Hardware accumulated over the years Chapter 27: Unstoppable! Carry out customization to the end, Skyloong GK75 kit display

Hello everyone, I am remembering that March 3rd is the Crazy Kit Festival of the Nerf, and every year since this year, March 3rd will be the Brand Day of the Nervous. What does the Brand Day mean? Of course, it’s discounts, discounts, or discounts. Promotional activities are generally the days of giving benefits. It is said that all the matching kits in this Crazy Kit Festival have a unified price, and the price is extremely low. Friends in need can consider starting on demand.

Then why is it a nerd?

First of all, it must be its ultra-high customization attribute. Do you remember the first little idiot I dismantled? That’s right, the one I dismantled into eight pieces. Customization is not just about removing a keycap. Everything, including the shaft body, and even the base can be disassembled. Of course, most of the time, the user needs to dismantle the shaft body and it is over.

But there are also some users who prefer to customize. What they need is actually a shell, and they don’t need a shaft and a keycap. Are there any related options? For example, something like this?

After all, although the keyboard is not difficult to disassemble, it still takes time to do it. If the manufacturer can only provide a shell, what do you think?

That's right, the little nerd has done a thing that will be customized to the end.

Personally, I suggest that those who don’t have much demand for customization should just buy the regular GK75 honestly. Of course, it’s also quite interesting to buy a set to play with.

This time, the related keycaps and shafts are still matched, which are the keycaps of PBT industrial titanium gray and the shafts of chocolate V2 lemon, which are also additional accessories for small nerds.

Whether it is the keycap and the shaft body, it is completely different from the GK75 I experienced last time, so from the perspective of layout, the two are the same, but the experience is completely different.

Without counting the quantity, in addition to the regular shaft body and two-color keycap, key puller and accessories, a gold split space module is also included.

The nerd has always provided a five-legged shaft body, so you should pay attention to it when purchasing.

Let's take a look at the main body with disk but no key. Things are relatively simple. There are also wires, but I forgot to take them out. The dust cover is also standard, and the copper positioning plate can be seen directly at the main body.

The glittering gold is very beautiful. At first, it will feel like a semi-finished product. After all, it does not have a shaft and a keycap.

You can see the integrated cushion of LED lamp beads and Lite GASKET, including the pad under the shaft, which can also be said to guarantee the feel.

After turning it on, you can see that the LED light is directly on.

It looks like this from the side, and it is no different from the regular GK75.

The same is the three-stage foot support and thick foot pads. The difference is that this is a three-mode keyboard that supports three modes of wired/2.4G/Bluetooth, so there are more corresponding switches and 2.4G receivers.

The receiver is well received and not easy to lose.

Since I have experienced the GK75 once before, and this time the main display is its customized attributes, so we will dismantle it first and then install it.

Open the foot support, remove the two screws and then disassemble.

This way the casing can be removed.

Let's look at the back first, and we can see the black motherboard and the dense components on it.

The overall workmanship is excellent, the solder joints are good, and the solder is uniform. It adopts Weltred WT59F164 main control chip, N52810 Bluetooth 5.0 low-power chip, and adopts Jiadalong hot-swappable base.

The sandwich structure can be seen from the side.

Continue to remove the screws, and the sandwich structure can be separated, which are the main board, the integrated silicone pad, and the positioning plate.

Workmanship has always been the strong point of the little nerd, and it is not much different from the first demolition.

Back to normal, we continue.

The axle body is ready, we start to install.

Make sure that the pins of the shaft body are not skewed, put it on, align it and press it down, it is very convenient, you can also put the shaft body up at one time, and press down one by one, do not press violently, it will damage If the copper pins are used, the loss outweighs the gain.

Pay attention to the position of the bayonet of the balance bar. Don’t install it backwards. I overturned the car once. Generally speaking, unfamiliarity will bring some obstacles. After you get familiar with it, it will be easier. You can see that the space bar is not installed in the above picture, right? Wrong, save the last one.

You can look at the material of the copper sheet, remember to tear off the support foam at the bottom, yes, this is the second car I turned over.

After installing the bracket of the balance bar, just install it back.

You can install a regular shaft, or you can install this knob shaft. Of course, the volume adjustment knob is really useful, and it is also necessary.

The third time the car was turned over here, I forgot to install the silicone cushion, and I found out later that I installed it again.

At this point, the shaft part is installed, and the keycap is ready, let's continue.

The installation of keycaps is relatively simple. The trouble is to find the corresponding keycaps. During this period, you step on the pit many times. Fortunately, the key puller is powerful and the operation is simple and fast.

At this point, the installation is over. The same GK75 has a different taste. Compared with the blue-pink contrast color last time, this time it feels more industrial. Of course, looking good is just as good looking.

Today's customized display is actually only a part. The actual customization is not only to replace the shaft body and keycap, but also needs a wealth of accessories to support its personalized modification. From the structural point of view, the part that can be designed and modified can be It involves the replacement of the positioning board, the split space positioning board, the replacement of the knob module and so on.

For example, in addition to copper, the positioning board can also be made of stainless steel, PC, glass fiber and other materials. Of course, the experience will be different accordingly. It is not the same as the metal bottom plate design of the old keyboard. It will be such a regression. Way.

An independent space bar positioning board is also a good idea.

As for the shaft body, there are really a hundred flowers blooming, as long as it is supported, you can choose it.

For example, Nerf has a large number of customized high-quality shafts to choose from.

And the keycap is not only limited to ESC, you can choose a certain platform logo, you can also choose a stepped ESC key, or you can choose a regular ESC keycap.

Of course, it is also possible to have a small nerd brand logo. Personally, I especially like this kind of maverick feeling.

Not to mention the highly standardized accessories such as keycaps, here again I recommend you to buy PBT keycaps, which are not easy to wear after long-term use, and are much more durable than ABS keycaps.

First of all, don't think that their home is mainly customized when you see the small bugs, and don't pay attention to other basic performances, such as wireless modules, equipped with 4000mAh large-capacity lithium batteries; whether it is wired mode, 2.4G mode, Bluetooth mode, in the The performance of the delay index is close to that of the first-tier manufacturers. The hardware selection uses a low-latency multi-chip three-mode wireless kit, and the Nordic low-latency anti-jamming chipset achieves a very good delay performance. Some platforms have related evaluations. Everyone You can pay attention to it.

Secondly, the optional products of Xiaodu Chong are complete. Except for today’s GK75, it basically covers the whole range from 61 to 108. It is also the most comprehensive coverage among the brands. There is always one that suits you.

The performance of customization is as detailed above, and its multi-layer structure is also worthy of stacking materials. The Lite Gasket integrated cushion has already benefited all its products. Compared with the one that can only replace the keycap of the shaft body, it is obviously more advantageous.

Other things, I have experienced GK75 last time, such as the driver has also been explained in detail, the geek custom driver has a lot of customization options, there are also various macro commands for different games, and it also supports self-modification and custom macro commands , delay time, etc. As for the lighting effect, because it is a non-transparent keycap, the effect is not so obvious, but it is still good.

This GK75 customized kit is also a very cost-effective product.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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