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Good things to share Chapter 38: Appearance and strength coexist, Lulian FUN+ mechanical keyboard is not to be missed

Speaking of mechanical keyboards, many people think that only boys will like them. In fact, girls will love mechanical keyboards with online beauty. This is not the Lulian FUN+ mechanical keyboard I just bought, because of its super high value and pink and tender design, it was immediately taken by my wife. Therefore, even if a girl doesn't understand good-looking and practical things, she can tell from the appearance alone. So today, let’s talk about this beautiful and easy-to-use Lvlian FUN+ mechanical keyboard!

When I opened the express package, I saw that the packaging box of this mechanical keyboard is pink and tender, full of girly atmosphere, which is a design especially suitable for girls.

Since I bought it specially for my daughter-in-law, I chose the color of Dreamland. The keycaps of the keyboard are composed of various colors such as romantic cherry blossom pink, fresh mint green, and gentle cream yellow. The kind of feeling that makes people like it.

This Lulian FUN+ mechanical keyboard adopts a compact body with 84 keys to free up desktop space, and the Fn key is also compatible with both Windows and MacOS dual systems.

The 6° golden comfortable angle on the back of the keyboard, the unique ergonomic design and the concave and convex mushroom keycaps make it easy and comfortable to type on the keyboard. Even when I was coding, I didn’t feel tired even after sitting for a long time. She kept praising that this keyboard was tailor-made for me.

I bought a few mechanical keyboards with red switches before, and the sound of tapping is so loud that my wife doesn’t like to use them anymore. This time, I bought the Lvlian FUN+ mechanical keyboard, which is equipped with millisecond trigger high and low tea switches, and the key travel is 3.5. mm, even if you use it casually, it will not disturb others, which is one of the reasons why my wife likes to use this keyboard. Not only that, but the service life of the keys is not short, as high as 50 million times, which shows that the quality of this mechanical keyboard is still very good.

In terms of connection, it supports Bluetooth and wired connection at the same time, and supports the connection of 4 devices at the same time. It can be easily switched through shortcut keys, and the office efficiency is particularly high.

What's more interesting is that there is also an exclusive emoticon key, which automatically pops up emoticons, emoticons, and various emoticons to express your mood anytime, anywhere while chatting.

This mechanical keyboard also supports multi-system compatibility, such as mac OS, Windows, Andriod, iOS and Huawei Hongmeng system. If you switch, switch the system with one button at the bottom, and the indicator light corresponding to the keyboard will light up, easily realizing multi-system support. Toggle usage.

The Greenlink FUN+ mechanical keyboard supports lithium battery charging. It is convenient and worry-free to charge through the Type-C charging interface. It also supports the intelligent sleep function for long-lasting battery life and avoiding power shortage panic. Not only that, the longest battery life in the light-off mode can reach 180 hours, and the battery life in the light-on mode is about 15 hours. The actual battery life performance is quite satisfactory. If you use the keyboard for a long time, it is recommended to use a wired connection, not only Stable and don't worry about battery life.

Lulian FUN+ mechanical keyboard has an online appearance, and the feel is not very good. The 6° golden comfortable angle creates a unique ergonomic design, which greatly improves the experience of using this mechanical keyboard. Human feelings, Bluetooth and wired connection, provide more options for use, and the exclusive emoticon key will make chatting easy and pleasant, so the Green Union FUN+ mechanical keyboard is a rare mechanical keyboard with brown switches.

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