Hard to resist the temptation, the popular mechanical keyboard brand on YouTube: Keychron K10 Pro experience

Everyone roar, the jellyfish meets you again.

When it comes to mass-produced customized keyboard brands in the past two years, then this brand-Keychron is definitely indispensable. This mechanical keyboard internet celebrity brand became popular because it was used and recommended by countless digital technology bloggers on Youtube. The biggest selling point of KeyChron is that it is compatible with both Win and Mac. In the Mac layout, it has the same functions as the MacOS media keys of the traditional Mac system. At the same time, the Keychron keyboard is 100% compatible with various operating systems, and can be perfectly applied to MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

Some time ago, Keychron launched the new K10 Pro mechanical keyboard, which adopts a 108-key layout, which can meet the needs of various scenarios. The price is only less than 500 yuan, which is hard to resist the temptation.

In terms of packaging, the Keychron K10 Pro adopts an all-black packaging design, with the model number and product line draft printed on the front. The pure black packaging is equipped with laser-effect characters and patterns, and the overall recognition is still very high.

On the back of the package is an introduction to the K10 Pro's selling points, such as full-size configuration, MacOS and Win dual compatibility, QMK/VIA open source system, hot-swappable shafts, etc.

Open the package, in addition to the mechanical keyboard body, it also comes with 4 additional replacement keycaps, a braided data cable, a key puller, a shaft puller, a screwdriver, and one inner hexagon.

At the same time, the orange card in the package is printed with precautions for key shaft insertion and removal.

Take out the keyboard, the keyboard is really full of weight, the weight has reached 1.27KG, which is not inferior to the materials used in many thousand yuan keyboards. In fact, jellyfish has bought a lot of mechanical keyboards in the past two years, but not many are 100% equipped. Keychron K10 Pro has a 108-key full keyboard layout, all keys have no punching, supports QMK and VIA open source key changes, and has full customization attributes. Full. Equipped with Win and MacOS keycaps, and compatible with 3 devices at the same time, you can quickly switch through Fn + 1/2/3.

In fact, the 100% equipped keyboard does not need to be introduced, it can meet all usage scenarios, whether it is daily office input or playing games, it is perfect.

Does the pattern on the four customizable keys above the numeric keypad look familiar? That's right, it's a tribute to the button icons on the gamepad.

The back of the keyboard provides two-stage support feet for adjustment, and we can adjust 3 heights according to our usage habits. In terms of battery, it is equipped with a 4000 mAh built-in lithium battery, which can support wireless use for up to 3-5 weeks.

The function buttons and the charging interface are placed on the left front. The function buttons can be used to switch between Mac/Win systems, and the other button is for mode selection. You can choose wired connection or Bluetooth mode according to your needs. This keyboard is not equipped with a 2.4G receiver, so you need to use a wired connection or purchase a Bluetooth receiver for desktop hosts without a Bluetooth module.

The Keychron K10 Pro mechanical keyboard adopts the shape of the ball cap with the height of OSA. It not only has the beautiful appearance and feel of the SA ball cap, but also has the height of the traditional OEM. Viewed from the side, the curved surface of the keypad is very perfect.

The key cap adopts two-color injection molded PBT key cap, which does not support character transmission. The overall workmanship of the keycap is fine, and there are no problems such as spouts and burrs. The PBT content is greater than 40%, it is not easy to be stained with fingerprints and oil, it has better performance in wear resistance, and it is not easy to scratch.

The replaceable shaft design makes the Keychron K10 Pro mechanical keyboard more playable, allowing users to purchase their favorite shafts for replacement.

This keyboard also uses Keychron's own K Pro switches, including brown switches, red switches, and green switches, which support hot-swappable switches. Each part can be assembled by itself, which has high playability. Jellyfish chooses the K Pro red axis, which is a linear axis with operating force: 45±10gf, conduction stroke: 2.0±0.4mm, and total stroke: 4.0±0.4mm.

The Keychron K10 Pro mechanical keyboard has two versions of white light and RGB. The white light has 14 kinds of lighting effects, and the RGB has 22 kinds of colored lighting effects. of.

In wired mode, it supports enabling VIA key change, which can be memorized by unplugging the cable; at the same time, Keychron K10 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection, which can memorize multiple devices and switch through the FN combination key. Compatible with Win/Mac dual systems, the F area is preset with combined function shortcut keys, all marked, easy to use.

Keychron K10 Pro supports QMK/VIA key change, lighting setting, no need to download and install drivers, and it can be operated online, with high operability.

What is it like to have a favorite mechanical keyboard? Probably when I go to work and code, I feel better. Solid workmanship, excellent appearance design, programmable buttons, self-developed K Pro shaft body, RGB lighting effects, BPT keycaps and other configurations can be realized at a price of less than 500 yuan. Keychron K10 Pro is indeed a Incredible product!

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