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Has been hanged, but never lost, TTC gold powder shaft V2

My daily work requires a lot of input of text and numbers, and the keyboard is just what I need for my work. A good keyboard is very important to me. It is an essential tool for office work, and it can make my work more efficient and easier. My good friend is obsessed with customized keyboards, and I am very envious and excited to watch, but the customization has not been implemented before, and the cost is high. I am very excited, but I feel that the configuration of the heartbeat is too expensive. The mass-produced Leopold is about 1,000 yuan, which can basically meet my daily office needs. No matter how expensive it is, I feel that it is not worth it.

My good friend forced the Amway gold powder switch and gold red switch to give me, saying that there must be one that I like. I've always used Leopold's silver axes and they've worked fine. However, under the force of my good friend, I tried the customized keyboards of the gold powder switch and the gold red switch at his place, and was moved by the smooth feel and the crisp mahjong sound. Just at this time, many domestic manufacturers end up customizing, and the cost has dropped significantly. You can get a good keyboard for about 500 yuan. So I directly ordered the gold powder switch and gold red switch, as well as the corresponding matching kit.

I looked it up on the Internet, and in the end I bought these two shafts from TTC’s Tmall flagship store. After all, are they officially self-operated? After using it for a while, I feel that the relatively less famous golden red axis is my natural choice! won my heart. However, this does not mean that the gold powder switch V2 will not work! On the contrary, the gold powder switch V2 left a deep impression on me. I didn't know it until I used it. There is not much praise for it on the Internet! I have read a lot of reviews of the switch body. The gold powder switch has been taken out for comparison and comparison in the past two years, but it has never lost. It can be said that it has been popular all the way!

What I have at home is the customized keyboard of the Gold Powder Switch V2, and the keyboard I keep in the office is the Gold Switch! For daily chatting, the gold powder switch V2 is still slippery! When chatting, the fingers are quite light!

TTC gold powder switch V2 is a linear switch with a trigger pressure of 37gf, which is 8gf lighter than the standard red switch. It adopts a long spring structure, which feels soft to a bit fresh and has a strong rebound;! Moreover, it adopts the TTC double-side wall patented dust-proof structure axis, which is more stable, dust-proof, and less shaking. The kit with the Gasket structure has a very crisp and pleasant mahjong sound. The total stroke of this shaft is 4.0mm, and the life span is as high as 100 million times, which is very beautiful!

The version of the gold powder shaft V2, under the premise of keeping the structure and parameters unchanged, adds an anti-oxidation silver-plated coating on the surface of the shaft foot and metal shrapnel to improve the oxidation resistance and durability of the shaft body, making it more comfortable People are satisfied!

Gold powder switch V2 is a mature, recognized, top-level light-pressure linear switch. It feels soft and smooth, and feels good to the touch. If you often type or have input needs, this switch is worth a try!

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