Hands-on with the GK75 keyboard kit: civilian-level price, professional-level experience, allowing customization to get rid of high consumption

Hello everyone, I am your old friend sevokk, very happy to meet you again. As an Internet worker, how can I do without a handy keyboard. In recent years, "customization" has been hot in the peripheral circle, and more and more players want to integrate their own personality and creativity into their keyboards. Just like the difference between a branded computer and a DIY assembly machine, the hands-on experience and sense of accomplishment between the two are completely different levels.

The same is true for keyboards. Players don’t want to be bound by the framework set by the manufacturer. The element of “customization” also makes all kinds of novel and creative products emerge in an endless stream. But many people understand that “customization” is often associated with "High consumption" is linked, so is there a solution that can fully experience the fun of customization and the price is approachable? The small bug kit introduced to you today is the answer. It is suitable for entry-level players who have a low budget but want to experience a customized keyboard.

The GK75 keyboard kit I bought adopts the recently very popular 75% layout. The size of the kit is 326mm×144mm×44mm. In addition to the main keypad, it retains the F keypad, arrow keys and some function keys. Compared with the previous The 87-key classic layout saves 30% of the desktop space and provides more room for mouse control. It is a very popular keyboard arrangement at present.

The double-layer sound-absorbing padding, flicking the Gasket flexible fixed connection structure also greatly improves the quietness and noise reduction and the comfort of the hand. With the powerful driver onboard customization function and rich accessories, the playability is greatly improved, and the appearance of a customized keyboard is redefined.

It is worthy of everyone's attention that the whole series of kits adopt the latest Nordic anti-interference chipset, which makes the wireless delay of the three-mode keyboard extremely low. In order to create a better user experience, the kit also has a built-in 4000mAH high-capacity lithium battery, which completely eliminates battery life anxiety.

The nerdy GK75 keyboard kit uses a black translucent shell with sharp edges and corners, and the surface is combined with a matte texture. When the keyboard is used with this semi-transparent design, the RGB lighting effect layer is more abundant and the light sense is stronger.

The knob on the upper right corner of the keyboard adopts CNC technology and anodic oxidation process, the surface texture is very good, the side is a mesh anti-slip texture, and the damping is moderate. In the default mode, the knob is left for volume -, right for volume +, press to enter mute mode. The GK75 kit can be installed with up to 6 knobs, and each knob supports three modes of pressing and bidirectional rotation. The kit also comes with two dedicated knob shafts, which can be described as the ultimate in functional expansion.

The creative design of the split space module is also provided below, which divides the space bar into three, and changes the key values ​​of other keys in the space through the driver software. After splitting the space, the complex operation of combining keys can be made more convenient, and more customized key operations can be realized to improve the efficiency of use.

There are several silicone pads on the bottom of the keyboard kit, which can increase the friction between the desktop and the keyboard. The wiring port adopts the TYPE-C port which is the most widely used nowadays, and specially designed the left, right and middle three different direction cable management grooves for the wire, even if it is a wired connection, it can also make the desktop look tidy and refreshing.

Two-stage foot support, plus the way of laying flat, there are three keyboard tilt angles for adjustment, which fully meet the needs of different usage habits. Both large and small foot supports are equipped with non-slip foot pads, which ensure the stability of the keyboard while adjusting the angle, and the detailed design is still in place. In addition, although this keyboard is made of all-plastic material, it is full of weight and stable on the desktop.

At the same time, I started with GK5 height PBT, two-color injection molding, deep space blue powder, and does not support light transmission of characters. The overall workmanship of the keycap is fine, and there are no problems such as spouts and burrs. The PTB material is not easy to be stained with fingerprints and oil, has better wear resistance, and is not easy to scratch.

All the keycaps present a downward sloping arc, making it easier for fingers to click from a distance. The keycaps of the middle two rows of buttons are designed shallower, forming a basin. Start to cater to the operation of the thumb.

The shaft pin position is compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin shafts such as G-axis, BOX-axis, TTC and CHERRY MX. When installing the shaft body, pay attention to the bottom of the pin and insert it vertically. When installing, you can shake the shaft body from side to side properly until it is inserted in place.

The switch body and I chose the chocolate V2 rose switch body. Its characteristics are that the paragraphs are straight up and down in advance, and the trigger force is slightly stronger. It can be used for both games and codes. The shaft body is pre-lubricated when it leaves the factory, the shaft core shakes less, and it is closer to the customized mechanical shaft in terms of feel and sound.

The recent discounts are not bad. The total cost of this set is 288 yuan. After the GK75 customized keyboard plus two knobs, it can meet my needs. It is worth mentioning that this time, Xiaobuchong also launched a series to meet more users, covering 61/64/68/84/96/75/98/87/108, from small to large, it can be said that it is among the brands The most complete.

In terms of software, the 5 buttons in the upper right corner can be replaced with knobs, which support custom left-turn, right-turn, and press-to-execute operations. In addition, I also like the design of splitting spaces. I set the key combination of Alt+PrintScreen to make it easier to take screenshots during the game. Of course, you need to explore more in front of the screen for more gameplay. .

In general, as a customized kit of about 200 yuan, the small bug GK75 is indeed very cost-effective, and its functions are very powerful. It allows you to easily build a three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard with a built-in Nordic low-latency anti-jamming chip. Group; support hot-swappable shaft body, you can change different key positions to your favorite shaft body; the split space can set more convenient shortcut key combinations; 6 knob module design adds more gameplay; patented technology Flicking the Gasket flexible fixed connection structure also has a good sound attenuation effect. Overall, the cost-effectiveness of the customized kit at this price is very good, and it is a package worth starting with. Hurry up and get the GK75 keyboard kit to start your customization journey.

Well, this is the end of this sharing. If you have any questions about the above products, please leave me a message in the comment area, and I will answer as soon as possible! Thanks for watching, love you guys. Finally, don't forget to like, bookmark, and follow me, see you next time!

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