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Hardcore Desktop Chronicles Chapter 220: A must for a table! Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard, let the desktop style change as you like!

As a PC player, everyone hopes to have a powerful keyboard. In the past, when we had to choose a keyboard, we usually went to online stores or offline physical stores to try it out and choose the appearance and key feel that suit our preferences. With the popularity of customized keyboards, more and more players are beginning to customize their favorite keyboards. There are a variety of fuselages, switches, and keycaps to choose from. Let us not only reduce the difficulty of customizing keyboards, but also Can get the fun of DIY.

Among many customized keyboard brands, I recommend Lofree, especially its classic Lofree mechanical keyboard, which is a customized keyboard that can be completely DIY. I like to choose the fuselage, shaft body, and keycaps, so let's take a look at this keyboard with the author today!

Since it is completely customized, the fuselage, switch body, and keycaps are of course packaged separately. The fuselage I chose is a cement gray color base with 68 columns, and it is relatively small in size. While reducing the size, it retains the direction keys and four function keys. Thanks to the optimized function keys, it effectively saves desktop space while ensuring practicality. In terms of text entry and gaming experience, it will be more comfortable than a full-size keyboard.

For the shaft part, the author chose Jiadalong G Yellow Pro, which can be called a star shaft body. This shaft body has its own lubrication effect. The trigger pressure of the key shaft is about 50 grams, the trigger stroke is 2 mm, and the design life is 60 million times. , the sound is crisp when you hit the button. And it comes pre-installed.

The large keys, the space bar and other keys are all designed with satellite shafts. They have been lubricated and tuned before leaving the factory. Most of the large keys have a well-tuned feel, and the sound is much gentler than that of the small keys. The feel is excellent and the feedback is clean and crisp.

The origin of the name Lofree is precisely because the overall keyboard is slightly tilted by 9 degrees, which just lifts the keyboard to the most comfortable position for typing. It is very ergonomically designed and is really helpful for friends who need to use the keyboard for a long time. s help.

For the keycap part, the author chose the graffiti-style street element keycap. The material used on the keycap is first-class. It is made of PBT sublimation material, which is not easy to oil and the characters are not easy to wear after long-term use, and it feels very delicate.

After installing the keycaps, the first impression of this keyboard is that it is stylish and exquisite. The gray keyboard body is matched with Lofree's original theme color keycaps, which is very attractive. Indeed, appearance is the best weapon to capture players' attention!

Lofree supports three-mode connection, and the switch is located on the right side of the fuselage, which can be switched between wired, Bluetooth and wireless 2.4G. Taking into account office, game and other usage scenarios.

The keyboard cable adopts the Type-C key line separation design. Considering the convenience of routing, the Type-C connection socket is placed at the top right position, which is beside the three-mode switch. In addition, its connection socket is built-in, so that it will not be torn off or loosened when it touches the line.

When using wirelessly, we only need to install the battery and adapter. It can be said that it not only takes into account home use, but also can be easily carried out.

Among the mass-produced 68 series mechanical keyboards, the configuration and quality control of Lofree are quite balanced, the options are also very rich, and the price is very affordable. A few hundred yuan can allow you to have a completely customized set I think it's worth it for the modernized high-value mechanical keyboard! For players who like small configurations and wireless keyboards, this small keyboard from Lofree is worth a try!

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