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Hardcore Desktop Items Chapter 226: The Sweet Encounter of Morandi Color Matching and True Red Switches, Amilo VXH67 Mechanical Keyboard Review!

A series of peripheral products launched by Varmilo are quite good in terms of product appearance and function, especially the mechanical keyboard. famous! The new keyboard launched by Amilo this time can be said to be quite special in style. It is Amilo’s first 65% compact 67-key keypad minilo (minilo).

The Amilor Minilo series adopts the light and familiar Morandi color that has been popular in recent years, supplemented by an exquisite appearance. Just looking at the appearance of the product makes people look forward to it. In terms of configuration, Amilo Minilo first launched two models for players to choose from, including VXB67 and VXH67. The former is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and wired dual-mode, and is equipped with Amilo static capacitor V2 axis. It does not support hot swapping and is suitable for Players who have dual-mode needs and pursue the feel but do not want to toss in the later stage do not need to perform secondary adjustments or change the shaft; the latter is a wired hot-swappable version, which is equipped with the Zhen series BOX jointly launched by Amilo and Kailh. The mechanical switch body is suitable for players who pursue the feel of the switch body and want to customize DIY in the later stage. This is also the greatest joy of playing the keyboard.

I believe that many players like small keyboards, so today I will bring you the mini Luoqiyi VXH67 wired hot-swappable mechanical keyboard for unboxing experience, let’s see how it looks!

The packaging of the Amilo Minilo keyboard is very simple. The front of the white box is sealed with Varmilo and Minilo logos, but the appearance of the product is not displayed on the box.

There are a lot of accessories, including USB Type-C keyboard cable, steel wire cap puller, shaft puller, transparent dust cover, manual and certificate of conformity, etc. Basically, there are all the accessories that you should have, and it is very affordable!

This time, Amilo also thoughtfully included 4 supplementary keycaps, which have a good texture. Let the keycaps be more coordinated and unique in color matching, and it is good to replace them if you are tired of looking at them.

As a new member of Amilor, the appearance of Amilor Minilo VXH67 can be described as gorgeous and colorful. It is complemented by the popular light and familiar Morandi color with exquisite appearance, which is eye-catching. The keycaps are designed in contrasting colors of white, green, and blue, which is very eye-catching. The exquisite aesthetics brought by Amilor Minilo is very in line with the aesthetic preferences of users.

The Amilo Mini is a 67-key compact layout with 65% small keyboard arrangement, the distance between the keys is shortened, and the size is relatively small. While reducing the size, the arrow keys and four function keys are retained, and the function icons and text are engraved on the side of the keycaps. Thanks to the optimized function keys, it can effectively save desktop space under the premise of ensuring practicality. In terms of text entry and gaming experience, it will be more comfortable than a full-size keyboard.

Looking from the side of the keyboard, it can be found that the Amilo Minilo has a slightly tilted design when the tripod is not erected. The height of the keycaps is different in different positions. The height of the original factory is adopted, so you will not be tired after typing for a long time, the hand feels lighter, and the keyboard will appear lighter.

The Amilor Mini uses a cable separation design, the cable material is flexible and soft, and it is equipped with a cable tie for easy storage and management. The top center of the keyboard is equipped with a USB Type-C interface for wired use by users. The connection socket is built-in, and the advantage of this design is that even if the wire is accidentally touched, it will not be torn off or loosened at once.

In addition to the Type-C cable provided by Amilo itself, the actual test can also use the aviation plug-in cable, which is very good.

The back of the Amilo Minilo keyboard is equipped with a two-stage foot support, which is more flexible in use. Four rectangular anti-slip pads can make the keyboard stable on the desktop, so that the keyboard will not move when typing text quickly.

In the use of the keyboard, in fact, it is always inseparable from the players' pursuit of the feel. Different key switches can give players different experience. The author chooses the Zhenhong switch jointly launched by Amilo and Kaihua. This is a linear switch with a comprehensive feel similar to the traditional red switch. The Zhenhong switch adopts the POM shaft seat, which optimizes the sound of percussion. Its trigger pressure is 45gf, the total stroke is 3.6mm, and it has a 20mm longer spring with strong rebound. Each shaft is slightly moistened at the factory, and the spring sound is measured, and the pressing is smooth and smooth. It is very suitable for gamers and text workers who type for a long time.

The force transmission process of the satellite shaft used by Amilor Mini is more direct, with high stability and less sliding friction. The satellite shaft and its dragon boat dragon bean are manually lubricated before leaving the factory, and the feel is crisp and neat.

A sound-absorbing cotton is also added between the positioning board and the PCB, which can reduce the cavity sound generated during tapping, and can also filter out the noise generated during tapping. With the thick side wall of the keycap, it also allows the Amilo keyboard to When knocking, the sound is more pleasing to the ear, which can bring players a double enjoyment of touch and hearing.

The keycaps of the Amilo Minilo keyboard are made of ABS material with the original height and two-color molding process. The design is 1.5mm thicker and the characters are clear. Although it is made of ABS, its workmanship details are not inferior to PBT at all. After all, its workmanship standard is the same as the two-color keycap of the well-known brand GMK. In the actual use of the author, it can be clearly felt that its touch and anti-slip properties are good.

After the Amilo mini keyboard is connected to the wire, the white lighting effect is instantly lit, and the lighting effect is very dazzling. There are also a variety of white lighting effects, creating a beautiful atmosphere for keyboard operation. In addition, 2 indicators are also provided beside the arrow keys, which will also light up when switching between uppercase and lowercase.

Although Amilo officially does not indicate on the product page whether it supports full-key rollover, but the author has measured through the Keyboard Test Utility software that there is no key that was actually pressed but was not sent, so it can be seen that it does support full-key rollover Yes, it's great for text input and gaming.

The Amilo Minilo VXH67 mechanical keyboard has both texture and visual effects, the appearance is quite simple, and the overall is very stylish. The keyboard switch body adopts the BOX mechanical switch body jointly launched by Amilo and Kaihua, which feels good in the hand, and is quite suitable for gaming or typing. Although the keyboard has a 65% compact structure, most of the functions can be used in the form of combination keys. In fact, it is not as difficult as you imagine! The keyboard has its own white light, which is also very atmospheric when used at night. After comprehensive use, it does meet the player's expectations for a 67-key mechanical keyboard, and the price of 669 is relatively affordable, so it is worth buying!

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