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Hardcore Desktop Items Chapter 261: ROG Ranger RX PBT Edition Mechanical Keyboard, RX Optical Axis + PBT, leading the battlefield weapon!

In the peripheral circle, ROG is definitely a brand that cannot be ignored. Its mechanical keyboard products have also become mainstream styles in the market and are deeply loved by players! This time ROG has brought self-developed optical red switches and PBT keycaps to the Ranger RX keyboard series. I believe this is what many players have been looking forward to for a long time. So how is the experience of this keyboard, and I will slowly reveal it with my steps!

The overall structure of the ROG Ranger RX PBT Edition is basically the same as the Ranger RX series, using a standard full-size design. The keyboard panel is made of aluminum alloy frame, which looks very textured and high-grade, not only full of weight, but also durable. The keyboard uses ROG's self-developed optical mechanical switch (red switch), equipped with PBT keycaps with two-color injection molding process, which brings excellent anti-slip and wear-resistant performance.

The two sides of the top of the aluminum alloy metal panel are treated with small rounded corners, and there is no obvious feel. There are extended corners on both sides of the bottom. The advantage of this is that there is no need to worry about bumping your hands in daily use, which is quite intimate. Furthermore, the ROG Ranger RX PBT version has IP57 dustproof and waterproof performance, making it not afraid of daily splashes and dust, but also more convenient for cleaning.

The Ctrl key on the lower left of the keyboard has been doubled, allowing players who love FPS shooting games to have a larger Ctrl key area.

The ROG Ranger RX PBT Edition is equipped with a dedicated multimedia control key, which can be quickly switched through the Fn+Ins combination key. In addition, the F12 key is a key with one-key hiding and one-key mute functions, which is equivalent to the BOSS key. When we need to press it, we can quickly hide all applications and adjust them to a mute state, effectively protecting the user's privacy.

The printing on the front of the keycap is the default function of the key, and the printing on the side is the function of the Fn combination key. For example, Fn+123456 is to switch the configuration file and have functions such as locking the Win key. The main functions of the Fn combination key are as follows.

Fn+123456=Switch configuration file

Fn+F5/F6/F7/F8=Multimedia playback pause

Fn+F9/F10/F11=Volume Control

Fn+F12=BOSS key, automatically mute and display the desktop

Fn+Ins=Fn combination lock

Fn+↑↓=Brightness addition and subtraction

Fn+←→=RGB mode switching

Fn+Esc=Reset keyboard

Fn+Win=Win lock

In the upper right corner of the keyboard is ROG's iconic big-eye LOGO light, which can be synchronized with the RGB light effect on the key.

The words "Republic of Gamers" are printed on the lower left corner of the keyboard cover and on the side of the space bar, which strengthens the product image.

The keyboard provides 2 USB cables, which are the same as the general high-end keyboards, one is used for the power supply of the RGB lights; the other is used for the power supply of the main body of the keyboard.

An additional USB 2.0 port is provided on the top of the keyboard, which can be used to connect a mouse or other storage devices. The benefit is naturally that it can reduce the clutter of desktop cables.

The design of the keyboard background is quite eye-catching, and the design of slashes and big eyes is very characteristic of ROG. The one-piece foot support provides players with different needs for use; there are anti-skid pads on all four sides of the keyboard, and when the keyboard is placed on the table, it can ensure the stability of its operation.

The ROG Ranger RX PBT version is equipped with ROG's self-developed RX optical axis (red axis). In addition to reducing the wear and tear of internal components due to the relationship between optical triggering and thus increasing the pressing life to hundreds of millions of times, it also provides a faster 1ms response time. The keystroke is 4mm, and the trigger keystroke is only 1.5mm. It has an initial force of 40g to prevent accidental triggering, and a driving resistance of 55g to provide a good sense of feedback. The ROG RX red switch and the Cherry MX red switch are the same, and both use a linear switch feel. The percussion works well.

The unique crater structure of the ROG RX red switch allows the RGB light guide to guide light from the circuit board to the surface of the keycap, and even the printing on the side can also have good backlight uniformity. The RGB light guide column design in the middle can also be seen by pressing the shaft core.

It is equipped with a set of PBT keycaps with PBT two-color injection molding process, closed design, and supports light transmission of characters. The overall workmanship of the keycap is fine, and the arc is smooth and natural, which can bring a better wrapping feeling to the user's fingertips, and improve the confirmation and comfort when tapping. In terms of details, compared with some PBT material keycaps on the market, the ROG Ranger RX PBT version of the keycap has a heavier surface graininess, and the matte-like tactile experience is particularly obvious, and the friction between the keycap and the fingertips is relatively large.

The ROG Ranger RX PBT version has a variety of built-in RGB lighting effect modes, which can be used with FN combination buttons or Armory Crate software to realize lighting effect on/off, lighting effect switching, brightness adjustment and other functions. The lighting adjustment function is still very rich. The unique crater structure of the ROG RX red switch, with the keycaps designed with closed characters, the light scattering is quite uniform, with good visual perception and lighting atmosphere performance, which can meet the requirements of most players for RGB lighting, and can also meet the requirements of dark colors. Identify the use of the environment.

The Armory Crate software is designed to be simple and intuitive. Users can customize settings for key functions, lighting settings, macro key functions, etc. according to their needs. First of all, in the custom button interface, you can set the required functions for each button, such as button function, mouse function, or start a program, open a web page, multimedia, Windows shortcut, preset input text, etc. There are 9 basic lighting effect modes preset in the lighting library, as well as advanced special effects (can be used with other ROG products for divine light synchronization). In the software, the set options can also be archived as configuration files and mapped to the keys of the keyboard, so that these configuration files can be called at any time.

The ROG Ranger RX PBT Edition mechanical keyboard continues the consistent features of the Ranger series in appearance, low-key and calm. The panel is made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable. The ROG RX red switch has a novel design and a super-linear straight-down and straight-up feel. It can be said to be quite light when you press it to the trigger, and the feedback force gradually increases after the trigger. Let people fall in love with it as soon as they use it. The PBT keycap font is quite clear, providing high-quality feel and durability, and reducing the possibility of oiling. All in all, the ROG Ranger RX PBT mechanical keyboard is a gaming mechanical keyboard with both performance and feel, and it is worth choosing for all players!

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