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Hardcore Desktop Chronicles Chapter 254: Authentic Cherry, Cherry Peripheral Family Bucket Experience!

▶ Preface

2022 is coming to an end in a blink of an eye. Are you like me, thinking of building a computer desktop that suits you? Whether it is work or life, it is of course very comfortable to have a simple and comfortable office environment. Facing so many products on the market and don't know where to start? Today I would like to share with you a set of Cherry peripherals that I bought recently. I think Cherry, as an old German brand, is quite perfect in terms of craftsmanship and product functions. This is also one of the main reasons why I bought Cherry peripherals. .

The Cherry peripherals purchased this time include Cherry MX2.0S three-mode mechanical keyboard, Cherry MC1.1 plus mouse, Cherry Dongshengchenlong oversized mouse pad and Cherry HC2.2 earphones. The following is a desktop show, you can simply take a look .

▶ Cherry MX2.0S three-mode mechanical keyboard

At present, full-size and TKL are the most mainstream configurations in the market. My Cherry MX2.0S three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts a full-size layout. There are 109 keys in total. The American keyboard configuration provides a complete input The keypad, direction zone, and function keys ensure the overall practicability in terms of text entry experience. The white color scheme of the keyboard body is also very good-looking, and it reflects the Cherry brand image everywhere. For players who want to build a white desktop environment, the appearance of this keyboard is really good.

The Cherry MX2.0S keyboard has a "Cherry" key next to Esc, which can be set to quickly open Cherry's exclusive control software, which is convenient for players to quickly perform various settings on the keyboard.

In order to meet the needs of different users, Cherry MX2.0S supports 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.2 and wired connections respectively. First of all, in terms of wireless, through the USB receiver that comes with the keyboard, it can be compatible with most PC, Mac, iOS, Android and other devices. For the connected device without USB interface, it can also be connected via Bluetooth. Cherry MX2.0S can switch between 3 different devices and is also compatible with multiple operating systems.

It is worth mentioning that the Cherry MX2.0S keyboard has a stable wireless connection in daily use, thanks to Cherry's self-developed wireless technology, and has a speed response of less than 1ms.

The keyboard power switch is located on the left side of the top of the keyboard, using a unique concave design, which is quite reasonable in terms of operating habits.

The Cherry MX2.0S keyboard has quite a lot of combination key functions, and shortcut combination key icons are also engraved on the keycaps, which is convenient for users to use. For example, the multi-mode switch button on the right has engraved icons on the keycaps, and the status indicator light on the side also has the uppercase and lowercase indicators of the previous keyboard, Scrlk indicator lights...replaced with wireless, Bluetooth, and battery indicators. Of course, the traditional uppercase and lowercase indicators and Scrlk indicator lights have also been replaced with button lights.

The Cherry MX2.0S keyboard adopts Cherry’s classic MX red switches. In addition, this model also provides MX green/tea/black switches for users to choose. Different switches also have different feel. For example, the author’s red switches have Straight up and down feel, 2±0.6mm trigger stroke, moderate trigger pressure, more suitable for games and office use. In addition, the keycap is made of PBT material with two-color injection molding process, OEM height, while improving the overall aesthetics of the keyboard, the characters are also clearer and wear-resistant.

▶ Cherry MC1.1 plus mouse

Cherry MC1.1 plus is also a mouse that is deeply loved by players. It is available in black and white. Now that you have bought a white Cherry keyboard, you must buy a white Cherry mouse! The whole mouse has a complete set of 16.8 million color RGB lighting effects, 6 buttons (5 of which are programmable), and has an excellent hand feel. It can help players move the mouse quickly and accurately, so as to obtain a better gaming experience.

The mouse adopts a right-handed symmetrical layout, and with the ergonomic body, it also allows players to use it more flexibly and lightly. The scroll wheel is also illuminated, and below it is a DPI switch button.

The whole body of the mouse is made of fine-grained and fine-grained plastic with uniform particles and fine frosting. The texture of the frosting is relatively delicate, and the left and right side skirts have been treated with anti-slip patterns. The anti-slip effect is still possible. I still like this feel.

In addition to the mouse, I also like the smooth foot of the mouse, which is more than 100% Teflon. The low-friction PTFE foot is easy to operate and saves effort, making the mouse respond more quickly. Of course, the soul of the mouse is still the sensor. Cherry MC1.1 plus uses the PMW3327 sensor, the highest DPI is 6200DPI, such a high resolution is enough for games. Get smooth and responsive tracking when aiming at targets in games.

▶ Cherry Dongshengchenlong Extra Large Mouse Pad

This time I chose Cherry's Dongshengchenlong mouse pad series. I started with a large mouse pad with a fine surface of 900X400X4mm size, which fits our general keyboard + mouse placement space. In addition to the 900X400mmX4mm size of this one in hand, Cherry’s Dongshengchenlong mouse pad series also has a regular size of 480X400X4mm, and there are two options in color and black and white.

The Cherry Dongshengchenlong mouse pad is made of fabric (front) + natural rubber (back), and has an anti-sweat coating, which is not easy to be contaminated with dust. If it is really accidentally stained, it is easy to wipe. In addition, the mouse pad has also been wrapped.

The patterns of Cherry and dragon head are quite eye-catching and cool.

▶ Cherry HC2.2 Headphones

Finally, let's talk about earphones, Cherry HC2.2 earphones, which are also available in black and white. In appearance, it has a simple and neat appearance, but it contains a unique acoustic structure in the seemingly simple earmuffs. The earphone has a built-in high-fidelity 50mm drive unit, USB sound card, 7.1 virtual surround sound, RGB lighting system and high-quality Anti-noise microphone, which can adapt to the needs of listening and gaming in different scenes.

Cherry logo on the top of the earphones.

The design of the head beam is retractable, and the two sides can be adjusted according to the shape of your head. The adjustable head beam is matched with a silicone air cushion, which is quite comfortable to wear. The size of the head beam has a sufficient force-bearing area, which greatly reduces the clamping feeling of the headset. And because Cherry HC2.2 supports folding function, this means that its portability is also excellent.

The most obvious thing about the Cherry HC2.2 headset is its RGB lighting module, which adopts a design language similar to that of a supercar LCD dashboard, and can customize RGB lighting effects, highlighting the design theme of e-sports.

The physical buttons and interfaces are distributed on the left earmuff. Cherry HC2.2 provides volume plus and minus keys, power on and off keys, and a separate microphone mute key. The function keys are arranged in an orderly manner, and the blind operation is convenient and smooth.

As a gaming headset, a microphone is naturally essential. It is equipped with a detachable microphone, and supports high-quality noise reduction, and the game is connected to the microphone and the voice call is clearer.

As a head-mounted design, Cherry HC2.2 headphones are equipped with a 50mm unit, providing a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz. These configurations are also high-end on the current mainstream wireless headphones, and it also incorporates a USB sound card and 7.1 virtual surround sound effects, enhanced low-frequency footsteps, optimized high-frequency gunshots and other game sound effects, to help you easily listen to the sound.

▶ summary

After experiencing it for a period of time, I think the four peripheral products of Cherry give me a good experience, and the price is quite affordable, suitable for students, office workers, or those who want to build a white desktop environment and pursue brand belief and Users who are practical users of the product, if you also have this need, you may wish to consider starting!

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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