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Good things to recommend Part 360: Taking into account both appearance and practicality, Dujia K620W may be an all-round keyboard suitable for productivity

As an office and entertainment device that everyone may come into contact with every day, the keyboard is an irreplaceable existence in the current positioning. It can be said that every office user cannot do without the keyboard. With the explosion of mechanical keyboards in the past few years, mechanical keyboards have basically become the first choice for us to buy keyboards now. I am also a senior mechanical keyboard user. Since I graduated from university, I have used mechanical keyboards. I still remember the first one The mechanical keyboard used is not a big-name cherry switch, but a domestically produced Jiadalong switch. Although it is not in place in one step, I still remember the refreshing feeling brought by the first use of a mechanical keyboard. After many years, I chose Dujia’s K620W to start the mechanical keyboard again. As a first-line domestic manufacturer, Dujia has also launched many products that have attracted more attention in recent years, such as the K320W, which focuses on entry-level, and focuses on retro high-end products. Fusion and more. How about the actual performance of Nadurga K620W, let me share with you.

In fact, the Dujia K620W and K610W I bought this time belong to the same product, but the keys of the keyboard are different. The K610W has 104 keys, and the K620W has the familiar 87 keys. Portable, daily use and table use will be more versatile, so if you use it for work, you can consider K610W.

In terms of accessories, Duga K620W is still familiar with the instruction manual, type-c charging cable, a-to-c interface conversion, and two different types of key takers that are unique this time. The overall appearance and packaging style also echoes the fog blue color of the keyboard inside and outside, which is more eye-catching.

Let me talk about the color matching and appearance of Dujia K620W in detail. Its entire keyboard is very exquisite in workmanship. With the PBT original height keycaps, the texture can be said to be very good. The touch of the keycaps is more delicate and durable, and it is not easy to be contaminated. Oily, so it will completely widen the gap with its own K320W. Its color matching is more similar to the familiar Gundam keycaps. With the white keycaps, the contrast of the entire keyboard is very high, and the visual effect is very comfortable.

One of the main reasons why I bought Duga K620W this time is that it supports Bluetooth, 2.4G and wired three-mode connections and supports seamless switching between win and Mac dual systems, so that no matter whether I am on the PC, mobile phone or tablet, You can use this mechanical keyboard, and the Bluetooth 5.0 delay and power consumption will be lower, and the battery life will be better in office scenarios. For building wireless desktops, the three-mode connection is definitely the best choice at present, and 2.4G can bring lossless transmission rates when entertaining games, which can be said to greatly reduce our daily efforts to organize desktop cables.

For mechanical keyboard players, choosing a good key switch is a matter of great concern to everyone, and I am no exception. Every time I start a mechanical keyboard, I will struggle with choosing a switch for a long time. But no matter how you choose, the more powerful manufacturers on the market are the familiar cherry shafts and the domestic Jiadalong. Dujia K620W uses the crystal shaft customized by Dujia and Jiadalong, and belongs to Jiada. Long's CAP axis body, transparent and visual design looks very textured. However, I found that the stability of the current Jiadalong shaft has been substantially improved compared to previous years. From my experience, it is basically at the same level as the Cherry shaft. The previous shaft is still relatively wobbly.

This time, there is a more ingenious part in the design, which may be liked by many DIY users, that is, Duga K620W supports hot-swappable shafts, which means that we can replace the shafts with our favorite shafts at any time. body, which actually provides more creativity for the keyboard itself. Today, when everyone already likes the keyboard fixed shaft body, there is a big manufacturer willing to provide you with a platform with higher playability, which is worthwhile. Like it. This time, you can start with multiple sets of key shafts, and replace them with different shaft bodies for different usage scenarios, which is very powerful when you think about it.

I chose the customized silver axis version this time. One of the reasons why I chose this version is that I am an old FPS player and have a lot of daily office needs. Therefore, the mechanical keyboard of Duga K620W silver switch is suitable for long-term use due to its soft feel and moderate key force. However, a significant feature of the silver switch is that the distance between the contacts in the center of the switch body is shorter, that is, the trigger stroke will be shorter. , so the trigger response will be faster, which is the main reason why the silver axis is suitable for quick response or long-term office use. It is measured that the wrist will not feel uncomfortable after using the Duga K620W continuously for an afternoon, so I also recommend that users who use it in multiple scenarios consider silver switches when using mechanical keyboards. Of course, this mechanical keyboard also has brown switches and red switches to choose from. For those who pursue a more refreshing experience of mechanical keyboards, you can consider the other two switch bodies.

But what surprised me the most is the battery life of the Duga K620W mechanical keyboard. The official claims that it can achieve 360 ​​days of ultra-long battery life under the Bluetooth connection state, and more than 200 days under the 2.4G connection state. It can be said that it is basically invincible. . But for me, it is to get rid of battery life anxiety directly, which is what I care about for mass users like me. As for whether the battery life can actually be achieved, I have to use it for a year before I can give you an accurate answer.

In the past few days of overall use, the overall feeling of the Dujia K620W mechanical keyboard is more like a main keyboard that improves productivity. With a more refined appearance and a more low-key monochromatic light, we can also replace the shaft body with our favorite. It can be said that it takes into account the dual needs of use and personal customization. My feeling about this mechanical keyboard is that it is suitable for mass users who use it for a long time. What do you think?

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