Happy life, fresh out of the box! Article 33: After two weeks of use, I finally degenerated from the standard fingering to a positive finger! An irreplaceable office artifact, iFLYTEK T8 AI Mechanical Keyboard Experience Points

[Remarks: The text part of this article was completed through the iFLYTEK T8 AI mechanical keyboard, and the voice input was completed, and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. 】

We once said that each keyboard has its own unique skill tree, some are added to lighting effects, and some are added to customized and joint models. But the keyboard I shared with my friends today has a very strange addition, because as a mechanical keyboard, it comes with many AI functions such as voice input. It is the iFLYTEK T8 AI mechanical keyboard.

Judging from the heavy use in the past two weeks, its speech recognition accuracy is very high, and it supports unique recognition in the game field. Therefore, it is very suitable for hacking and PK, even if the technology is not good enough, the little friends who are not willing to lose by their mouths.

Accompanied by its voice accuracy, its input speed is significantly faster than keyboard typing, and it also supports functions such as smart screen capture, smart search and smart recording. It almost satisfies all aspects of office entry, and is an artifact to improve productivity!

It supports the continuous recording of large segments of speech, and can record almost every sentence you speak with a high accuracy rate. Whether it is your daily notes, literary creation, or even sudden writing materials, it is very suitable for you who are full of thoughts!

Different from other mechanical keyboards, the best part of iFLYTEK T8 AI mechanical keyboard is the voice input. It allows us to gather our thoughts into words in the fastest way and display them on the computer screen.

It ensures that our thinking will not be interrupted by wrong input. At the same time, its intelligent recognition rate is very high, and the full text can be completed with only simple corrections, which is very convenient.

After we connect the keyboard, under the Windows system, press and hold the voice button for 5 seconds to open the automatic download page, download and install the voice assistant.

After the voice assistant is successfully installed, when the icon in the taskbar changes from gray to blue, it means that the software is successfully paired with the keyboard. At this time, press the voice key or the round button on the voice folder to realize voice input. Voice input supports 24 dialects such as Mandarin and Cantonese, and 66 foreign languages. That is to say, we don't need a first-class Mandarin, and high-speed voice input can also be achieved.

Especially in noisy environments, we can also reduce noise interference and improve the accuracy of recording by removing the voice clip and pinning it on the collar or holding it in our hands. Among them, its Mandarin recognition rate is 98%.

For some professional fields such as medical care, finance, games, etc., we can further improve the accuracy of the input content by selecting and identifying relevant content in Xunfei Voice Assistant!

In addition, smart screen capture comes with text and table recognition functions, which can extract the content in the screen capture with one click, and output editable text and tables. Especially the table editing function, it is very convenient to use.

Smart recording can directly convert voice into text, not only can record the meeting content in real time, but also share the recorded content audio and text with the participants through links or QR codes!

Its smart search function is equivalent to Apple's Siri or Windows' Cortana, which can recognize voice and search with one key.

Obviously different from other brands of machine keyboards with personalized features, Xunfei T8 AI mechanical keyboard has its own rigorous and elegant style. Its front adopts the words of the golden T8 AI machine keyboard, and above it is the trademark of HKUST Xunfei, and it also has the feature of inputting 400 characters in one minute.

From the back, we can see the general outline of iFLYTEK keyboard, among which its screenshot search and record, intelligent voice button and unique voice folder are all marked in yellow.

One side of the package says a mechanical keyboard that will spray. Seeing this, I couldn't help laughing, I always felt that Xunfei was connoting something, haha!

After removing the envelope and opening the inner package, we can see the body of the iFLYTEK T8 AI mechanical keyboard!

On the top of the keyboard, there is a transparent dust cover, and a brief description is printed on it combined with the key positions, which is convenient for us to refer to in the future.

Below the keyboard is the manual. In the process of unpacking, I would like to remind my friends of a small detail, that is, the key puller and data cable of T8 are hidden in the place indicated by the arrow, so don’t throw them away together with the package!

Well, the unpacking process is over. The above is a family portrait, which are iFLYTEK T8 AI smart keyboard body, manual, key puller and a data cable, as well as the replacement key hidden in the storage box, 2.4G receiver.

The T8 keyboard is a dual-zone 87-key, gray, white and yellow three-color collocation. Its F area has been divided, which is convenient for friends who type codes. In addition to Esc, space, and the scroll wheel, the unique smart keys are also given a bright yellow color.

The feel of the scroll wheel is excellent, sliding up and down can adjust the volume, and pressing can realize the function of mute or unmute.

Below it is the keyboard switch, followed by three lights representing power, caps lock, and voice-on prompts.

Next is the voice folder of T8. There is a golden button on it, which is surrounded by red, green and blue lights. Press it to switch between functions such as translation and voice recording.

The voice clip can be taken out and used alone on the neckline, or it can be used on the keyboard charging position. It uses a magnetic connection charging method with the keyboard.

The back of the keyboard adopts a staggered slash design similar to that on the packaging. The anti-skid pads are distributed at the four corners, and the nameplate of T8 is in the middle. T8 uses a two-stage foot support, which can provide us with three heights and angles to use.

Above it is a storage box, which contains a 2.4G receiver and two Apple-adapted keycaps, which is really considerate!

Viewed from the side, the Xunfei T8 does not provide the exaggerated arc that fits the fingers, but puts a lot of effort into fitting the keycaps to the fingers. It has a wrapping feeling for the fingertips, and the micro-frosted material of the PBT keycap also provides excellent tactile feedback.

This time it is equipped with Jiadalong G-Pro switch, which feels slightly harder than the red switch. Its total stroke is 4.0±0.4mm, action formation is 2.0±0.6mm, and operating force is 50±15gf. (You guys are amazing, you can just say the plus or minus sign directly, and you don’t need to copy and paste the text separately on the web page.)

Its large keys are designed with a satellite shaft, which feels good in the hand. If you like to feel softer, you can choose the red shaft version.

As a productivity tool, HKUST Xunfei T8 supports Bluetooth, 2.4G, and wired connections, and supports seamless switching between 3 devices. In wired mode, it can realize full-key touchless, and in wireless mode, it supports 6-key touchless. No matter what kind of connection, it is very stable and responsive, and there is no delay at all. For most e-sports players, it can also meet the needs.

What needs to be reminded is that its wireless connection 1 button (F10) is not the usual Bluetooth connection, but 2.4G. The other two are Bluetooth adapter keys.

For Mac, Windows and Android systems, iFLYTEK T8 is not only compatible but also can achieve automatic adaptation.

All we need to do is to replace the Mac or Windows keycaps. In addition, HKUST Xunfei T8 can also provide us with a battery life of up to 70 days, and the worry-free power can also allow us to work or fight without distraction!

HKUST Xunfei T8 AI mechanical keyboard has the most functions among the keyboards we have come into contact with so far! It seems to have a lot of superfluous functions, but in actual application, it has an unexpected amazing effect! It has a high accuracy rate of 98% and an input speed of 400 words per minute, which is also very convenient for friends who are climbing the grid. It is no exaggeration to say that it is an office artifact. From another point of view, its proprietary game field recognition can also communicate with friends more freely through voice-to-text conversion! It's worth your while to give it a try!

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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