Good things to share Article 70: 8 recommended mechanical keyboards, see if there is one you like?

As a computer input device, the keyboard is indispensable, such as office work and playing games. The mechanical keyboard has received widespread attention because of its good user experience. Today, I would like to recommend a few high-quality mechanical keyboards that I think.

1. The first good thing I think is the Dareu A81 mechanical device. This Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard has a very powerful appearance. It is designed with a white and blue color scheme, which looks very low-key and has a particularly high value. The back panel and key shaft of the keyboard are all made of metal, which feels very comfortable. In addition, the keyboard is also equipped with a small sliding switch, which can switch between 2.4G, wired mode and Bluetooth mode, can support different connected devices, can realize some quick operations, and is more convenient and worry-free to use.

2. The second model is the ROG Ranger optical keyboard. I think the ROG Ranger optical keyboard is also very good, because the ROG logo big eye LOGO in the upper right corner can achieve divine light synchronization with the RGB lighting effects of the keys, which is really cool. rise. The USB interface on the side of the keyboard can support the USB2.0 function, and can connect the mouse and storage devices anytime and anywhere, and the most important thing is that it can also charge the mobile phone, which can be said to be another expansion of our USB interface. The "Republic of Gamers" on the lower left makes the brand concept of the brand country more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The third good thing worth recommending is this Lulian FUN+ mechanical keyboard with a compact body of 84 keys, which frees up space on the desktop, and the Fn key is also compatible with both Windows and MacOS dual systems, making it easy to handle whether it is playing games or coding , the whole key has no impact.

The fourth model is the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard, which is relatively compact and easy to carry. In addition, it also saves desktop space when placed on the desktop, which greatly improves my not-so-rich desktop space. The ABS material of the keycaps, in the It feels very comfortable to tap on it, and the feel of the mechanical keyboard has not been reduced, so I especially like this Pennefather v700-8A mechanical keyboard.

The fifth model is the cheap donkey RS6 mechanical keyboard. The shell material is a colored transparent shell design. With the matching of keycaps, the color of this mechanical keyboard is more prominent, and the back is also made of colored metal backplane. Not only the appearance design is outstanding, Metal materials are also stronger and more durable. Another design worth mentioning is the multimedia volume knob, which is designed with a circular gear-shaped knob. It can be set freely whether it is working or playing, and it is very fast and convenient. At present, I think this should be the place for most mechanical keyboards. A function that does not exist.

The sixth model is the Bloody Ghost B930 with an overall size of 380 x 5040mm, and the entire keyboard adopts the LK balance optical axis design. The four corners of the keyboard adopt an uncommon chamfered polygonal design style, as well as cool iridescent lighting effects, creating a distinctive range of e-sports, allowing gamers to enjoy the joy of the game.

The seventh model is that the keychron K10's switch body adopts the mechanical switch of Jiadalong. At present, there are still many mechanical keyboards using Jiadalong in China, which shows that the mechanical switch of Jiadalong is still relatively popular. Therefore, the use of K10 The experience is also tested by everyone. This K10 is a green switch with a key stroke of 4mm, a trigger force of 60 grams, a key life of 50 million times, and a 2.3mm trigger key stroke. Because I prefer the crisp click sound of mechanical keyboards, I chose this mechanical keyboard.

The eighth model is the Durga K320. The user experience is still very good. The natural white color matching looks very online. In addition, the cherry red shaft body is matched with the matte keycap. The keyboard is not the same as happy to use, and you can also define macros through the Zeus software, bringing a better experience when playing games. As a programmer, using Durga K320, I feel that even writing code is still very happy.

The above eight mechanical keyboards have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the prices are also different, but I believe that among the eight mechanical keyboards recommended by the editor, there is always the one you like. I hope it can help you make a decision.

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