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Good things to recommend Chapter 299: Can mechanical keyboards be made clear and refined? Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard is easy to use and eye-catching

I don’t know if you still remember those key points when we bought a mechanical keyboard in those years, but I remember that my first mechanical keyboard, like most people, paid the most attention to what kind of switch body was used, and the second is to look at it. There is no configuration for RGB light pollution. At that time, the cherry switch was really expensive, so the first mechanical keyboard I chose used the domestic Jiadalong switch body, and it is still in use until now. Except for the appearance, it has no bright spots. What a big problem. But have you noticed that in the past few years, most of the mechanical keyboards have been in a state of no design, either paying a lot of money to buy high-end keyboards like ammunition boxes, or accepting a mediocre appearance.

But since last year, there have been a lot of mechanical keyboards with a sense of design. I also started to notice the brand Luofei at this time. A major feature of this brand is that it not only guarantees the feel and dly playability of mechanical keyboards, but also The mechanical keyboard has been made fresh and refined. Compared with the high-end keyboards that cost thousands of dollars at every turn, Luo Fei, a brand that faces mass consumers, has a different taste.

After so many years, although I have grown a lot older, I believe that there are still people of the same age who pursue digital products. Many people around me will choose to use a mechanical keyboard in the office at the same time, but they have to match the office style. Perhaps it is the main reason why Luofei Keyboard wants to create a multi-scenario keyboard. Who said that the scene and the feel can’t be taken into account, and because of this, I also bought the mechanical keyboard that Luofei just released not long ago-Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard, and briefly share my experience as an old mechanical keyboard user.

What is the first thing that attracted me to the Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard? It must be a fresh, literary, modern and minimalist design. I believe this is the main reason why most users choose to start with this mechanical keyboard. But not to mention that the appearance is really good-looking, even if I use it in the office, it fits into the scene very well, it is elegant and not fancy, who can resist beautiful things.

As an office worker who sits on a chair for a long time, if there is any standard for choosing a keyboard, it must be comfortable to use, including comfortable typing and comfortable connection. The damage doesn't seem to be light. Coupled with the wrist pressure caused by typing and documenting for a long time, I want a mechanical keyboard that puts less pressure on my fingers and can get rid of the shackles of wires. Although the 11.5° tilt of Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard cannot completely solve the soreness of the wrist, the pressure has indeed been reduced a lot, but this design is indeed tilted, you can taste it carefully.

If the wired connection was a helpless move for mechanical keyboards in the past, then it seems unreasonable to say that the mechanical keyboard still does not support wireless connection this year. If I were to start with a wired keyboard again, I would definitely be unwilling. In this regard, I think Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard is very comprehensive. It supports Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, wired connection, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad os and other devices, so that I can switch at will whether I am a notebook or a tablet. .

For a mechanical keyboard, in addition to the excellent shaft body, the keyboard is also a place that affects the feel. I thought the focus of the Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard was the design. Maybe the design has forgotten the design of the keycap. up. But when I used this PBT keycap matte feel experience keycap for the first time, it gave me another feeling, which belongs to the keycap with more obvious perception, but since we talk about the feel here, let’s feel the shaft body together It's over. Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard uses Jiadalong G yellow switch Pro this time. It belongs to a domestic big brand and has been developed for many years. There are basically no faults in the quality of the switch body. However, in terms of feel, it is a bit similar to my previous red switch. The paragraph feeling is not strong, and the key experience is silky. At first glance, it is mainly considered for office users. It belongs to the experience of silky, and the pressure on the wrist is relatively small after long-term use. Shaft body, even girls can easily control it.

As far as the overall performance of the Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard is concerned, the design of this keyboard is still the place that impresses me the most. The delicate touch and fresh and artistic appearance are much more comfortable than expected for office work. It can be said that it is a rare high-end design mechanical keyboard that is priced by civilians for mass consumption.

You must know that it also has a mechanical switch body from Jiadalong G Yellow Switch Pro. For keyboard users who want design and feel, it will be a nice choice that I recommend for a few years.

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