Good things to recommend Chapter Fourteen: Treasure co-branding! Take home the Dareu Sanrio Yugui Dog Joint Peripheral Set

Recently, Darusan, a mainstream brand of domestic peripherals, has recently cooperated with Sanrio to launch a co-branded set of Yugui Dog, which includes a number of co-branded products such as a mechanical keyboard, a gaming mouse, a gamepad, and a mouse pad. You can see how the texture is.


Among them, the keyboard is based on the Daeryou Small Cube Z82 three-mode wireless keyboard, and adopts a fresh and natural white and blue color scheme, which makes the overall visual sense more layered and meets the user's aesthetic preferences. The blue character scheme and cinnamon dog elements make the keyboard more in line with the theme and increase the recognition. The key arrangement adopts a compact 82-key arrangement with a knob scheme, which not only meets the basic input needs, but also improves the convenient operation experience. In addition, the keyboard also supports multimedia adjustment, screen brightness adjustment, keyboard backlight adjustment and other functions, which is very convenient to use.

In addition, the keyboard status indicator light and the volume adjustment knob are designed on the upper right corner of the keyboard, which are reasonably positioned and easy to operate. The damping of the knob is slightly light, the sense of scale is moderate, and the feedback of the rotation feel is good, which is convenient for users to quickly and accurately adjust the volume of the system. In addition, the keyboard also supports one-key mute function, which is very convenient to use. The three status indicators correspond to the capitalization status, wireless status and power prompt respectively, which is convenient for users to grasp the status of the keyboard at any time.

This keyboard integrates three connection schemes: wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth. There is also a simple connection instruction manual on the top, which is convenient for users to get started quickly. The top of the keyboard has a USB Type-C interface and a mode switch, and the bottom is equipped with two-stage support feet and non-slip foot pads, which can provide different input inclination options and a more stable placement experience, making it very comfortable and convenient to use. The keycap adopts PBT two-color injection molding process, which is round and cute, and the closed characters are opaque, and the hand feels fit and dry, providing a good sense of wrapping and comfort. The body has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, which can provide up to 15 days of battery life.

In terms of the shaft scheme, various options such as Kaihua silent shaft and sky shaft V2 are provided, so that users can choose according to their own needs. The Kaihua silent shaft version is obtained for this evaluation. The pressing feels light and smooth, and the rebound is soft and comfortable. The feel is very appropriate and there is no lag. At the same time, it performs very well in terms of noise suppression, the bottoming and rebound noise are well suppressed, and the internal noise control is also very good. In addition, with the sound-absorbing pad inside the keyboard, the mute performance is even better. The feel adjustment of the large key position of the satellite axis is also quite neat and neat, and the feel performance is also good. In terms of keycaps, a round and lovely ball cap scheme is adopted, and it is made by PBT two-color injection molding process. In terms of processing, closed characters are used to prevent light, and the feel is similar to the original factory. The fit feels dry, wrapping and comfortable. All are excellent, and users can enjoy a more comfortable hand experience.


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