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Good things to share Part 3: Tossing about my new keyboard - Fuling FL680

Poor students have a lot of stationery, and I am talking about it. In September last year, I just bought a combination of Fuling MK870 keyboard + TTC's silent tea switch V2 + bald brother Shimmer. I thought it would be fun to use it in the office without disturbing the colleagues around me. I also wrote an article about this

Let's record the experience of choosing a mechanical keyboard for the first time. After using it for half a year, I can only say that my input experience of the TTC silent brown switch is YYDS!

It's a pity that the epidemic in Shanghai came so suddenly that my wife was forced to work from home and requisitioned my MK870. Then I can only feel sorry for my wallet.

Because I already have a big F 104-key holy hand tea, and an 87-key MK870. So this time I want to buy a keyboard with a smaller size. My colleagues consider that during the epidemic, they may work from home at any time, so it is still a bit inconvenient to carry a keyboard with 75% configuration and above. Then it is basically locked in the range of 40% to 65%.

In order to balance the size and user experience as much as possible, I finally chose a 68-key keyboard with arrow keys. After all, I need to ssh to log in to a remote server every day, and it is not convenient to use without arrow keys.

After determining the specific configuration, then the next step is to buy. Since the previous two keyboards are wired single-mode keyboards, and I sometimes need to switch between multiple devices, it is very inconvenient, so this time the 68 keyboards are going to buy a three-mode keyboard. At the same time, because the previous two keyboards are black shells, they are not as good as the white shell when matching the keycaps, so this time I am going to buy a white three-mode 68 keyboard.

Investigated the more mainstream 68-key mechanical keyboards on the market, including finished products and kits. Basically locked in NJ68, IFD68 Pro and FL680. After a simple comparison, I bought the FL680. As for the comparison process...

NJ68 and IFD68 Pro on Taobao were not available in white at that time, which was God’s will.

Since all the tea switches with white shells are out of stock, God chose for me again, and I can only choose the linear switch body for the original one. After searching online, everyone said that the CAP yellow axis of FL680 is very good.

So I followed the trend and entered the CAP yellow axis. It was also because there was only pink FL680 in the store for the choice of CAP yellow + white shell at that time, so it was easy for me to choose the color of the keycap. There is God's will in Minmin, it seems that I have a destiny with this pink CAP yellow FL680.

keyboard body

Although when buying a keyboard, it is to follow the trend + go smoothly. But after I really got started, I realized that I really can't adapt to the linear axis. The straight up and down feel makes me, who is used to the paragraph axis, completely unable to feel the sense of confirmation brought by the keys. When typing, I can only press each key hard to the end until the key cap touches the steel plate below to bring feedback. The finger switches to the next key. Over time, halfway through writing an article, I feel a little sore in my fingers. And because the FL680 adopts the height of the FSA ball cap, I am used to the height of the key cap of XDA, and I always have enough key caps, which is very uncomfortable.

change shaft

In the end, I had to change the shaft + change the keycap, and my poor wallet was squeezed out. Think of it as spending money to buy a lesson, and it is not advisable to follow the trend blindly.

Now that the shaft is going to be changed, it is just right to use the remaining TTC Mute Tea V2 from the previous MK870 (25 pieces left) + 9 shafts such as INS and HOME that are not commonly used on the MK870 + Taobao to supplement TTC’s new tea static Shafts (20 count) = 54 muted teas. (Can save a little is a little)

Except for the number area and the unused shift, win, fun, PGDN, and PGUP in the lower right corner on the FL680, they are all replaced by the silent tea that I am familiar with. The typing experience is finally back to its original feel.

Then I bought a new set of misty keycaps from Xiaoxiao, and after replacing them, the appearance and feel have been greatly improved. The operation was as fierce as a tiger for a while, the hands were comfortable, and the wallet was completely empty.

Fog keycap

After all, the article is to share the feeling of getting started with FL680. Although I changed most of the switches and keycaps, I have to say that the online evaluation is still very pertinent. The large key tuning of Fuling is indeed the first echelon. Whether it is my MK870 or this FL680, the large keys are very tight when used, and the feel and sound are very good!

The original two-color molded FSA ball cap is also very fine in workmanship, and the quality is worthy of the price. As for Jiadalong's CAP yellow switch, it is also very smooth and stable, and the click, click, click sound is very pleasant when typing. It's not because they're not good enough, it's because I don't deserve them.

Let's talk about the three-mode experience. I really don't want to use single-mode after using it. Because of the lack of wires, the desktop is much cleaner. At the same time, when the keyboard is switched to iPad, Raspberry Pi and computer, there is no need to unplug the wires anymore, and the user experience is greatly improved.

Of course, this FL680 also has points that I have to complain about. That is the storage of the 2.4G receiver, which is actually the way of side magnetic attraction. Whether it looks or uses it, it feels very perfunctory! At the same time, the shell of the FL680 is not as good as my MK870. It may be because the left and right sides are hollowed out. When the keyboard is taken, it is a bit loose and there will be a creaking sound, which is not very satisfactory.

The process of purchasing and using the FL680 was quite a struggle, but fortunately after going through it. I have clearly recognized my preference for mechanical keyboards. If you really haven't gone through a detour, you will never know what is right. Products suitable for others may not necessarily be suitable for you, blindly following the trend is not advisable!

I hope that in the future, my wallet can take a good rest. This time it was too bitter!

(FL680 is a bit high, I secretly bought a solid wood palm rest, hehe)

Combined keyboard and palm rest

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