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Good things to share Part 4: It is indeed the office keyboard recommended by Ms. Cheng Yuan, it is easy to use!

❣ I am a little chief who loves to read, focusing on sharing personal growth and good things.

As an input device, the keyboard can be said to be an indispensable peripheral product for our daily office, leisure and entertainment, especially when the computer equipped by the company is always uncomfortable to type, an economical, comfortable and convenient A portable keyboard is a must.

Under the recommendation of Miss Program Yuan from the company, I bought this K3 Bluetooth/wired dual-mode keyboard made by Jingdong, mainly because of its two advantages:

The second is the brisk typing feel of the short tea switch. After all, I am not so obsessed with the mechanical switch.


When I got the keyboard, I felt very business-like and textured at first. The main color of dark gray is dotted with a little orange, and the overall design is relatively simple.

△ After opening it, you can see a wealth of content: keyboard, conventional Type-c cable, and manual. To my surprise, there is also a key extraction tool, spare keycaps and a quick start guide!

This keyboard adopts a compact layout with 75% arrangement and 84 keys, and a narrow frame. The entire keyboard is designed in a gray color scheme, the commonly used keys in the center are gray, and the function keys such as Tab, caps, ctrl, Page, and Enter in the outer circle are a little darker gray, umm... Although I don’t understand why the design should be differentiated , but it also looks pretty good. The esc and light keys on the top two corners can be replaced with bright orange keycaps, which are quite eye-catching when placed on the table after turning on the backlight.

△ Viewed from the side, it is a suspension structure design, and the chassis has a certain forward angle, which is really very thin.

△ The upper layer of the chassis is made of black aluminum alloy, the bottom is made of plastic, and there are silicone anti-slip pads on the four corners of the back. It is equipped with foldable two-stage corners, which can adjust the angle from 6 to 9°, adapting to various typing gestures.

△ On the side right behind the keyboard, there are Type-c charging interface and 2 toggle switches for device switching.


I don't have high requirements for mechanical keyboards, so I may give a higher overall evaluation of this keyboard.

First of all, the keycaps of this keyboard have a skin-friendly touch and are indeed quite comfortable. The material is still ABS, and the light transmission of the characters is quite good, but I don’t know if it will become oily after using it too much...

Secondly, the key stroke of the short shaft is a little shorter than that of the ordinary one, and the spring back speed of the shaft body maintains the unique slight paragraph feeling of the tea switch. It also saves a part of the desktop space. ▽

Furthermore, this keyboard supports Bluetooth version 5.1 and is compatible with Windows/Android/IOS. It is very OK in terms of connection speed and switching efficiency, and the manufacturer has given a quick start guide, and marked out the shortcut keys separately. , getting started is quite fast.

But the only small problem is its battery life. The battery life of 1550 mAh is a bit urgent. If the backlight is not turned on, it is not a big problem. It needs to be recharged after a day or two when the light is turned on. It may be a little bit for those who are anxious about power. A little bit unfriendly.

In general, this K3 bluetooth dual-mode low-axis mechanical keyboard made by Jingdong is exquisite in appearance, exquisite in workmanship and materials, and its compact layout makes it compact and easy to carry. .

At a price of around 300 yuan, it's not a loss to start with.

❣ Thank you for watching, I am the little chief who loves reading and sharing, see you next time!

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