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Heijue AK966 wireless three-mode gaming mechanical keyboard review: full configuration, one step in place

With the gradual lowering of the domestic customization circle and the entry of major manufacturers, the involution of the domestic keyboard circle has further deepened. Not only the old manufacturers have new products, but also various new brands have successfully disrupted the situation by virtue of their design and cost performance. The three-mode hot-swappable keyboard with Gasket structure has gradually become one of the mainstream keyboard configuration solutions. As a veteran peripheral manufacturer in China, Heijue also launched the AK966 wireless three-mode gaming mechanical keyboard with a 98-like configuration this year. The mainstream configuration scheme is supported, and it has a variety of colors and switches to choose from. Next, follow the author. Let's see how it performs.


The overall packaging of the Heijue AK966 wireless three-mode gaming mechanical keyboard is very simple. The simple black and white two-color design with the front window allows users to easily view the color scheme of the keycaps. The back of the package provides the specification information of the keyboard, which is convenient for users Learn quickly. In terms of accessories, manuals, key pullers and a USB Type-C data cable are provided, and the performance is quite satisfactory.


Heijue AK966 Wireless Three-mode Gaming Mechanical Keyboard currently has five color schemes: Xingwan, Mengxia, Senyu, Retro and NGA customized color schemes, and this author is a retro color scheme. The keyboard adopts the popular 98-like layout scheme, with 96 keys and a knob, and has a relatively complete key scheme and convenient multimedia control functions, which is very good for users' daily use. The body size is about 387.5mm×136.8mm×41.5mm, which is shorter than the common standard 104-key position, and the space occupied by the desktop is also reduced by 20%, which can free up more space for mouse operations, and also allows The visual perception looks more coordinated and natural. This retro color scheme uses dark gray with off-white keycaps, with two different red and green keycaps embellished, the texture is still very good, and it can also bring users a good visual experience.

The knob in the upper right corner is made of metal, and the surface is treated with white paint, which has a good texture. The knob cap is pluggable, which is convenient for users to replace the knob cap they like, and the sense of rotation scale is relatively clear, the sense of pressing confirmation is clear, and the handle feedback processing is still very good. In terms of function, it provides the operation functions of rotating to adjust the volume and pressing one button to mute the sound, combined with the multimedia control function of the combination button, the operation and control are convenient and fast, and it still has high practicality and convenience for users' daily use. On the left side of the number keypad on the right, four status indicators are provided, corresponding to the state of the number keypad, uppercase and lowercase, and 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth connection status. The location layout is more reasonable, which is convenient for users to identify the current working status of the keyboard.

The left and right sides of the fuselage adopt an ingenious design scheme. The left side provides a three-stage toggle switch, corresponding to 2.4G wireless mode, wired mode and Bluetooth mode. The user can switch between three different connection modes by directly pushing the switch. The operation is still very convenient and quick. The storage slot for the wireless receiver is provided on the right side, which is convenient for users to store the wireless receiver to avoid loss and damage. The details are handled with great care.

The back of the fuselage also adopts a simple design style, providing three-way outlets and two-stage support feet, so that users can arrange keyboard wiring according to their own desktop layout, and can also adjust the support feet at different heights to obtain a more comfortable feeling. Enter the inclination. At the same time, 5 white rubber anti-skid pads are provided at the bottom, which can ensure the stability of the keyboard on the desktop and avoid affecting the user experience due to sliding and displacement. At the same time, there is also a non-slip pad on the top of the support foot, so that the support foot can also have a good anti-slip effect when it is opened and used, further improving the user experience.


In terms of the shaft matching scheme, this keyboard of the author is equipped with the "Baby Racoon" shaft (Baby Racoon) with the extended shaft of Jiadalong. 2.0 shaft cover, the overall appearance is still very good with the keyboard body. The shaft parameters above adopt a design scheme of 55gf trigger pressure, a total stroke of 3.6mm, and a trigger stroke of 2.0mm. With the extension of the shaft center and the shortening of the key travel, it can realize the hand feeling feedback of early bottoming, smooth and smooth pressing, and quick rebound with the hand. , The bottoming is also solid. The large key position adopts the satellite axis scheme, and the feel adjustment is simple and neat, without unnecessary shaking and noise, and the overall feel performance is still very good.

This keyboard also provides a hot-swappable switch solution for all key positions, compatible with mainstream three-pin and five-pin MX switches, and can take into account most of the switches on the market, so that users can replace the switches according to their personal preferences. You can experience the different feel of different shafts on a keyboard, taking into account the playability and practicality, and the user performance is still very friendly. The keyboard adopts the Gasket structure scheme, which provides sandwich cotton, shaft pads and bottom sound-absorbing cotton inside. With the Gasket support silicone sleeve, it can bring softer feedback and reduce the cavity sound and noise generated when tapping , the handling of the knocking feel and knocking sound is very good, further improving the user experience.

The keycap part adopts the PBT keycap of the two-color injection molding process, the OEM height, the closed character process, the opaque scheme, and the sublimation process. The overall keycap is gray and white in retro style, and the black characters are thicker, taking into account the aesthetics and recognition, and the performance is still very good. The keycaps are comfortable and delicate to the touch, and the PBT material is also wear-resistant and oil-resistant, and the internal ribs further ensure the strength of the keycaps, avoid bending and twisting of the keycaps, and take into account the feel and durability, which is also beneficial to the user experience. A certain improvement.

RGB backlight:

Heijue AK966 wireless three-mode gaming mechanical keyboard supports RGB backlight effect. Although it is equipped with a set of opaque sublimation keycaps, the overall visual perception is still very comfortable. Reasonable keycap gap and button layout, combined with appropriate lighting brightness and lower light position design, also make the keyboard have a good lighting performance, colorful, dynamic and smooth, and the lighting rendering effect is well created. There are 18 built-in lighting effect modes in the fuselage, and three fast game-customized lighting effects are provided, and users can switch freely according to their personal preferences. The lighting effect part also supports users to record custom lighting effects, and supports 8 color adjustments. At the same time, the user can also switch the light brightness, dynamic speed, dynamic direction, backlight color, etc. through the combination of keys, which can bring higher lighting playability to the keyboard.

Use test:

Heijue AK966 wireless three-mode gaming mechanical keyboard provides three connection methods: wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth. The mainstream three-mode connection scheme can also easily correspond to various platforms and compatible devices. It is still very friendly to multi-platform and multi-device users of. At the same time, the keyboard is also adapted to Mac OS, which can be switched through FN+A, which reduces the difficulty of getting started for Mac OS users, which is still very good. 2.4G wireless connection, with lower latency and stronger anti-interference wireless performance, can quickly respond to user key operations, and the connection is stable and continuous, which can bring users a better experience. It can also allow users to switch between multiple devices, which greatly improves the user experience.

The fuselage has a built-in 10000mAh lithium battery, and the large battery capacity can also bring longer battery life. The 2.4G can provide about 1200 hours of use when the light is turned off, and about 50 hours of battery life under the highest brightness, which meets It is enough for daily use by users. With the good popularity of the USB Type-C interface, users can also replenish power for it at any time, reducing battery life anxiety and improving user experience. The keyboard is preset with a rich combination of key functions, which can realize functions such as fast multimedia control and system programs, and also has high convenience in use.


Heijue AK966 wireless three-mode gaming mechanical keyboard has the current mainstream Gasket structure and three-mode hot-swappable solution, and the colorful RGB backlight also brings users more keyboard games. The three-layer Poron sound-absorbing design and the excellent feel feedback of the "Little Raccoon" shaft can also bring users a double enjoyment in feel and hearing. The 98-like arrangement and multimedia knob scheme also has high practicability and convenience in daily use, and can bring users a good experience. This keyboard is now officially on sale, and interested users may wish to pay attention to it during the Double Eleven Shopping Festival.

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