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Good things to share Part 17: Both strength and coolness, bloody ghost B930 gaming mechanical keyboard experience

Speaking of Shuangfeiyan, many people must know it. After all, in the field of office keyboard and mouse, it can be said that everyone knows it, but when it comes to the ghost of the bloody hand, some netizens may be a little unfamiliar. In fact, Bloody Ghost is a sub-brand of e-sports launched by Shuangfeiyan. It is backed by Shuangfeiyan and it relies on big trees. A favorite of racing fans. Recently, I bought the Bloody Ghost B930 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, and I think the experience is very good, so I decided to share the experience with you.

appearance design

The overall size of the bloody ghost B930 is 380*150*40mm, and the entire keyboard adopts the LK balance optical axis design. The four corners of the keyboard adopt an uncommon chamfered polygonal design style, as well as cool iridescent lighting effects, creating a distinctive range of e-sports, allowing gamers to enjoy the joy of the game.

The unique logo design of Bloody Ghost, made of reflective materials, is particularly eye-catching from any angle, making people remember it fresh at a glance. The red logo allows users to immerse themselves in the game world and have a better experience. Moreover, the side is designed with a luminous texture, so that the side has more abundant cool lighting effects, which improves the overall appearance to a higher level.

The material of the keyboard panel is aluminum metal, which adopts anodizing process, which can make the texture of the keyboard more obvious, and the tactile experience when using it is also very good.

What is more worth mentioning is that the bloody ghost B930 mechanical keyboard is additionally presented with an upgraded version of 63 DIY keycaps, which can be combined with the new color scheme you want. Moreover, the quality of the keycaps is also particularly good, with a service life of hundreds of millions of times.

The keycap of the Bloody Ghost B930 adopts a two-color injection molding process, which can not only realize the light transmission of the keycap, but also avoid the occurrence of characters falling off the paint. Moreover, the button shape is also different from that of ordinary mechanical keyboards. It adopts a polygonal cube design, and the top of the keycap is slightly concave. This design can not only fit the fingertips, improve the feel, but also improve the recognition of the keyboard. , so that users can know at a glance that it is the mechanical keyboard of the ghost of the bloody hand.

The PCB surface of Bloody Ghost is designed with nano-waterproof coating, so that the surface forms a strong hydrophobic nano-coating film, which can effectively prevent components from being damaged by water or acid, alkali and salt corrosion, resulting in damage to the keyboard.

The third-generation optical axis, through the optical sensor to achieve 0.2ms conduction, even if you tap the keyboard quickly, it can be turned on instantly, and the balance bar fixes the direction of the shaft body, reducing friction can ensure fast tapping can also be stable as a rock, non-metallic The contact structure can make the key life reach 100 million times, which is far ahead of other brands of mechanical keyboards.

The footrest of the keyboard is designed in a foldable way. When not in use, it can be folded into the groove at the bottom of the keyboard. Like when I usually use it, I like to use the footrest. It's hard enough to reach the keyboard.

Let's take a look at the lighting effect of the mechanical keyboard of the Bloody Ghost B930. The iridescent lighting effect is very cool, but it will not affect the sight. In addition, the lighting effect design on the side of the keyboard is also very eye-catching. The overall gaming atmosphere is ready to come out. Next, let's work together Feel it.

When playing games, I feel that the backlight of this bloody ghost B930 mechanical keyboard is also very suitable for the scope of the game, and the feel of the keyboard is also very good. It can create a sense of scope for playing games in terms of software and hardware, so I like it very much. This mechanical keyboard is really good.

In addition, many mechanical keyboards have floppy drives, and Bloody Ghost is no exception. It has button setting functions and macro definitions for various games, which improves the playability of custom buttons.

This bloody ghost B930 mechanical keyboard has the third-generation optical axis technology, which improves its three characteristics of fast, stable, and durable. The unique foot support design and two-color injection molding process add a lot to this mechanical keyboard, and the multilateral The cube-designed keycaps are very friendly to users who prefer codewords. If you are also interested in the ghost of the bloody hand, you might as well buy one to experience it!

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