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姗姗来迟的大热款键盘 HELLO GANSSHS75T

In 2022, the most serious keyboard circle is 75% of which is allocated to this track, especially when the volume king K75 Zhuyu is in front and the heat has not dissipated. The HS75T of HELLO GANSS is long overdue, but the combination of knob + joystick + popular shaft body and the price as low as 299 yuan still attract a lot of attention, so it is logical to start with the first launch.

After a long wait, finally received the goods, let's see if this product can become another catfish that stirs up the market.

The packaging is still the usual colorful style of HS series keyboards. I am used to the minimalist style of other brands. This design is refreshing.

The accessories are very rich: dust cover, supplementary keycap, data cable, adapter, two AA batteries, key puller, shaft puller, a bunch of accessories for knobs and joysticks, and instructions.

HS75T mainly has four types of keycap color matching: Yanyun Zi, Baiyu, Shiyangjin, and Obsidian. From the shaft body, it can be divided into TTC, Jiadalong, Kaihua, HELLO GANSS and other shaft body versions. From the power supply It can be divided into two versions: dry battery and lithium battery. This time I chose the dry battery version of the ten-color color combination of Jiadalong wallaby switch.

The keyboard adopts a narrow frame design, three indicator lights are arranged on the right side of the ESC key, and the F area is divided into independent partitions. Black and pink color matching of ten sample brocade keycaps

On the top of the keyboard, there are three-stage paddle switches and TYPE-C interface for switching the keyboard mode. The switch at this position is still very convenient for use, and it can be switched without turning over.

A knob and a five-way joystick are inserted in the editing area on the right. The knob in the upper right corner is a hot-swappable structure. If you don't like the knob, you can also cover it with accessories.

In addition to the white transparent version, the knob can also be replaced with a black solid color version

The rocker belt located in the lower right corner is a unique function of HS75T. Flip up and down to adjust the brightness of the light, and flick left and right to adjust the dynamic speed of the backlight. The function of the joystick can be edited through the driver, but unfortunately the joystick only has a five-way function, so it cannot be used for fighting games.

On the back of the keyboard is a set of two-stage feet, and the 2.4G receiver is stored on one side of the feet. Although it is a bit inconvenient to take it, there is no need to worry about losing it. There are two battery compartments in the middle. Now the mainstream three-mode keyboards all use lithium batteries, but the HS75T still has a dry battery version. After all, the dry battery can be replaced at any time.

This time, the switch I bought is Jiadalong’s wallaby switch, which belongs to the large-stage switch in advance, with a total key stroke of 3.4mm, a trigger stroke of 2.0mm, a trigger pressure of 43gf, a bottoming pressure of 54gf, and a stroke pressure of 59gf. It has a clear feel. feedback. The transparent top cover with an integrated condenser is still very good in terms of lighting performance. If the unit price of the wallaby shaft is 3 yuan per unit from the market, of course, the price in the secondary market is definitely not this price.

The dry battery version cannot turn on the RGB lighting effect in the wireless state, but a new firmware has been released to support turning on the lights.

The keycaps are original height keycaps made of PBT material, using a two-color injection molding process. After the keycaps are installed, the brightness of the lighting effect is at a satisfactory level.

After dismantling the keyboard, I have to say that this keyboard is not good at stacking materials - the sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom is better than nothing

Sandwich cotton is also ordinary EVA material, not too thick

However, the sound control of the HS75T is still very good, and there is no obvious cavity sound.

The keyboard driver has also been launched, supporting functions such as changing keys and customizing lighting effects.

With its unique design and solid products, HELLO GANSS HS75T mechanical keyboard has made its own way in the highly competitive 75% keyboard market.

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