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Hand-tested and easy to use, a must-buy digital item on Double Eleven with both appearance and functionality

The Double Eleven promotion has already started. I wonder how many things you put in your shopping cart? Here I also recommend some good digital products that are easy to use, have both appearance and functionality, and I hope you like them.

One thing about the keyboards in the aluminum factory is recognized, that is, the appearance is particularly good for typing. Each series of themes has its own style, and they are all very beautiful. Of course, since it is called an aluminum factory, an aluminum alloy body is almost a must. This time I recommend the graffiti diary theme. I still choose F97 The configuration is more suitable for my daily work and coding needs, and it is also an aluminum alloy body. This time I chose the fast silver switch that I have also planted for a long time and is also a long-standing reputation.

In terms of accessories, the aluminum factory has always provided them in place, such as braided thick Type-C cables, stickers, cleaning brushes, shaft pullers, cap pullers, wireless receivers, Mac replacement keycaps, and a dust cover. The accessories are very rich , the quality of workmanship is certainly not bad.

The theme keycaps of Doodle Diary are bright in color and unrestrained in pattern. They use a lot of fashion elements that Niangrou prefers, including letters and numbers. They are not universal characters, but self-made characters that reflect the graffiti style. The style is more unified and the overall The look and feel is also more lively and lively.

The overall layout of the keyboard is relatively compact, but it is still very easy to use, especially the commonly used letter area does not require additional adaptation, and the commonly used function keys and number areas are all available, so it is still very convenient to use.

There are 5 supplementary keycaps given. Except for one ESC key with a graffiti theme, the other 4 keycaps are all for replacement with the Mac system. In other words, this keyboard can be seamlessly adapted to the Mac system.

The sublimated PBT keycaps feel warm and moist, without the frosted grainy feel of ordinary PBT, the touch is more silky and soft, and the workmanship quality is not to be pickled.

The large key position of the aluminum factory adopts the balance bar design as always, the response is faster and more flexible, the hand feel is more consistent, the cavity sound is smaller, and the percussion is more fun. However, the corresponding balance bar is a test of the manufacturer's adjustment level, and the aluminum factory has never disappointed in this regard, and the feel is not generally good.

I chose the TTC Quick Silver Switch V2, which has always had a good reputation, for the switch body. After there are too many code words, I will hurry up and this kind of linear switch with a soft feel is more suitable for me. The initial pressure of the TTC quick silver switch V2 is 39gf, the trigger pressure is 45gf, the total stroke is 3.4mm, and the trigger stroke is 1.08+0.4/-0.08mm. As a linear axis, the trigger response is fast and accurate, and there is no need to worry about false touches. The initial pressure in grams and internal lubrication also make the pressing feel very smooth and stable, and the bottoming rebound is quick to follow the hand. The feel feedback is clear, firm and tough, and the knocking sound is also very small. Whether it is daily office codes or games Very fitting.

The shaft body has a dust-proof wall and uses a dispensing process, which has an excellent dust-proof effect. At the same time, the metal parts are silver-plated with an anti-oxidation coating, which can better ensure the service life of the shaft body and prevent dust from affecting the handle of the shaft body. Long lasting good feel.

In addition, this keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable, and you can change the switch body at will according to your own preferences. It supports almost all commonly used switches on the market, and you can get an experience similar to a fully customized keyboard.

The upper part of the quick silver axis V2 is transparent, and the light position part is a convex lens structure, so the support for RGB lighting is also in place, and it can achieve a better light distribution effect, which is why I will choose the RGB lighting version. . In fact, the RGB lighting effect of Doodle Diary is also very good, beautiful but not dazzling. It supports about 16 million colors of lighting color adjustment, a total of 17 different lighting effect modes, and supports switching of brightness and color, and the playability is still very good. The overall brightness of the keyboard is just right, it has an RGB atmosphere and is not dazzling, which is the finishing touch.

Graffiti Diary has three colors: black, white, and red. The theme keycaps are actually the same. The main difference is that the paint color of the aluminum alloy body is different. I chose red, which looks more enthusiastic. The logo of the aluminum factory is imprinted on the front, and the embedded Type-C interface is on the left.

The whole bottom is naturally red, and the whole body is made of aluminum alloy. It is very stable with two fixed-height metal feet and two non-slip rubbers. It also fixes the inclination angle of the keyboard at 6°, which is the most ergonomic "gold clip". horn".

The word F97 in the middle is also filled with graffiti content, and the details are in place as always. I guess this protruding part should be the rechargeable battery of the keyboard. After all, it has a built-in 4000mAh high-capacity lithium battery. Of course, it can also provide a long battery life of up to 260 days.

The wired/wireless switch is designed under the metal support feet. In fact, this keyboard supports three connection methods: Bluetooth, wireless, and USB. What a delayed feeling.

Generally speaking, the appearance is very good, the aluminum alloy body, the workmanship and materials are very solid, with RGB lighting, the atmosphere and feel are very good, the graffiti diary theme color matching is unforgettable, and the details are integrated into the keyboard. The exterior and exterior are in place, the connection is stable, the battery life is long, and it is comfortable and safe to use.

The mouse is the Viper Ultimate Edition from Razer, wireless and wired dual-mode, with charging base, symmetrical design for both hands, 74g lightweight body, optical micro-movement, and of course Thundercloud 3 support and RGB, 8 The buttons are all programmable, and all my needs are met in one book.

Accessories are mainly a braided thick Type-C power cord, a luminous charging base, and of course the mouse itself

This mouse is a truly fully symmetrical design. Not only is it symmetrical from the front, but the distribution of buttons is also completely symmetrical. In addition to the conventional left and right buttons and the scroll wheel, there are two identical function buttons on the left and right.

By default, the functions of the two buttons on each side are forward and backward. Of course, they can be redefined in Razer's Thundercloud 3 software, or edit macros, so as to exert more and more powerful functions

The surface material has a slightly frosted feel, which is not easy to leave fingerprints, and it feels good to the touch. The shape of the mouse is relatively round, whether it is held on the stomach, fingered or grasped, it has a good feel, and the control is very flexible, and it is very convenient for right-handed or left-handed users. The optical micro-movement is sensitive, the sound is crisp, and the feel when clicking is also very good.

The wireless receiver and switch are hidden at the bottom of the mouse, the DPI switch button is next to the switch, and there are indicators of different colors to show the current DPI gear.

The FOCUS+ (PAW3399) sensor in the middle has a sensitivity of up to 20,000DPI, a tracking speed of 650IPS, and an ultra-high accuracy of up to 99.6%, making this mouse very sensitive to use. Also adopted HYPERSPEED technology, the wireless connection is more stable and efficient, and playing games is more handy. At the same time, it has an asymmetrical suspension technology, which is a boon for players who lift the mouse with their arms.

The base has two gold-plated contacts to ensure the charging effect and also make the mouse very stable.

There is a circle of lights around the base, so that the mouse has bright RGB lights no matter whether it is in use or charging, and the combat effectiveness is increased by 100%.

Of course, this mouse can also be connected to Thundercloud 3, which can control lights and buttons, etc., to get a better control experience and lighting effects.

After the unified management of Thundercloud 3, the lighting effect will be more orderly and more comfortable to watch.

This is my current main mobile phone. The photos of other products in this article are all taken with this mobile phone.

OnePlus AcePro has very strong performance. It ranks second in the latest AnTuTu mobile phone performance rankings, and it ranks first in the Snapdragon 8+ platform. In terms of configuration, OnePlus AcePro adopts the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ platform, 16GB of large memory, AnTuTu running score TOP3, Master Lu running first, powerful performance, smooth operation. OnePlus AcePro adopts super-running technology, and the integrated glass back cover feels very good. The semi-curved back panel makes the overall grip feeling excellent. I personally like the design of the camera module. It is not monotonous, but also very recognizable. .

The transition of the OnePlus AcePro frame is very natural and smooth, and there is no feeling of handcuffing at all, and the workmanship is also very good, but it is a pity that there is no OnePlus' unique and practical separate mute button.

OnePlus AcePro is equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate ultra-sensitive flexible straight screen, which has passed the HDR10+ certification. It has the transparency of the flexible screen, has an ultra-narrow bezel and is not easy to accidentally touch, and the 720Hz game touch sampling rate makes the control more excellent and more follow suit. With the latest version of the acclaimed ColorOS12, it is more convenient, faster, and more considerate to use.

OnePlus AcePro is equipped with a flagship X-axis linear motor and super-linear stereo dual speakers, and supports Dolby Atmos. It can listen to the sound to identify the position during the game, and has better interactive effects, with a stronger sense of atmosphere and immersion.

In terms of network, there are 5G top-level super n28, as many as 15 antennas, multi-scenario network optimization, stronger signal, better stability and anti-interference ability, and lower game delay.

The full-link billion-color main camera is equipped with the Sony IMX766 flagship outsole main camera, which supports OIS optical image stabilization. In addition, there is an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 4cm macro lens for more diverse gameplay. The 16-megapixel front camera combined with the ColorOS beauty algorithm can also fully illuminate your beauty.

In terms of gaming experience, OnePlus is one of its strengths. OnePlus AcePro is the official game machine for the 2022 Peace Elite, and it is also the official game machine for the second League of Legends mobile game professional league. The game frame stabilization engine, the large VC heat dissipation area of ​​up to 5177 square millimeters, and the game assistant function brought by ColorOS make the game experience better, the game process more stable, and the interaction and immersion stronger.

4800mAh long-life battery, equipped with a smart charging engine, long-life version 150W super flash charge, fully charged in 18 minutes, durable and fast, bid farewell to battery anxiety.

Overall, the OnePlus Ace Pro mobile phone has a very good experience whether it is for games or daily use, and it is safe and comfortable to use. 98% of Jingdong's praise is indeed good.

It is also very suitable to use a host during the big promotion period. The new generation platform, whether it is Intel or AMD accessories, is not cheap to be honest. I still prefer to choose the 12th generation Intel platform. This white host I assembled myself For your reference.

First of all, the lighting must be in place, after all, RGB+50% combat effectiveness. The lighting of each accessory can be intuitively controlled through ROG's Altron software, and the playability is quite high.

But white host, I personally feel that it looks best with white light.

The silver-white armor of the motherboard has its own light.

The prodigal eye of the ROG water-cooled head is never tired of seeing it.

In terms of configuration, see the table below. If the requirements are high, the graphics card must be upgraded, and the CPU can also be replaced as needed.

First of all, use AIDA64 to conduct a stability test. After half an hour of baking, the temperature control has been good. In the Western Sun Study Room, where the room temperature is 31°C, the temperature can still be suppressed at a little over 50°C. It can be seen that the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine is very good. Yes, the ROG water cooling is also very powerful, and the stability is naturally no problem.

The donut baking machine baked it for more than 2 hours. After I opened the donut, I went to take a nap...

The temperature control is also very good, it has not reached 70°C, and the average is 64°C.

The new version of Entertainment Master has a running score. The processor and memory are running silently. Without overclocking, the running score close to 150w is acceptable. Obviously, the 3050 graphics card is a little bit insufficient compared to this configuration. But I only have this white graphics card at hand, and I plan to wait for the 40-series graphics card.

As a network administrator, I am still used to carrying all kinds of important data with me, so PSSD is almost a must-have item for me. Recently, I am using this ORICO Montage series. It has a cute appearance, fast enough transmission speed, and good heat dissipation effect. Also very good.

The accessories are mainly the PSSD body, and a thick data cable for both USB-A and Type-C.

The exterior design comes from the "Composition of Red, Yellow and Blue" created by the famous Dutch painter Mondrian in 1930. The main color is white, and the three primary colors are matched with thick black lines, which is very eye-catching and not monotonous. The shell is a combination of zinc alloy + ABS, and the baked color of the surface uses high-end IML in the automotive industry, which is more durable and does not fade, and retains the wonderful.

The zinc alloy part with the LOGO on the side feels good and the workmanship is good, and the transition is smooth without cutting hands.

The interface has only one Type-C interface, and the speed of 10Gbps is marked next to it.

The overall body is relatively small and light. I measured it with a kitchen scale and found that the whole weight is only about 82g, and it doesn’t feel like holding it in my hand.

The data cable is a stacked structure that can be easily switched between USB-A and Type-C. It has a rubber lanyard, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. It is very convenient to use. The braided wire is very strong and resistant to folding, and the transmission efficiency is also guaranteed.

I did a simple test on the machine, and I got a brand new PSSD. I have tested it several times on the machine, so it shows that the number of power-on times is 6, and it is only after the test that the temperature is displayed as 47°C.

Use the Type-C interface to connect to the motherboard, and use the CrystalDiskMark software to test. The reading speed exceeds 1000MB/S, and the writing speed is also close to 1000MB/S. The performance can be said to be very powerful.

The results in the relatively conservative AS SSD with relatively conservative speed measurement are only slightly lower, and the reading and writing both exceed 900MB/S. Whether it is directly editing videos in PSSD or watching 4K videos, there is no problem at all. Use it to copy The information is a bit like killing a chicken with a sledgehammer.

In addition, I used AIDA64 for continuous writing test, the reading and writing speed has been relatively stable, and the heat dissipation effect of this PSSD is also very good, the highest temperature is only 48°C under continuous testing, and at this time, touch the case of PSSD by hand There is no feeling of heat at all.

It can be said that this PSSD is both good-looking and easy to use, and its speed and heat dissipation are satisfactory.

The above are some digital items that I think are very good in appearance and functionality. They should also be some of the categories that people will buy more in digital products. They are suitable for starting together during the promotion period. I hope to bring you some help.

Oh, that's all for today's sharing. In the end, it is customary to ask for a wave of support, likes, collections, and rewards!

Fight with your mind, think with your heart, I am a foodie who loves fitness, digital, and action movies-shredding bass, love you!

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