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Good things recommended Chapter 67: Enjoy the fun of building and building, the Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard planted by the beauty: I really love it!

After using the keyboard for so many years, it is the first time this year that I changed to a Lofree that can be customized to choose the body, shaft body, and theme keycaps. It looks like the one with its own BGM. Look; perhaps it can also be said that after using Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao, you can know that the original mechanical keyboard can also be like this.

You can directly search for "Lofree Build" through the WX applet to customize the matching of Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao, and choose the body color, shaft and theme keycap of the keyboard according to your personal preferences. In full consideration of personal needs, I chose the combination of the Lofree 100-key tofu-colored shell and the cute cat main keycap this time.

Contrary to imagination, the keyboard body and theme keycaps are packaged in their own separate packaging, which is exquisite and ceremonial as a whole, and is very suitable as a gift for colleagues or friends in the company. Among them, the main keyboard is made of ABS material, and the surface has been treated with a frosting process, which makes the overall texture very good. The keyboard uses Jiadalong's G red switch as the core. The key travel is short, the pressure is small, and it has a longer service life. It is a very popular switch configuration. Accessories also include a Type-C cable, Bluetooth receiver, battery, manual, and warranty card.

The theme keycap of the keyboard is made of PBT sublimation material, so there is no need to worry about oiling and fading after long-term use. The color pattern of the main body is not only clear in color, but also delicate enough. 100-arrangement full-key without conflict, support hot swap.

The process of installing the keyboard to the keyboard body is also very fun, it seems to have the feeling of playing Lego back then. The installation of a single keycap is simple and convenient, just align the card slot and press in to complete.

Even if the position of the keycap is wrongly installed during the assembly process, it can be directly removed and replaced with the included key puller.

The actual effect of the installation really surprised me again. The exquisite design with rich colors and interesting patterns will attract the praise of colleagues when placed on the desk. It is especially suitable for women in the workplace. When you come to it, all the troubles in your work will be eliminated.

The main body of the Lofree keyboard adopts an ergonomic 9° curve slope, which not only brings comfortable typing on the keyboard, but also can well relieve the fatigue caused by long-term use. In many cases, it is often the small change with a little heart, but it brings a big difference in the caring experience.

There is a battery compartment and a storage compartment for a 2.4G wireless receiver at the bottom of the Lofree keyboard. It can be connected to Bluetooth wirelessly through 3 AAA batteries, or directly connected to it via a cable.

There is a switch and a mode switching knob at the lower right corner of the main body of the keyboard, and you can directly switch between the wired mode and the wireless mode by turning the knob. In addition, Lofree is compatible with the current mainstream Windows, Android and Mac/iOS Apple systems, plug and play.

From the actual use experience, Lofree has a compact and orderly arrangement of 100 keys, which not only carefully sets the depth difference according to the functional area in detail, but also has strong rebound and good mute effect when pressing the keyboard keys. , It will not affect colleagues around you at work, and entertainment at home will not disturb your family's rest.

In particular, the cute and cute theme keycaps add a bit of vitality and enthusiasm to the main body of the keyboard; I did not expect that the boring keyboard in my impression can be rolled to such an extent. The next holiday gift, choose it to give to the goddess in your heart, isn't it a special surprise?

Through the actual use experience of the combination of the Lofree 100-key tofu-colored shell and the cute cat main keycap, they not only have exquisite workmanship and comfortable control experience, but also support three-mode connection and are compatible with multiple systems, which meets the needs of daily work. Multi-device usage requirements. In particular, the colorful theme keycap configuration greatly meets the needs of different personal hobbies. Whether it is office or home practical, it brings more fun and interesting new experiences. Whether as a gift "in the name of love" to the goddess in your heart, or for personal use, it is a recommended choice.

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