GUNDAM up to the powder speed up! ikbc Z98 Gundam joint mechanical key out of the box

Everyone roar, the jellyfish meets you again.

Speaking of ikbc, if you have a certain understanding of mechanical keyboards, then I believe you must not be unfamiliar with this brand. As an old keyboard brand that has been focusing on mechanical keyboards for more than ten years, compared with other keyboard brands, ikbc has high cost performance and fast innovation speed. It has been recognized by many players.

Some time ago, ikbc launched the new 98% Gundam co-branded keyboard Z98. This keyboard adopts the theme color matching of the Earth Federation Army RX-78-2 Gundam, and the Gundam logo and various symbols are printed on the keycaps. At the same time, this The keyboard is also ikbc's first 98% equipped mechanical keyboard. The price is less than 300 yuan.

In terms of packaging, the ikbc Z98 mechanical keyboard is packaged in a simple pure white package, with only the ikbc brand LOGO in the middle, and a ikbc X GUNDAM joint sticker on the upper left corner of the package.

Open the package, in addition to the mechanical keyboard itself, a key puller is also included.

Take out the keyboard, the overall texture of the keyboard is very good, and it does not lose the materials used in many thousand-yuan keyboards. In terms of keyboard size: 383 X 140 X 44mm, with a total weight of 1148g.

The 98% keyboard does not need much introduction, it can meet all usage scenarios, whether it is daily office input or playing games, it is perfect. Compared with the full key 108 arrangement, there are fewer function keys in the middle, and the number keypad is retained, achieving the coexistence of compactness and practicality.

Gundam's classic blue, white, and red colors are well reflected on this keyboard.

The keycap adopts two-color injection molded PBT keycaps. The overall workmanship of the keycaps is fine, and there are no problems such as spouts and burrs. It is not easy to be stained with fingerprints and oil, and it is better in wear resistance, and it is not easy to scratch. The surface has a slightly concave design, which has a certain sense of wrapping, and the typing feels great.

The keyboard is full of Gundam elements, the ESC key is printed with a Q version of the Gundam head, and the Enter key and the space bar also have the logos of the E.F.S.F Federal Army and GUMDAM.

The keyboard adopts the domestic Longhua customized red switch and the crater design, which is not inferior to the original Cherry switch in terms of feel. I have to say that the progress of the domestic switch in the past two years is still very obvious. As a jack-of-all-trades switch, the red switch is generally considered moderate among mechanical switches. It is light and soft to use straight up and down, and the elastic feedback is also clear.

To put it simply, the feeling of use is: the difference between the tea switch and the green switch has a sense of paragraph, which is lighter and instant; and there is no disturbing rattling sound of the mechanical keyboard, no matter whether it is used in the dormitory or the office, it will not affect others. At the same time Although the red switch feels lighter, compared with the false triggering of the silver switch, there is no need to worry about the red switch, especially for jellyfish who usually need a lot of typing and develop the habit of touch typing, basically there is no false triggering Case.

The keyboard adopts a full-key non-impact design, and the large key position adopts a satellite-axis design, which can better restore the feel of the axis keys, and at the same time avoid the uncomfortable experience of looseness when typing on the keyboard. With such a configuration at this price, it is also very cost-effective. High.

The keyboard adopts a single-mode wired connection, and the three-way wire slot on the back can better manage the wires and ensure the cleanliness of the desktop.

The one-piece foot support can make the keyboard have a certain height, and we can adjust it according to the usage habits.

I have to say that the cost performance depends on ikbc, solid workmanship, excellent appearance design, and the genuine joint name with Gundam, which can be realized at a price of less than 300 yuan. ikbc Z98 is definitely one of the very worthwhile peripherals for GUNDAM fans. !

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