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Headphone holders, mouse pads and keycaps, Rapoo's new products that can dress up the desktop are worth having!

As an office worker and peripheral enthusiast who spends all day typing on the keyboard, the three-piece desktop set of keyboard, mouse, and earphones is indispensable in daily work and entertainment. There are many brands at home and abroad, but when it comes to cost performance, there is always one manufacturer that cannot be avoided, and that is Rapoo. Its products are rich in variety and can also have excellent workmanship quality under the premise of ensuring the civilian line, which is properly high in quality and low in price. So the peripherals I use are basically from Rapoo. The peripherals are used a lot, so it is natural to find a sense of belonging to "home" for them. This way the desktop storage is also tidy. It just so happens that among the new accessories that Rapoo has just launched, there are headphone holders, mouse pads and themed keycaps. The first two functions are not single. In addition to storage and display and smooth operation, it also has a dazzling RGB ambient light and a wireless charging module; the latter is tailor-made for my own V700-8A, which happens to be "in service" now This is the keyboard. So I won one by one, and I have this sharing article, I hope it will be helpful to everyone:

I won’t talk about the unpacking link, let’s introduce the models of each accessory first. According to the order to be shared, they are the gaming headset stand VH10RGB, the RGB mouse pad V10, and the themed keycap KC-8A specially made for the V700-8A. This keycap has two themes, namely Meow Holiday and Sailing Diary, because it is used by the leader of the family, so I bought the former, which is pink and cute.

Let’s take a look at the game stand first. The whole stand is made of light-weight industrial plastic material, so the weight is very light (only 180 grams). Founder's design has sharp edges and corners, and the length of the entire bracket is 284mm, which is in the shape of "I". In terms of appearance alone, it is indeed a bit unpretentious. But what attracts me the most is that the whole pole instantly turns colorful when it is powered on. And it's not just a simple light bar, but can be dynamically presented with the melody of music. This is thanks to the RGB pickup ambient light it uses,

The V10 has a total of 10 rhythmic lighting effects, which can be adjusted in three levels of brightness. We can adjust it through the control panel in front of the stand base.

These two buttons are used to control lighting effect switching and LOGO lighting effect switching respectively, which is very convenient to operate. In the middle of the two keys is the pickup hole. It is worth mentioning that there are as many as 17 lighting effects (including 11 static and 6 dynamic RGB lighting effects) of the LOGO light on the base.

On the back of the base, there are two USB ports (USB-A is 2.0, the other is USB-C) and a 3.5mm audio jack, which can meet the connection and expansion of different devices. Data transfer and audio listening are supported. Equivalent to a simple docking station.

The connection line of the headphone stand is integrated and cannot be disassembled. However, the cable is made of wear-resistant braided wire, so you don't have to worry about wearing it out after a long time. The cable is about 1.7 meters long, which is enough for wiring. There are non-slip rubber pads on the four corners of the back of the base, which can be very stable even if the table is smooth, and will not let the earphones fall down.

It is very cool to match with the headphones at hand, especially the gaming headphones with RGB lighting effects.

Then let's look at Rapoo's RGB mouse pad V10. The mouse pad is often the most overlooked among desktop accessories, but it occupies a lot of desktop space. Rapoo's V10 mouse pad does not occupy a large area, and its specific "measurement" is 350*250*6mm. Compared with common rubber pads, it adopts hard pad treatment, and the surface is made of PC hard fine sand. The texture can accurately identify and respond quickly to various micro-manipulations when playing games. It adopts the "sandwich" structure of PC+PS+silica gel, which is delicate and comfortable to use, and the mouse feels more like lightning when galloping on it.

Of course, this mouse pad is not limited to this. In addition to the improvement of the feel and accuracy, a wireless charging area is also provided in the upper right corner of the pad surface.

It supports 10W high-power output, and can intelligently adapt to 10W/7.5W/5W three-level output power. It supports QI wireless charging protocol, and low-power devices such as mice and true wireless earphones can also be charged, and there is no need to charge mobile phones. Remove the phone case/cover. The measured output is still very stable, and there will be no disconnection or failure to charge in the middle.

There are two buttons on the top of the mouse pad, which are used to adjust the brightness of the backlight (four levels in total) and the lighting mode (four colorful lighting effects), which are very convenient to adjust.

There is also an RGB light strip on the edge of the mouse pad. Because it is hard, in order to avoid scratches, its corners are specially designed with obtuse angles.

The V10 mouse pad has a built-in power detection chip. When the device is about to be fully charged, it will automatically switch to trickle mode to protect the battery and prolong its service life.

The bottom surface of the mouse pad is designed with non-slip silicone particles, which can increase its friction well. When we play games, the mouse tends to move a lot, and the V10 can ensure that it is as stable as a mountain on a smooth desktop without displacement.

Finally, let’s look at the keycaps. My V700-8A multi-mode keyboard itself has three colors. The one I bought is Mecha Purple, which is still pretty good-looking, but it’s hard to avoid aesthetic fatigue if you look at it for a long time (as expected, people love the new and hate the old) , I thought about giving it a new skin. When Rapoo released the KC-8A themed keycap, I paid close attention to it. After it came out, the price in the early 100 yuan was not expensive (V700-8A has a new eStarPro joint model, and I hope that a separate keycap will be provided later).

This set of "Meow Meow Holiday" naturally only has 84 keycaps, which is suitable for keyboards with 84 arrays, but other keyboards are also available, and the extra keys show a different style. It is just right for V700-8A, no more, no less. The letters, numbers and Fn function keys of the whole set of keycaps are milk white, except for the cursor key which is sky blue, the rest are pink. So the overall feeling is exquisite and lovely. It is especially attractive to girls.

There are exquisite printed patterns on large keys such as space, carriage return, and Shift, as well as frequently used function keys.

As we all know, the keycaps of mechanical keyboards have various heights, such as CHERRY, OEM, SA, etc., and the heights and inclination angles of the keycaps are all different. This set of Rapoo keycaps adopts the OEM height (11.8mm), which can be perfectly adapted to the mainstream keyboards and various switches on the market. My V700-8A is the red axis. Code words, playing games are good.

Close-up of the space bar pattern: Although it is autumn, the warm wind brought by the summer style map seems to blow directly to the heart through the keyboard. This set of Rapoo’s keycaps adopts the PBT sublimation process. Compared with ABS keycaps that have been used for a long time, the problem of keycap oiling will occur. Not only will the PBT keycaps not be “greasy” at all, but the hand feel is more delicate , Comfortable, better experience. In addition, its thermal sublimation is "five-sided thermal sublimation", the characters and patterns on the keycaps are clear and bright, the coloring is uniform, the color is bright, and the wear resistance of the keycap itself is also very good. This is unmatched by the conventional craftsmanship of ordinary keycaps on the market.

If you observe carefully, you can see that the cats above are doing all kinds of cute expressions and movements; there are also beaches, sunrises, kits, bells, and telephone poles, all of which have a strong sense of life. The cat's claws and leftover fish bones in the lower right corner are very interesting, and the little tiger (also known as the big cat) on it and the traditional Chinese characters for fortune also highlight the attribute of "lucky". It can be seen that Rapoo has worked hard on this set of keycaps.

The workmanship of this set of Rapoo keycaps is still very solid, and the corners of the keycaps are smooth and neat without burrs. The color is also natural and bright, without fading or color cast, and the exquisite printing pattern makes the whole keyboard look more fashionable.

Summary: Rapoo's desktop "three-piece set" not only dresses up my computer desktop, but also has practical value. In addition to the colorful RGB lighting, functions such as connection expansion and wireless charging have also been added, which can make the mouse, keyboard, and earphones more convenient to use. And there are only about three cards in this set, which can be said to be very cost-effective. If you are also looking for desktop goodies, these desktop accessories are undoubtedly a good choice.

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