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Green embellished JZ750 three-mode keyboard

I recently changed to MAC OS, and the previous mechanical keyboard can no longer adapt to the new system very well. Because the space of the computer desk is limited, I have always wanted to change to a wireless keyboard before, so that I can make room for the computer desk when writing, drawing, etc. on the computer desk. Combined with my own use, although the 108-key keyboard has greater advantages in input, such as more convenient when entering passwords, it is not a rigid requirement, so I considered the arrangement that can abandon some small keyboards. This can also save a mouse space.

I don't know much about these things at ordinary times. I am dazzled by the various shafts and brands, and the more I look at it, the more confused I become. In the end I found out that I just wanted a keyboard that would work with the keyboard I'm using now. It doesn't matter what the shaft feels like, I should choose according to the needs of my pocket. I just saw that Jingzao JZ750 has a discount in the past few days. After adding the Jingdou deduction, it only costs about 200. I checked the bank balance and it seemed to be good. I accepted it and placed an order.

After the express delivery, the shell was a little deformed, but as long as it does not affect the product itself, it will be fine. The deformation of the corners does not affect the weighing of the box.

Opening the box, there is only an instruction manual and a shaft installation manual, and some basic accessories. It is equipped with a screwdriver (I don’t know if it has been disassembled and there will be after-sales), a key shifter, a data cable and a 2.4G receiver. . The body of the keyboard is undamaged, with a thin layer of padding on the top and sides.

This is the first time I used a keyboard that can be shifted. I didn’t figure out which one is the longer one. I took the shifter to pull the keycap, and the shaft body was pulled out together. Let’s take a picture by the way. There is a layer of silicone pad under the body. The color of this Xuetian blue axis is like the color of the axis body of my original blue axis. The sound of the original green switch is a bit like the sound of pressing the light switch at home, but the sound of this switch is a bit like the sound of gently tapping the table with your fingers, which is softer and duller than the original sound. Not as noisy as the original keyboard. Compared with the previous keyboard, the keycap is also more textured, and the light can reflect the shadow on the side.

The keyboard uses a three-mode connection and has a 2.4G receiver, but the keyboard itself does not have a 2.4G storage compartment, and it has been stored together with the tools. Anyway, it is connected with Bluetooth, and a USB port can be given to the computer. The Bluetooth connection is currently used to code words, and some simple operations do not feel the delay. The knob is very fragrant, and it is very convenient to adjust the volume and light. F3 and F4 multiple desktop shortcuts can be perfectly adapted to MAC OS, but I feel that the volume adjustment corresponding to F10-F12 feels a bit repetitive, and it is just next to the knob. It would be better if it could be replaced with other shortcuts. The MAC logo is printed on the button, I think it would be better if it can be replaced.

In addition, there is no driver suitable for MAC OS, and the settings cannot be changed on the MAC. There are several modes of lighting by pressing it casually, and the keycap itself is not transparent. But it doesn't matter, I usually don't plan to drive it.

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