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Hard-core appearance and high-performance gaming suit——Rapoo Gaming suit


As an old digital gamer, I have been a gamer for many years. I want to be easy to use in both gaming and office work. How can I not have a set of computer peripherals with good looks, high performance, and a strong sense of technology? Especially when playing e-sports, headphones, handles, mice, microphones, and keyboards, it seems that if one of them is uncomfortable, it will affect the state of the entire game, and there is no need to settle for it! Nowadays, good looks + mechanical sense + RGB lights are increasingly becoming the standard equipment for e-sports. Compared with the complete sets of "mediocre" sets on the market, I prefer to choose a set of unique quality sets that belong to me according to my own preferences! Of course, "Rapoo" is my favorite brand!


Rapoo VH650 gaming headset does not seem to be a real gamer when you play e-sports without wearing a headset. The VH650 headset has a 7.1-channel surround sound effect, the software driver is turned on, and it has the surround effect of a home theater. Immersive game experience, creating a more realistic sense of environmental sound layering, listening to the sound to distinguish positions, preemptive strikes on the ever-changing game battlefield, and defeating the enemy.

One-button switch RGB, RGB trendy colors are surging to cool, earmuff ring RGB light strip, microphone, backlight switch light button, light up your exclusive gaming color in the dark, and create an immersive gaming environment.

One-button switch 360° omnidirectional noise reduction microphone, which can be automatically adjusted 360°, effectively suppresses environmental noise, ensures pure, efficient and clear voice communication, and directs the audience.

Metal retractable single-head beam, trendy head-mounted design, reliable and durable. Both sides can be stretched to adjust the length, adapting to different head shapes. The hydrolysis-resistant leather on the top of the head is added with about 2cm thick high-density sponge, which is waterproof, sweat-resistant and breathable, reduces the pressure when wearing, and is as comfortable as ever when worn for a long time.

The over-ear thickened large earmuffs can not only effectively reduce the interference of environmental noise, but also intelligently adjust the size to suit different head sizes. The high-density thickened hydrolysis-resistant leather sponge is soft and delicate to the touch, so you can put it down. Fight with ease.

Rapoo V600 wired game controller adopts 5S-level ergonomic design, triple-core and three-mode compatible with multiple platforms (PC computer, PS3 game console, Android tablet phone, STEAM), but please note that it does not support iPhone and ipad.

Wired game controller, four colors of red, white, blue and black, XB360 handle frame, frosted back, sandblasted mirror surface on the front, full gold-plated double-sided feel, double quality.

USB interface, with anti-static interference magnetic ring, TURBO burst shortcut key, which can quickly switch between semi-automatic and full-automatic bursts and cancel bursts. The three-dimensional wrapped crystal-clear keycaps are tactile and charming.

Rapoo VT960S Gaming Mouse has a super-running design with a hollow alloy screen display, which is stylish and cool. The original 3370 e-sports optical game engine, the e-sports type 500,000-time scale scroll wheel is stylish and dynamic, this cute little one is extremely smooth when pinched and gripped.

Omron 50 million crisp touch micro switches, 9-button programmable onboard storage and cloud storage, battery life of 30 to 125 hours.

Rapoo VS300 Microphone Cardioid pickup pattern, cool RGB lights, 360° rotatable cardan shaft design, cool shape with sharp lines, built-in shock absorber and non-slip foot pads, plug and play without software.

Rapoo V10C Mouse Pad I won’t say much about the mouse pad. It has a high-density textile surface, exquisite seaming, and a large size design, allowing you to swim freely.

Rapoo V700-8A Brown Switch Gaming Keyboard The wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard is still Rapoo’s own mechanical switch, and the color matching of the keyboard is consistent with Rapoo’s style. The brown switch keyboard has a low sound, a slight sense of paragraph, and a soft touch, which is suitable for most people.

Appearance 84-key compact layout, 75% configuration, simple design saves space, and functions are not compromised. Compared with the full-size mechanical keyboard, the 84-key keyboard lacks the exclusive numeric keypad on the right side of the traditional keyboard. I personally feel that unless it is like an accountant that needs to type numbers, this numeric keypad is generally not used much. Instead, because of the 84-key The small-sized keyboard occupies less area on the table and makes the desktop more tidy.

The keyboard can be connected in four ways: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4G and wired.

There are three colors to choose from. The keynote of the Lonely Brave is black, implying that the glamorous brave move forward bravely in the dark, just like the orange in the keyboard is limited to dazzling light; No Man’s Land is based on gray and white, as if the bustling waves are scattered It is as if everything in the desert is quiet and desolate, and there is a solemn crisis hidden in the vast expanse; the mecha purple is based on white and purple, just like the main battlefield in white, it is a mecha with full combat effectiveness, the purple original power breaks free from the shackles around, purple The god of war enters the scene.

Personally, I prefer the Lonely Warrior color scheme, which is calm and stable. Of course this is a matter of personal preference.


This whole set of peripherals is simply the gospel of e-sports players!

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