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Good things to share Chapter 16: Coexistence of texture and appearance, Keychron K10 mechanical keyboard is worth having

Speaking of Keychron, many friends may be unfamiliar, but it can be said to have achieved outstanding results in foreign markets. Because of its unique compatibility with mac OS, many users will choose Keychron. I also came here especially for the name and chose the Keychron K10 mechanical keyboard. Next, I would like to share my actual experience with you.

appearance design

After getting the keyboard, I saw the package and felt that the black outer packaging design is relatively tough, with a simple keyboard floor plan and the name of the keyboard, which almost constitutes the entire three-dimensional image of this mechanical keyboard.

After opening the box, I can see that the accessories of this Key chron K10 mechanical keyboard are also quite rich, including dust cover, key puller, shaft puller and data cable.

It is worth mentioning that the data cable is made of nylon material, which is more durable, more wear-resistant and less prone to breakage, and the use time will be longer than that of ordinary data cables.

In addition, Keychron K10 adopts a 104-key compact design, removing the unused numeric keypad on the right side of the desktop to make the desktop more tidy and efficient.

The keycap of Keychron K10 is designed with light-transmitting keycaps, which will improve the tactility a lot. The orange ESC button on the upper left corner of the keyboard gives me a particularly good feeling, as if it is a little red among thousands of flowers, which is very unique.

The font design of the keycap is closer to the design of MAC, very delicate and exquisite, much better looking than most mechanical keyboards, and also more wear-resistant. After all, the keyboard needs to be used for a long time, and wear and tear is inevitable.

On the left side of the mechanical keyboard, the power button, power button, TYPE C power charging connection port, and a dial switch are designed. When Bluetooth connection is required, toggle to the BT position, and press and hold the FN1+Q button for Bluetooth pairing, search The Bluetooth name is Keychron K10, and it can be used normally after connection.

Keychron K10’s switch body adopts Jiadalong’s mechanical switch. At present, there are still many mechanical keyboards using Jiadalong in China, which shows that Jiadalong’s mechanical switch is still relatively popular. Therefore, the use experience of K10 is also accepted by everyone. The use of the test.

This K10 is a green switch with a key stroke of 4mm, a trigger force of 60 grams, a key life of 50 million times, and a 2.3mm trigger key stroke. Because I prefer the crisp click sound of mechanical keyboards, I chose this mechanical keyboard.

The keychron K10 I bought has an RGB metal aluminum frame, and there is also a plastic version with a slightly lower price. However, it is obvious that the metal aluminum frame has an advantage in both the feel and its own weight. The unique aluminum plate material not only has high strength, but also has good corrosion resistance, which can fully guarantee its stability during work.

The unique two-stage foot support design can make the keyboard and the desktop have an inclination angle of 6-9 degrees. The ergonomic angle adjustment meets the needs of different angles and heights. I usually need to be lower, but it is too high. feel very uncomfortable.

K10 supports connecting multiple devices at the same time. Use Fn+1, Fn+2, and Fn+3 to quickly switch the devices you need to use, and you can use a keyboard to get all of them.

This mechanical keyboard is equipped with a 4000mah large-capacity lithium battery, which can support up to 80 hours of battery life. It takes 6 hours to fully charge, and the longest use time is about 3-5 weeks. The overall battery life performance is still remarkable, after all, the need for many keyboards is about a week.

I usually use a desktop PC and a keyboard to code at home. The wireless keyboard can avoid the entanglement of many wires, which makes me feel more comfortable.

I prefer the crisp clicking sound of the keyboard, so I chose the one with the green switch. After using it for the past few days, it is indeed as I expected. The overall experience is very good. If you like clean, you can consider the red switch. axis, the sound of the keyboard will be much quieter.

Since it is a mechanical keyboard, lighting effects are indispensable. Next, I will share with you the lighting effects of this mechanical keyboard. I believe you will like it.

Keychron K10 is meticulous in workmanship. For example, the details of the font design on the keycaps are in place. The metal frame gives me a good experience in both typing and touching. In addition, it supports both MAC and Windows dual modes. It is recommended for users who use MAC every day. , like I have been using the Windows system, it can also be used normally by replacing the keyboard. The Jiadalong shaft body used in the shaft body is still very cost-effective, and most users also unanimously approve it. In terms of RGB lighting effects, because of the design of the keycaps and characters, it is not as flashy as other keyboards. In many cases, there are still some trade-offs for the use of mechanical keyboards, either for the feel or for the lighting.

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