Good things recommended Chapter 86: Domestic products should be self-improving, Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard sharing

Hello everyone, I am Nine Festival Wolf, a keyboard player who loves to type.

What I would like to share with you today is the Valentine's Day gift my wife gave me - Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard.

Speaking of it, I also watched it grow up all the way. At first, everyone used cherry switches, "green switch typewriter, tea switch universal oil". With the gradual improvement of the domestic manufacturing industry, Cherry's exclusive patent expired - more and more domestic manufacturers began to develop their own mechanical switches, and "customized" keyboards became a new hot spot: kits, switches, Keycaps, you can DIY whatever you want. Among the many domestic keyboards, the one that attracts me the most is Dareu's mechanical keyboard. Taking advantage of Valentine’s Day this time, I begged my wife to buy me a Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard. The biggest attraction is Dareu’s Gasket structure.

When you get the keyboard, you can see that the biggest selling point of this keyboard is Elastic Gasket written on the front.

What is Gasket?

The literal translation of Gasket is called a gasket. In simple terms, the overall structure has no screws, or the screws are only responsible for fixing the upper and lower shells, and the entire positioning plate is fixed in the middle only by the extrusion of the upper and lower shells.

And its selling point is that without the screw support inside the keyboard, the feel will be more uniform simply by the precise extrusion of the upper and lower covers. At the same time, due to the gasket, the positioning plate has a small buffer range in the middle of the keyboard shell. , cushioning is done in the vertical direction of the keyboard, and finally experience a relatively warm and uniform feel and key feedback. As written on the cover: soft elastic and soft touch.

This keyboard not only uses an elastic PC positioning board, but also directly adds a layer of sound-absorbing silicone on the positioning board and PCB, which greatly reduces the cavity sound and noise. What is more critical and subtle is the T-shaped elastic arms extending from the upper and lower sides of the PCB respectively. With the silicone sleeves at both ends, the shaft-PCB bonding layer is suspended between the upper and lower shells to achieve a particularly soft elastic and excellent handle. Gasket structure.

Open the cover, you can see the sky blue color scheme, which is as elegant and natural as the blue sky and white clouds.

The most famous color scheme of this A81 is the purple and gold color scheme of the Lakers.

However, considering the personal use scenario, I still chose a soft sky blue color scheme.

In addition to the keyboard, there is also an accessory box, including a connecting cable, a type-c port, a key remover, and a replacement keycap.

It is also worth mentioning that its overall size is 75% arranged, 81 key layout, and the size is only 328*150*44mm, which is smaller than the conventional 87 keyboard.

In front of it is the interface of the data line, and the standard configuration of type-c is very convenient.

On the left is the switch for data switching, which are 2.4G, wired and Bluetooth.

Switching is smooth and convenient. The biggest convenience for me is that sometimes I can switch between my laptop and my phone freely.

On the right side, there is a 2.4G receiver.

It can be pulled down lightly by hand.

The first thing that must be said is the feel of the mechanical keyboard.

The keyboard of this Dareu A81 uses its own sky axis.

The sky axis is a linear axis, straight up and down, with a clear sense of paragraph, smooth to use, and has a good mute effect. The life of this type of axis can reach 80 million times, and I personally like this type of axis.

Viewed from the side, except for the space bar, it adopts a micro-arc design, which can better fit our fingers and make it more comfortable to use.

Of course, if you like dynamic lighting effects, this A81 also has many ways to play, such as breathing, marquee, roulette and other classic lighting effects, you only need to press Fn+[ to switch. And press Fn+] to switch the lighting effect performance, you can switch the color lighting effect to monochrome lighting effect, which is also quite interesting.

Overall, the three-mode mode of this keyboard can satisfy me in switching between different devices. In terms of the most important feel of a mechanical keyboard, it is indeed soft and elastic, just like typing in a silent film. With an old-fashioned typewriter, I am comfortable and will not disturb others. In terms of playability, not only can you change the keycaps, but the lighting effect of the revolving lantern also allows you to play new games often.

Generally speaking, it is a domestic keyboard with good cost performance, and it is worth recommending everyone to buy it.

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