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Good things to share Part 4: Ultra-low price customized kit - Wolfie ciy 68

Because it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to make a keyline keyboard, the main reason is that after the video I made was sent to station B, I always pushed various kits for me, and I was accidentally planted. There are also various beautiful keycaps. I bought it this time. A handful of ciy68 to detoxify

After a series of assembly and tuning, the keyboard finally reached the expected level. I posted the tuning video on station B. The link is as follows:

box front

box side

Kit body and instruction manual

Black through kit front

Ash wood V1 shaft

upper keycap

Bluetooth function test

Adjusted back shell

Front view after training

After tuning, the overall feel and sound are not bad, and the appearance is also acceptable, but the ash wood V1 is a bit handy, and it may be tiring to type for a long time.

It's a pity that there are no lights, but don't think about those at this price

Personally, I am very satisfied with the 2.4g wireless + Bluetooth dual-mode, because basically I don’t play games very much now, and the delay is not a special care. On the contrary, the cleanliness and easy maintenance of the desktop have become just needed, and this kit is small and very Suitable for my kind of uncle who has a lot of things on the desktop

As an ultra-low-priced customized kit, I think ciy 68 is quite fragrant. If you don’t have high requirements for latency, and like me, you want more space on the desktop for other things, this kit is still quite suitable. Yes, with some low-pressure linear axes that feel good, it is a proper codeword artifact.

As for the disadvantages, the big keys of this kit need to be tuned, and the base cotton that comes with it is almost the same as the one that doesn't match, and the batch is thin, so you still need to tune it yourself to achieve a satisfactory state.

OK, that’s all for today’s good stuff sharing, I’m Mo Lan, see you next time, bye.

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