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HELLO GANSS releases HS-Tiger series Zodiac-themed mechanical keyboard starting from 749 yuan

HELLO GANSS today officially announced the launch of the first Zodiac-themed mechanical keyboard - HS-Tiger. According to the official introduction, as the first zodiac keyboard launched by HELLO GANSS, the HS-Tiger series is designed with a black and orange micro-transparent upper and lower shell, equipped with a TTC tiger switch of TTC's zodiac switch body, and is equipped with a set of five-sided thermal sublimation theme for the Year of the Tiger Two-color keycaps. The first launch will provide two versions of HS-Tiger108T and HS-Tiger98T, priced at 799 yuan and 749 yuan respectively.

Source: Weibo @GANSS Technology The same below

HS-Tiger continues to use the well-received HS series molds, supports full-key hot-swappable, compatible with three-pin and five-pin shafts, and uses AA dry batteries as power supply. Contains cloud drive, supports key mapping, custom backlight and macro, WIN and MAC dual system switching and preset RGB backlight. Support Type-C wired, 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth three connection methods.

HS-Tiger 108T is a standard 108-key position, and HS-Tiger 98T is a 90% variable arrangement. According to the player's own usage habits, the keyboard can be set between 90-98 keys by installing the attached TTC tiger switch and keycap Feel free to transform.

In addition, it also has the following characteristics:

Full key hot-swappable design

RGB preset/adjustable backlight

Full keyboard keys programmable settings

Macro function setting

Multi-system support, perfectly compatible with WIN and MAC (Apple) multimedia keys

cloud drive

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