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Good Things Yi Shuo Chapter 43: Four years of grinding a "key"! Remember this configuration, Dujia K620W real use experience, office gaming with ease

Wireless and intensified keyboards are new trends, pay attention to Yiwan, and share the real experience of using the keyboard

The earliest attention to the Dujia brand began with a gaming mouse, and then I learned about Dujia’s mechanical keyboards, from the initial wired keyboard to the three-mode keyboard, from the 310320 series to the 330 series, the Fusion series, and today’s protagonist keyboard . It can be said that the development of Dujia is the epitome of domestic keyboard step by step, bigger and stronger. Dujia is a brand that makes products with heart. We can feel the optimization and upgrade of products from each generation of keyboards.

What I am sharing this time is the latest product of Durga K620W Echo Fog Blue , let's take a look at which configurations the K620w performs well.

Speaking from the appearance, after putting the keyboard on the computer table, the most intuitive feeling to me is " Thin "The mechanical keyboard is not like a capacitive keyboard. It is not easy to reduce the height. Compared with the previous keyboard, the K620W is only a few millimeters lower. Let's see what designs are on the K620w, which can give people a thin and light feeling.

The side of the keyboard is surrounded by black. Compared with the color of the keycap, it is easy to be attracted by the keycap, so the black is ignored in the feeling, and the height of the keyboard is also short. The edges and corners of the gold plate are designed around, which also gives people a thin feeling visually.

The fog blue color scheme is more attractive than the picture. The main body of the keyboard is pure white, and the keycaps are distributed in three colors, which are divided into white, light gray, and blue. The different input functions and layering of the keyboard are distinguished through color matching.

For heavy keyboard users, the primary factor in choosing a keyboard is comfort. After all, whether it is coding or playing games, it is ultimately a keyboard. physical work

The K620W's internal silicone pad structure can cushion the impact of the key shaft and increase the comfort of pressing the keyboard. The sound-absorbing cotton structure can absorb the sound of the switch inside the keyboard, so even the red switch purchased this time has no serious noise, but a crisp clicking sound, which can be used with confidence in an office environment.

For those who "play keyboards", hot plugging is the standard for measuring the playability of a keyboard. K620W is Duga's first keyboard that supports hot-swapping, so that you can purchase key switches separately to experience the input experience of different shafts.

Dujia cooperated with Jiadalong to launch a customized crystal axis. The crystal axis belongs to Jiadalong CAP axis, and on this basis, it is optimized and adjusted to make the input smoother and more comfortable. At present, crystal switches include red switches, brown switches, silver switches and mute red switches, which can basically meet the needs of various groups of people. I believe there will be more switches in the future.

The K620w uses the original height PBT keycaps. In addition to the advantages of PBT keycaps, which are oil-resistant, wear-resistant, and delicate touch, compared with OEM products, the height is also 2mm shorter, and the height of the overall keyboard will be shorter.

More and more people are pursuing "wireless" and "intensive" desktops. Wireless requires that the keyboard can support wireless connection mode, and intensification requires that a keyboard can meet the input needs of computers, iPads and even mobile phones. K620W supports Bluetooth 5.02.4GTypeC wired and other connection modes, and supports the connection of up to 4 devices.

The keyboard is 359mm long, 142mm wide, 37.5mm high, and weighs 1042g. Therefore, the K620W is not a portable keyboard. It is used more as a main input keyboard at home or in the office.

K620W has a built-in lithium battery, which can last for 360 days in Bluetooth mode and 200 days in 2.4G mode, and can be fully charged in 5V2A in only 3 hours. The low power consumption and long battery life reduce the charging of the keyboard.

A good keyboard is an important tool for productivity. It increases the speed of coding and improves the accuracy of playing games. Durga K620W is just such a keyboard.

Whether you plan to renew or buy a new mechanical keyboard, you can talk about the Durga K620 as an option, and I believe you will not be disappointed.

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