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Good things to share Part 2: Office good things丨High-value keyboard and mouse planted by big data

Since throwing away the sofa and coffee table at home, the living room without a sense of oppression has almost carried all my activity space. I have no plans to buy a sofa in a short time. Last Friday, I spent a lot of money to replace a desk, 1.6 meters I always feel that buying a small desk is too small. I like a large desk, and it feels like there is only one large desk in the living room. In order to match the new desk, I have recently purchased several office supplies, all of which are good-looking and easy-to-use treasures:

•Transparent keyboard: This keyboard seems to have become an Internet celebrity. I was also planted by big data. I struggled for more than three weeks before getting it. After all, it is not cheap. I thought it was a fancy product but not useful. , I was conquered after I got it. The transparent jellyfish switch body is quite easy to use, and the sense of paragraph is also comfortable. Except for the loud sound, which is not suitable for office use, I can’t fault it. This keyboard is especially suitable as a gift. girlfriends. 

Wireless mouse: I just bought it the day before yesterday. I haven't used a mouse for many years and have always used a trackpad. This Morandi green is too beautiful, and it is not expensive, and the charging version is only more than 50 yuan. Very sensitive, dual-mode link, can support 3 devices, the most important thing is that it is very quiet

•Second-control keyboard: In order to buy a second-control keyboard, I really did two months of homework before I started. There are too many second-control keyboards on the market. The one I bought is not cheap, 600 yuan, but it is really easy to use. The feel of the keys is comparable to that of the original version. It is very friendly to writers, and the touchpad is also very sensitive. Let’s write about it later. 

Acrylic keyboard tray: good-looking and easy to use!

Screen cleaner: I always think this thing is useless, it will be brighter than wiping it with water, but it’s okay to wipe it with water, this is really optional. But no matter what you use to wipe it, you must wipe it dry with a dry paper towel. Remember not to wipe the screen with alcohol, it will hurt the screen.

Thanks for reading, new week, cheers everyone!

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