Good things to share Chapter 63: How to choose a game suit? Real experience sharing of ROG Moonblade wireless mouse AimPoint paired with ROG Ranger RX PBT optical gaming keyboard

I have always heard that the ROG mouse and keyboard are very easy to use. This time, I bought the ROG Moonblade wireless mouse AimPoint and the ROG Ranger RX optical gaming keyboard this time, just to experience the products of the old game peripheral manufacturers. Just for everyone's unanimous praise for this ROG Moonblade wireless mouse AimPoint and Ranger RX optical gaming keyboard, I believe it will not be bad, so what is the actual experience? Let's experience it together!

The box design of the ROG Ranger RX PBT optical gaming keyboard is also quite cool. The front is the rendering of this keyboard, and the right side is some of the features of this keyboard, such as support for QWERTY, ROG RX optical red switch, IP57 level Waterproof and dustproof functions.

After opening the box, we can see the Ranger RX optical gaming keyboard itself, including wrist rest, cables, adapters, and a sticker. Overall, it is quite rich.

The top of the Ranger RX keyboard is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy panel, which has a special hand feeling and is more durable.

The ROG logo big eyes LOGO in the upper right corner can realize the synchronization with the RGB lighting effect of the button, which is really cool.

The USB interface on the side of the keyboard can support the USB2.0 function, and can connect the mouse and storage devices anytime and anywhere, and the most important thing is that it can also charge the mobile phone, which can be said to be another expansion of our USB interface.

The "Republic of Gamers" on the lower left makes the brand concept of the brand country more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

ROG's self-made optical mechanical red switch is designed with PBT two-color injection molding process. It feels firm and delicate, and it is more durable and non-slip even after long-term use. Moreover, the unique closed character design is more transparent, which makes e-sports gamers like this keyboard even more.

The rounded corner design around the keyboard is also very user-friendly, which avoids the feeling of the user shaking hands when moving the keyboard.

The ROG Ranger RX PBT optical gaming keyboard also supports IP57 waterproof and dustproof functions. In addition, there are two small holes designed at the bottom of the keyboard to prevent liquid from flowing out easily when it flows into the gap, ensuring better performance in various splash environments. The protection of the keyboard itself.

The Ctrl button, which is twice the size of the traditional keyboard, is specially designed for gamers, and the whole key has no impact, which greatly reduces the false touch rate of gamers and improves the gaming experience.

The Fn+ins button can easily switch between work and entertainment modes. ROG also specially designed a privacy button. Pressing this button can easily realize one-key hiding and one-key mute to avoid privacy being snooped on. ROG does a great job.

The most important thing is that this gaming keyboard is equipped with a variety of RGB lighting effects. Using the Fn combination button can realize multiple settings and adjustments of multiple lighting effects. The unique crater design structure makes the light effect more uniform and natural, whether it is The visual experience and lighting effects are both very good, and it can have a good performance even in dark environments.

On the front of the box is the rendering of this wireless mouse, the introduction of the supported multi-mode functions, and the two-year warranty marked in a conspicuous position. This is actually a true display of strength and quality. In addition, the upgraded SpeedNova wireless connection technology is a big deal. Upgrade highlights.

The back is a list of the functions of this wireless mouse, let's not list it here. After opening the box, we can see that in addition to the ROG Moonblade wireless mouse AimPoint itself, it also includes a USB wireless receiver, a USB wireless receiver extender, a one-time adhesive non-slip sticker set, a 1*2m USB umbrella cord, and 2 pieces Mechanical micro-movement, 4 foot sticker accessories, 1 ROG logo sticker, warranty card and user manual, etc. The overall accessories are still very rich, allowing us to carry out simple DIY use during use, making the use experience more perfect.

The ROG Moonblade Wireless AP 36K I bought is dark night black, with a simple and stylish design, and even if it is used for a long time, it is more resistant to dirt, not easy to change color, and its appearance is instantly improved.

The overall length of the ROG Moonblade Wireless AP 36K is 118mm, and the width is 62mm. This should belong to the category of small and medium-sized mice, and the weight of the whole machine is 75 grams. The usual weight measurement unit is a little more than 1 tael. , so whether it is for daily use or for business trips, it is more convenient and worry-free.

The button part of the mouse is made of separate durable and non-greasing PBT material buttons. The higher the mechanical strength, the more durable it will be, and the actual use experience will also be improved.

In addition, the included ROG anti-slip stickers are specially designed with the iconic ROG texture, which will provide a better experience during use and enhance the appearance of the mouse.

The most classic prodigal eye design of ROG Moonblade Wireless AP 36K is integrated with the mouse. When the mouse is turned on, the LOGO will automatically light up, and the lighting effect can be changed according to the previously set mode, which is particularly cool.

The bottom is equipped with 100% PTEE Teflon foot pads. The 60° rounded corner design can effectively reduce friction and improve the smooth effect by nearly 30%. The left side of the center position is the DPI adjustment button, the Bluetooth connection button, and the right side is the mode switching button. The wireless receiver of the mouse is fixed in the bottom groove and can be easily taken out when needed.

The provided 2m ROG paracord is soft and smooth, and it can be dragged freely even when using a wired connection. It is as light and natural as it is easy to use when it is wireless.

The mouse of ROG Moonblade Wireless AP 36K is also more convenient to disassemble. The screw can be unscrewed by removing the foot plug of the blocking screw.

The two micro switches provided at random are convenient for us to replace. The micro switches support two options of 3pin/5pin, which can be easily replaced and used.

You can also customize the button functions of the mouse through the Amoury Crate software, and you can also set RGB lighting effects, and set specific button settings for different games. In addition, you can also set the low-battery light reminder function when the battery is too low , I feel very convenient to use. ROG Moonblade Wireless AP 36K is equipped with a 370mAh lithium battery, and the battery life is about 50h when the light effect is turned on. If the lighting effect is turned off, the battery life is about 150h, that is, charging once a month or so can meet our daily needs. I feel that the experience is still very good.

We mentioned earlier that the size of the ROG Moonblade Wireless AP 36K is a small to medium size, so as far as I am concerned, it can just hold the entire mouse, even if it is used for a long time, it does not feel tired. When I click the mouse button during daily use, I feel that the sound is relatively clear and natural. The thumb can reach the side buttons, and the scroll wheel slides just right. Especially this mouse is relatively light. Some friends may not be comfortable with it. The attached anti-slip stickers may improve the actual experience.

When using the Moonblade wireless AP 36K mouse with the ROG Ranger RX optical-mechanical keyboard to play games, it does have a better gaming experience, and the winning rate is also greatly improved.

This ROG Moonblade wireless AP 36K is small and light, with PBT material buttons, a very cool prodigal eye light effect design, and AimPoint 36k optical sensor blessing, as well as Speed ​​nova wireless connection technology, which greatly improves stability. So, if you have friends who plan to buy a ROG keyboard and mouse, you can consider this ROG Moonblade Wireless AP 36K and ROG Ranger RX PBT Optical Gaming Keyboard.

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