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Handsome, cute, cool and cute, Razer x Minions joint suit

The super-hot IP "Minions" of the classic animated film "Despicable Me" series has been popular since the movie was released. It has always been widely welcomed by people of all ages and all over the world with its super cute image. I am no exception. As a double fan of Razer peripherals and Minions, how can I miss the opportunity of Razer Minions co-branded suit?

The joint Razer suits this time are:

Keyboard: Black Widow Spider X Competitive Edition Backlit

Mouse: Baselius X Speed ​​Edition

Mouse Pad: Heavy Beetle V3 Medium

The little yellow people give people the impression of being "Q cute", but this time they are taking the "cute and cool" route, which is a surprise of contrast. However, judging from the plot of the movie, in order to win back their "mini-boss", the minions have overcome many difficulties along the way, acquired a lot of skills, and indeed have a cool competitive spirit. Thinking about it this way, it is really appropriate for the Minion and the little spider specially used for e-sports to be jointly named.

The joint model has a special "big-eyed cute" visual element design in the arrow keys, space bar and upper left corner area. I am used to the "Thunder Green" that Razer has inherited from its ancestors, and then I saw the black + banana yellow color scheme. I think this color contrast design similar to "Black Gold" is still very good.

The axis body of this joint model is only "Razer Double Side Wall Green Switch". After actual experience, this kind of shaft body requires a relatively high trigger pressure, has a clear sense of paragraph, and the sound of the keys is relatively crisp. The advantage of the segmented switch body is that it is not easy to accidentally touch and has excellent press feedback. The disadvantage is that the sound is really loud, especially when it is output by Zaan, it may be better to use it in the dormitory.

The two-color injection molded ABS keycap can largely avoid oiling, and also takes into account light transmission and durability. Thinking of the G610, which I have used for more than a year and has been oiled very badly, I realized how important a good keycap is after experiencing it.

USB wired connection, double-layer bipolar height adjustment (four sections in total), are the same as the traditional spider.

Compared with the "restraint" used by the keyboard on the joint elements, the top cover of the joint minibus snake is covered with the images of minions, which is very enjoyable. 3D 42*60*130, weight 83g, it is suitable for right-handed mouse.

The top cover of the little yellow man is fixed by magnets, which strikes a pretty good balance between stability and easy disassembly. Open the top cover, there is a storage place for the 2.4GHz USB receiver, and a AA battery.

PAW3369 sensor, the upper limit is indeed relatively low, but it is completely enough for recreational players. The 2.4GHz wireless connection is equipped with HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology, and the claimed battery life is 285 hours. The current high-end wireless technology is quite advanced, and there is no perception of any delay at all. In addition, the Minibus Snake can also switch to Bluetooth mode to further improve battery life at the expense of performance such as delay.

The mouse pad is made of mesh fabric with no edge treatment. It will take time to test how durable it is. However, seeing the oversized minion element complex in the middle, what more bicycles are needed, and it’s over if it looks good!

The detail worth noting is that the images of the minions on the three products are different, and there will be no cheap repetition, which must be praised.

One advantage of using a set of keyboard and mouse is that you can use Razer's driver "Thunder Cloud 3" to perform operations such as button customization, lighting control, performance and power adjustment, and configuration files after automatic detection.

Such a "cute and cool" joint name, of course, must be allocated to girls.

According to the sister, after using it for a period of time, the blemish of this joint suit is actually that the keyboard does not have a small keyboard area. If there is a joint version of the full-key version, it will be a lore-it's a pity that it can't be changed.

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