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Good Species Grass Part 2: Must-buy Good Things on Double Eleven I Daryou Small Cube Z82 Keyboard, High-value Three-mode Wireless Keyboard

For the new-age sewing machine women who need to use computers frequently for office work, a set of high-value office supplies can greatly improve the pleasure of work. Tired of those mechanically cold keyboards, in this winter, I especially hope to have a keyboard that feels a little warmer. Taking advantage of the Double Eleven event, I quickly bought the Daryou Small Cube Z82 Wireless Keyboard.

Appreciation of beautiful pictures:

The first thing that attracted me was Daryou’s appearance. There are two colors of the small cube sugar Z82 keyboard, one is canvas white, and the other is candy powder. I started with canvas white. I think it is more It looks like a milk tea color, which is especially suitable for the atmosphere of late autumn and early winter, making people feel warm and comfortable.

The packaging is simple yet stylish. The package includes a Z82 sugar cube keyboard, Type-c data cable, a set of cat claws for multimedia rotary buttons, keycaps and instructions.

You can tell from the name of the Z82 keyboard, there are only 82 keycaps, the size is 330mm*140mm*40mm, the overall weight is only 760g, small and exquisite, easy to carry.

The keycap is round and can well wrap the fingertips. It is made of PBT material, and the design is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

The upper right corner is also specially designed with cute silicone cat claws, which makes this keyboard full of a cute cat style.

I won’t go into too much detail about the special appearance, and the function is also remarkable. For example, this silicone cat claw is not just a decoration. You must know that on a small keyboard with 82 keycaps, making full use of this volume can reflect the extraordinary place. There is a convenient knob hidden under the cat's paw. Rotate/click left and right to adjust the volume/mute.

There is a high-toughness custom-made sound-absorbing silicone pad and a support stand on the back, which can freely adjust the keyboard angle. The silicone pad has strong noise reduction ability and reduces the sound of the keyboard to a certain extent.

Function usage:

When evaluating a keyboard, you can’t just look at its appearance, but the usability is also very important.

Cube Sugar Z82 has three connection methods, wireless 2.4G/Bluetooth and wired connection, the three methods can be switched at will, multi-device connection, use without hindrance.

I usually use the Bluetooth connection, which is convenient and fast. It has a built-in 2000mA lithium battery, which can be used for 15 days without turning on the backlight, and does not need frequent charging.

The white backlight is soft and not dazzling. Although it does not have a variety of lighting effects like other mechanical keyboards, it is mainly cool, but for this kind of keyboard, the white light is enough, and other lights feel very inconsistent on this color keyboard.

The overall key switch adopts the sky switch V2 and Kaihua light sound switch, which is not as noisy as the green switch. Although both belong to the linear switch, the light sound effect is better, and it will not disturb other people when used in public places.

Sky axis V2 has a total stroke of 4.0+-0.4mm, a trigger stroke of 2.0+-0.4mm, an operating force of 37g+-3gf, and there is no problem in tapping 5000w times. +—0.4mm, operating force 40+—10gf, service life 7000w times. This kind of shaft body will feel lighter in use, and the sense of paragraph is also obvious. With the round design of small sugar cubes, the fingertips are more comfortable to touch.

In terms of use, although there are only 82 keycaps, all the conventional multimedia shortcut keys are available, making daily office work smoother without changing the original work habits.

There are three extra keycaps included with the set, which can be replaced and adjusted according to your own preferences, making it more fresh to use.


Daeru Xiaofangtang Z82 wireless keyboard has a very good appearance. It is an office and gaming keyboard very suitable for female users. If you are like me, you also have requirements for functions while pursuing appearance. You might as well take advantage of the discount period during Double Eleven start.

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