Good Things Yi Shuo Chapter 48: Dujia Hi Keys mechanical keyboard "rolls to the ceiling", design and feel are both online

What is the roll of the domestic mechanical keyboard? Durga Hi Keys tells you about the ceiling~

A new year, a new beginning, I wish you all the best of luck?. After the eighth day of the lunar new year, I will start working. In the new year, I have prepared a mechanical keyboard that can improve productivity at work~

Duga mechanical keyboard has always been my first choice of keyboard, and I will buy it for almost every product update. Last year, a new brain-opening keyboard was launched - Hi Keys wireless Bluetooth dual-mode keyboard, which broke the elements of traditional mechanical keyboards and carried out a new design with a bold style.

▷ It has to be said that with the rise of domestic mechanical keyboards, various manufacturers have also spent a lot of thought on the design, such as keycaps, external buttons, color matching and so on. And Durga Hi Keys has boldly designed the above-mentioned accessories, "rolling out a new ceiling". ▼

▷Durga Hi Keys integrates the power switch key into the keyboard in a new way, and does not occupy the front space of the keyboard on the left side of the keyboard, reducing the size of the keyboard. The round button is convenient for the keyboard switch, and the switch button can be used as an indicator light. ▼

▷The indium-plated toggle switch is another new design of Duga. Through the switch, you can choose the connection method between the keyboard and the device, 2.4G or Bluetooth. The shape of the switch is somewhat similar to a hammer, which increases the design sense of the keyboard. ▼

▷ Hi Keys adopts a simple layout of 84 keys, which saves 25% of the desktop space compared with the 104 full-position keypad. As a user of code words and code codes, the usage rate of the small keyboard is extremely low, and the space saved can make the desktop more comfortable. ▼

▷The layout of the keyboard is not compact. On the basis of retaining the original complete functions, only the body of the keyboard is compacted. We can see that a reasonable distance is reserved between adjacent keycaps. It is suitable for female users or code writers, and reduces the movement distance of the wrist between the keys. ▼

▷The keycap has a new design, which is more rounded. Unlike the traditional concave keycap, the Hi Keys keycap is slightly raised, which looks like a small piece of jelly or cheese, and the touch of the finger is more "Q bomb". ▼

▷"Black and white is the eternal subject", I used to use dark keyboards, this time I tried to get started with the silver and white models, and found that the appearance of the silver and white models is also very online, I suggest you try it out. ▼

▷The silver and white Hi Keys letters are engraved with a new font, which is more angular than the letters. The main letters are black, the function letters are yellow, the space bar and the ESC key are silver, and the color matching of the entire keyboard is reasonable. ▼

Hi Keys currently provides two types of switches, the silent red switch and the brown switch. Hi Key will be used as the main keyboard for home coding in the later stage, so the brown switch is chosen, which is full of sense of paragraph. If you use it in public, you can choose to mute the red switch.

▷Compatible with mainstream operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc., and use 2.4G and Bluetooth with a toggle switch, making it easier for multi-device users like me to switch. Note: HiKeys does not support wired connections. ▼

▷To be honest, the ambient lighting effect of Dujia Hi Keys is beyond my expectation, especially the white light with silver-white keyboard. Hi Keys supports 8 white ambient lighting effects: Steady, Rotating, Breathing, Starry, Responding, Laser, Ripple and Wave. ▼

▷ The combination of function keys FN+F1-F6 is also used to control lighting effects. For example, turning on and off the ambient light, selecting the mode of the atmosphere, lighting effect brightness and speed, can all be set with one button. ▼

▷Hi Keys uses a built-in lithium battery, which can last up to 360 days when the ambient light is turned off. In addition, the battery life of using Bluetooth is longer than that of 2.4G connection. Since the weight of the keyboard is about 826.5g, the long battery life makes Hi Keys more suitable for home use. ▼

Whether it is unique keycaps, letter engravings, or creative shifters and power switches, Hi Keys becomes a mechanical keyboard full of changes, which can make us full of fun in work and entertainment. If you want to have a personalized keyboard, I believe Hi Keys can do it.

As the first keyboard added in 2023, Dujia Hi Keys is worth sharing with everyone~~

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