Good Things Yi Shuo Chapter 51: After being robbed of the keyboard by his wife, he bought a carry-on—Lvlian KU102 mechanical keyboard

Some time ago, the Lulian Dreamland keyboard in my hand was ruthlessly taken to the office after being favored by my daughter-in-law because of its high value. Recently, I also got used to typing on the "LP" low-axis mechanical keyboard, and in desperation bought a Lulian KU102 Yuexiang mechanical keyboard.

As a new keyboard, let's take a look at the parameters of KU102~

Mode: Wired + Bluetooth Dual Mode Interface: USB-C

Number of buttons: 89 keys Battery capacity: lithium polymer battery 1800mAh

Charging time: 2.5h Battery life: 15h (backlight on) 180h (backlight off)

Compatible system: Win/Mac/IOS/Android/Linux... Keyboard weight: 485g

To put it simply, KU102 is a lightweight portable keyboard. If you are a multi-device user of computers and iPads, it can also satisfy your switching and long-term use.

Greenlink is quite good at making LP thin-type keyboards. After the previous Greenlink Dreamland keyboard was taken away by my wife, I have been obsessed with it. The key stroke of the thin key shaft is only 3mm. On the premise of ensuring the typing feel, the thickness of the keyboard is reduced to within 30mm.

The key switch of the KU102 belongs to the brown switch, which is also my favorite switch body now. It has a clear sense of paragraph when typing, and the sound when the key is dropped is not as "disturbing" as the red switch, so don't worry about it in the office. use.

The length and width of the keyboard are 323.1mm*116.7mm, which is the same length as my ThinBook 14, so it will not look too long when using a 14-inch notebook, which relieves my anxiety of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

KU102 is an 89-key keyboard, which is no different from the usual 86-key keyboard. This keyboard also adds special keys for quick "input expression" and "screenshot", which makes input more efficient in some scenarios.

The color I purchased this time is the more eye-catching Cangling Green, which is a very eye-catching color, and it is not fancy even in the working environment. In addition, the orange function keys add some personalized elements to the keyboard.

The KU102 keyboard supports wired and Bluetooth 5.0 connection modes, and abandons the 2.4G connection mode. There is no need to worry about losing the receiver, and it can meet various devices such as desktops, notebooks, mobile phones, and tablets. For example, if there are children in my family, it is often mysterious that they are all 2.4G receivers.

The keyboard supports three Bluetooth connections. Fn+1~3 can quickly realize the switching of connected devices. For example, I will use it for notebooks and iPads when I am on a business trip.

The KU102 keyboard supports 15 backlight modes, and you can adjust your favorite lighting effects according to your preferences, and the atmosphere of coding at night is full. The brightness and darkness of the backlight can also be adjusted by FN + arrow keys.

There is another reason why this keyboard becomes a business trip EDC, that is, the KU102 keyboard’s usage time. The 1800mAh battery allows this keyboard to work for 180 hours in the dark, which greatly alleviates the charging anxiety during business trips.

In addition, this keyboard also has some small designs that are also very popular with me, such as the indicator light that can be seen at a glance, 6° keyboard feet, Mac/Win switching keys, non-slip foot pads, etc. These small optimizations often best reflect The heart of a keyboard.

Among the many keyboards I have used, the Greenlink KU102 keyboard is a light and portable one, with a weight of 485g, small size, extremely long standby time, and support for multiple Bluetooth devices, so it has become the best one for me to carry when I go out. select.

If you are also looking for a portable keyboard without losing the feel, you can pay attention to the Green Union KU102~

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