Good things Yi said Chapter 53: Refreshing and refined, people can’t put it down—Lofree Luo Feiwei C-themed mechanical keyboard adds color to work

Choosing a keyboard is the same as finding a girlfriend, first look at the appearance design, and then look at the input feel. The appearance design is an impression left in a short period of time, and the input feel needs a long time of running-in.

A mechanical keyboard is a must-have device for a digital enthusiast, and I have bought many mechanical keyboards without knowing it. From the very beginning of entry-level typewriters to now, not only stay in the pursuit of input experience, personalized appearance design is also a factor in choosing a keyboard.

Domestic keyboards have been tested by time, taking into account the advantages of cost performance, and what kind of breakthroughs can a keyboard company founded by a group of designers bring to mechanical keyboards? Let’s take a look at how Lofree designed the new keyboard with you today. ——Xiaoqiaowei C theme mechanical keyboard.

The first impression of the Xiaoqiaowei C-themed mechanical keyboard is youthfulness. The color gradient of the fruit makes the whole keyboard have a unique aesthetic visual impact. It is hard to refuse such a fresh keyboard. Yu can relax concentration and eyes.

Gradient color mechanical keyboards are relatively rare on the market at present, and the Xiaoqiaowei C-themed mechanical keyboard is also in line with Lofree's consistent design concept of innovation. For young people who embody individuality, the unique color matching has a strong appeal. Just like my daughter-in-law wanted to "keep it for herself" after seeing this keyboard.

The color matching of the keyboard is three tones, namely red, green, and yellow. The color matching of the whole keyboard is composed of the mutual gradation and transition of the three colors, and it is easier to divide and distinguish the keys of the keyboard through different color tones. Focus the user's attention on the key itself.

The packaging and color matching of the product also adopts a more attractive gradient color like the Xiaoqiaowei C keyboard. The internal product accessories are complete, including the keyboard, data cable, metal iron frame and battery. It can be seen from the simple accessories that the process of use is also entry-level with zero difficulty for beginners.

This mechanical keyboard has a USB data cable and can support Bluetooth, 2.4G and wired device connection methods, so whether it is a desktop computer, notebook, iPad or mobile phone, this keyboard can be used as an input device.

It is worth mentioning that the 2.4G receiver of the keyboard also has a personalized hidden design. The position of the keyboard to prevent the battery is designed with a unique receiver storage compartment, which is convenient for the storage and storage of the receiver and prevents it from being lost.

The dimensional C mechanical keyboard has a 100-key layout. Compared with the traditional 104 keys, some useless function keys are discarded, and compared with the 86 keys, a necessary small keyboard is added. The overall size of the keyboard is designed to be compact, which can save desk space.

In addition to the gradient color of the keycap of the keyboard, you will find a slight frosted feeling between the fingers during use, and the typing process is very comfortable. This is because the keycap of the dimension-C mechanical keyboard adopts Lofree's original LSA height PBT ball cap, which has a unique design in terms of material and feel, and does not oil up after long-term use.

At present, the dimension-C theme mechanical keyboard only has a red switch keyboard. Friends who are familiar with mechanical keyboards should know that the red switch is the most suitable key switch for typing and playing games.

But friends who want to experience other key switches don’t worry, the keyboard supports full-key hot swap, and any mechanical switch can be replaced. A keyboard can satisfy all the key switch experiences. And friends who want to replace the keycaps for DIY design can also buy Lofree series keycaps.

After a long time of typing, you will find that the whole keyboard is not tiring when typing. The overall keyboard has a 9° tilt angle, which meets the ergonomic needs of vision and wrist.

In addition, there are some unique designs, which also reflect the personalized definition of this keyboard by Lofree designers. For example, the rotary switch can easily select the current keyboard connection method.

Many people hesitate before choosing a keyboard, going into difficult mode of selection. In fact, the easiest thing is to choose a keyboard with a pleasing appearance, and adjust the input feel of the keyboard during use.

Lofree Luofei Qiaowei C-themed mechanical keyboard is a personalized keyboard with a unique visual impact. The gradient color matching and the red axis input feel after Lofree's adjustment, I believe this will become a productivity tool that accompanies us.

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