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Hardcore Desktop Chronicles Chapter 260: Excellent cost performance, rich playability! Skyloong GK75 Wireless Tri-mode LiteGasket Mechanical Keyboard Review!

Today's mechanical keyboards have become more and more popular, and the exquisite appearance has attracted many consumers. In addition, more personalized, textured and even customizable designs have become a new demand for everyone to buy keyboards. It can be said that different brands and different axes of mechanical keyboards have different experiences. Today I will introduce to you that Skyloong has newly launched a new GK75 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard. The new version has deep space The two colors of blue powder and industrial titanium gray, in addition to adopting its own LiteGasket structure scheme, also provide more advanced gameplay. Then take everyone to have a deeper understanding of this keyboard!

The packaging of the product has a very minimalist visual impression. The front of the silver box is sealed with a line drawing of the keyboard, and the prominent Skyloong Logo and its model are marked on the box. The sticker on the back of the package details the product specifications.

There are a lot of accessories, including the keyboard body, plastic dust cover, manual, promotional card, two bags of supplementary keycaps of different colors, key puller, USB Type-C braided cable, gold-plated space replacement panel, knob kit and for Screws to adjust the feel, silicone cushions, from these accessories, we can easily see the rich playability of this keyboard.

Skyloong's new GK75 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts the classic 75 layout, with hot-swappable dual knobs. The first impression of its appearance is that it is exquisite. The black upper and lower shells are matched with the deep space blue pink keycaps. It is low-key and elegant, and it looks very attractive. Indeed, appearance is the best weapon to capture players' attention!

The details of the appearance of the keyboard are also handled in place. The body shell is made of black material, and the interior strengthens the overall strength. There is a slight transition on the four corner borders, so there will be no clapping. The surface of the fuselage is treated with a slightly frosted surface layer, which feels dry and mild to the touch, and the performance is still very good.

Skyloong GK75 is 75% of Lite Gasket's flick structure with a compact layout, shortened key distance, and relatively small size. While reducing the size, it retains the arrow keys and three function keys. Thanks to the optimized function keys, it effectively saves desktop space while ensuring practicality. In terms of text entry and gaming experience, it will be more comfortable than a full-size keyboard.

Skyloong GK75 is a three-mode keyboard that supports Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and wired, and can adapt to multiple devices at the same time. Based on the mixed office mode of modern urbanites, it is necessary to use Windows, macOS, and iPadOS in a mixed manner. GK75 can seamlessly switch between these devices. Moreover, it can be used not only at home, but also when going out with a laptop or tablet.

In addition to being used on the Win platform, it is also very suitable for use with a Mac. The keyboard can be adapted to the key positions, and it can also realize functions such as screen brightness, multimedia function adjustment, desktop display, and one-key calling Siri under the Mac platform. Really achieve multi-platform mixed use.

The "Tornado Switch" module provided by the accessory can replace the knob and the shaft body, and set corresponding functions for them in the driver program. Overall, this improves the convenience and playability of the keyboard. For example, replace it with double knobs, or move the right knob to the left; the space module can be replaced with 3 separate keys, etc.

Looking from the side of the keyboard, it can be found that the Skyloong GK75 has a slightly tilted design when the stand is not erected. The height of the keycaps in different positions is different, and daily use can bring players a more comfortable use angle and avoid extra pressure on the hands and wrists. The three-section tripod at the bottom of the keyboard is also suitable for the needs of different players.

The three-mode switching button is located at the bottom of the keyboard, and the switches are very convenient. The connection line of the keyboard adopts the Type-C key line separation design, and the top is designed with a three-way outlet, which is convenient for users to arrange the direction of the line according to the personal desktop layout. Considering the convenience of wiring, the Type-C connection socket is built-in, so that it will not be torn off or loosened when it touches the line. At the same time, four rectangular anti-skid pads are provided on the back of the keyboard, which can make the keyboard stable on the desktop and prevent the keyboard from moving when typing quickly.

The switch used by the Skyloong GK75 keyboard is the glacier switch, and the optional switch types are quite rich, including glacier red/tea/silver/white/yellow/rose switch, and glacier mute red/mute tea/silver which focus on mute /Silent white/Silent yellow/Silent rose shaft body. The author’s model is the Glacier Silver Switch, which adopts a linear feel scheme, with a total stroke of 3.80mm, a trigger stroke of 1.00-1.50mm, and a trigger force of 48~52GF. Touch pressure is light and feels slightly lighter in the hand. You can clearly feel the strength of the spring when you press it obliquely, which is relatively refreshing, and it can take into account the game and daily use scenarios well. In addition, the large keys of the keyboard are all designed with satellite shafts. They have been lubricated and tuned before leaving the factory. The feel is well adjusted, and the sound will be much gentler than the small keys. The feel is excellent and the feedback is clean and crisp.

除了键帽的更换,Skyloong GK75还支持轴体的更换,它兼容三脚轴、五脚轴等主流的MX轴体。配合拔键器&拔轴器能够轻松完成拔轴,操作简单便捷,非常适合喜欢折腾的DIY玩家。

The material used on the keycaps is first-class. The keycaps of the Skyloong GK75 keyboard are GK5 ball caps with PBT two-color injection molding process. Because it is PBT, it is not easy to oil up after long-term use, and the hand feels very delicate. And there are quite a lot of supplementary keycaps provided in the accessories, which is rich in playability.

The keyboard has 16.8 million RGB lighting effects for all keys, and has added a variety of built-in lighting effects (multiple lighting effects can be replaced by using FN combination keys or matching drivers). After connecting the device, the lights are very dazzling, and the atmosphere of e-sports is overwhelming.

In addition to the rich playability of the keyboard itself, Skyloong's driver playability is also rich. The software provides related setting items such as buttons, macro buttons, and lighting effects. First of all, in terms of button settings, it provides button functions and 5 logical layer setting options. The macro button is preset with a variety of game button solutions. If it is not enough, you can also record macros yourself.

About 163 lighting effect modes are preset in the lighting library, which is very rare in the drivers of other brands of keyboards. The rich preset lighting effects can provide our keyboard with more pleasing lighting effects.

Because the Skyloong GK75 keyboard supports Bluetooth wireless use, it also integrates a 4000mAh battery inside. It is equipped with an 8-chip system-level motherboard + Nordic low-latency 3-mode chipset. When the 2.4G mode is not turned on, it can provide Up to about 180 hours of battery life. Of course, according to the different usage of each person, the power consumption is also different. At the same time, the rich combination of keys and the mixed use of dual systems (Win/Mac) also enrich its usage scenarios.

The Skyloong GK75 wireless three-mode LiteGasket mechanical keyboard supports full-key without punching. We can output multiple keys at the same time, and there will be no problem of key conflicts. Through the actual measurement of the Keyboard Test Utility software, there are no keys that are actually pressed but not sent.

The overall experience of the Skyloong GK75 keyboard is quite brilliant. From the design, portability, three-mode switching, hot-swapping and other features, to the actual experience, it is difficult for me to pick out any faults. At the same time, Skyloong GK75 Perfectly adapted to platforms such as windows and Mac, it is such a comfortable keyboard that gives us a better choice. And the conscientious price, rich accessories, can be said to be very cost-effective, players who like it can go for it!

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