Heart-to-heart recommendation Chapter 42: Xiaodu Chong may be the most suitable brand for domestic customization

I have always felt that nerds and geeks do not match together, but this brand is really strong in the field of customized keyboards.

I remember that at the end of 21, domestic production hadn’t started rolling Gasket at that time. At that time, there were not many mass-produced keyboards on the market that used this kind of customized structure keyboard. Xiaodu recommended the Lite Gasket structure keyboard for the first time. The official called it the flick sound-absorbing structure. , the most core is to increase the silicone sandwich cushion, and the bottom of the sound-absorbing cotton.

Flick Gasket has been widely praised since it was launched, and it is even highly recognized in foreign blogger circles. It can be seen that the small bug keyboard relies on its strength.

March 3rd is the Crazy Kit Festival of Derf, and this time of year is one of the times when the brand offers the most. In 2023, when the customization rolls to the sky, Derf will launch this series of heavy cost-effective Kits are definitely a good time for customization.

Below is the unboxing of the GK75 I received this time.


The keyboard configurations participating in the Kit Festival this time include 61/64/68/84/96/75/980/87/108, basically including all the current popular configurations, and it is also the most complete among all brands. My 75 configuration is unmatched. The most recommended style among small keyboards.

flick sound-absorbing structure

In 2021, Xiaobu Chong innovatively launched its own brand Lite Gasket. In addition to the conventional silicone cushion, his family also equipped the four corners of the shaft with thin silicone pads to further reduce the cavity sound without affecting the feel of the key shaft. The collision between the shaft body and the PCB board improves the feel while enhancing the consistency of the entire keyboard.


One of the hottest elements of customization last year was the knob, which is also very practical. It is very suitable for functions such as volume and song switching. The GK75 kit is equipped with multiple positions for installing knobs. As a customer, the drive function of his home is very comprehensive, and the keyboard can be used for full-key macro settings, and the knob can be programmed and configured according to your needs.

key shaft

For the matching switch body, choose the chocolate V2 rose switch made by Derf, the patented design of the Box switch, which is guessed to be manufactured by Kaihua. As the leading key switch brand in China, the switch of Derf is also very good in hand and has good resilience. The first-class, pre-lubricated switch design also provides excellent percussion texture. I believe players who pay attention to the keyboard circle understand the development of domestic switches in recent years.


In addition to the most characteristic silicone keycaps of Xiaodu, the PBT keycaps are also very good. This two-color injection molded PBT keycap is wear-resistant and non-greasy, and the characters will not fade. Buying a complete set of keycaps also has a variety of exotic keys. Hat delivery to meet your customized needs.

Compared with thousands of yuan of customized keyboards, Xiaobu Chong has directly set the price to 100 yuan, providing a cost-effective choice for players who continue to wait and see customized keyboards.

On March 3rd, the "Crazy Kit Festival" of the little nerd, choose the kit, key switch and keycap by yourself, and go to assemble your own keyboard according to your preferences. Let's share today's customized keyboard here, I hope it will be helpful to you, thank you for your support.

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