you are using a MAC system, the official also thoughtfully sent four targeted Mac supplementary keycaps, which can be replaced to meet the usage habits of different systems.

The three-mode connection this time should satisfy the tastes of most players. The independent module on the left side of the keyboard can slide and adjust the connection mode, and supports three modes: wired, 2.4g and Bluetooth, and each has its own advantages in terms of performance.

Personal experience, if you play real-time, Moba or RGB games, I personally suggest that the wired method is the most stable, or 2.4g is also very smooth, 1000Hz return rate, if you connect to a tablet, mobile phone or notebook office Bluetooth mode is very good, wired The biggest difference from wireless is the interference caused by wire dragging, so choosing different modes in combination with usage scenarios can bring a better experience.

To improve the user experience, special attention was paid to the wiring this time. The groove at the bottom can be routed in three directions, supporting the use of type-c cables connected to the left and right and the front, avoiding the messiness of the cables. A two-stage tripod is also added, which supports three different placement heights as a whole, and can be used by people with different sitting postures.

The core is the switch body this time. Heijue AK966 is the first mass-produced keyboard equipped with MX ice cream switches. It is made of all POM materials, comes with lubrication properties, supports 2mm trigger key travel, and 55gf trigger pressure. At the same time, the large key satellite switch adopts Designed with the same color as the ice cream shaft, it has been moistened before leaving the factory, and it can be used immediately without additional adjustments.

For people like me who have a lot of text, the typing feels comfortable, the resilience is good, and there is no harsh cavity sound effect when typing quickly. The "wooden fish sound" that comes with the factory is very comfortable. I have played a few games lol. For my skill, it is just entertainment. The hand speed cannot keep up with the quick response of the mechanical keyboard. The experience is not particularly outstanding. There is confusion and conflict.

Of course, it also comes with different shafts. The keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable. If necessary, some keys can be replaced to experience the feel brought by different shafts. People who like DIY can try it.

In addition to the excellent use requirements, the RGB lighting effect of Heyjue AK966 is also my favorite, and the lighting effect is always the soul of the mechanical keyboard. The PBT sublimation keyboard of AK966 does not have light-transmitting characters, but with the design of layout and spacing, the display effect is more comfortable than that of some big manufacturers.

Support the adjustment of light speed, brightness, direction, etc., factory preset 18 different modes of lighting effects, and you can also customize 3 groups of game lighting effects. The color supports colorful and monochrome display. If you use it on your exclusive desktop, it will definitely be full of atmosphere. Through the FN+ button, you can quickly switch between different light effects, and it is also very convenient for us to adjust and use every time.

Write at the end:

When choosing a keyboard, you must choose the one that suits you, such as the choice of different key layouts such as 62/87/96/104.

The desktop is ample enough, and Heijue AK966 should be a good choice, with 96 keys to meet the needs of all keys. 98 configuration design, Gasket structure, full-key MDA highly sublimation keycap, three-mode connection, 10000mAh lithium battery, Kaihua MX ice cream shaft and full-key hot-swappable use, which can meet the needs of current users for customization.

JD.com’s first price of 649 is still very fragrant for this heijue AK966 which is full of materials.

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