High battery life and high appearance value, three-mode connection is easy to use, mechanical keyboard choose Dujia k610W!

Is a mechanical keyboard necessary? Many friends will have such doubts before buying a computer, and cannot decide whether to configure a mechanical keyboard; after all, there are many types of peripherals in the market today. In addition to traditional keyboards, there are also many imitation mechanical keyboard products, which look similar but are much cheaper. . However, as a heavy computer user, the strategy still recommends that you start with a real mechanical keyboard, which not only feels more comfortable, but also has a significant difference in the overall experience of daily use.

I remember that when I owned my first computer, mechanical keyboards were still a "luxury" and only a few online game masters could own them; as the popularity of mechanical keyboards has gradually increased in recent years, the cost has become lower and lower, but the performance is not good. It goes up instead of down, so when you choose peripherals, you might as well take it one step at a time, and directly start with a high-end mechanical keyboard to improve the operating feel in an all-round way. For example, the Duga k610W three-mode mechanical keyboard shared with you today is the best choice in terms of appearance, performance, and feel, and it is not lost to foreign brands such as Razer and Logitech.

In terms of color matching, the echo selected by the guide is the fog blue version. The keyboard is composed of blue, white and gray as a whole; I personally like this color matching design very much. People are satisfied.

If you use it at home, it is still recommended that you choose the 104 full-key style. The small keyboard is very convenient for work and study, including entering account numbers and passwords when playing games, and it is more convenient.

The so-called three modes of Dujia k610W correspond to the three connection methods of Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless and Type-C to USB A respectively. It can be said that these three solutions cover the mainstream peripheral connection modes, whether it is a computer, a game console, or Mobile phones and tablets can be connected normally. This means that the Dujia k610W three-mode mechanical keyboard can be used in all scenarios, fully meeting the needs of users in different occasions.

The original height PBT two-color keycaps used in the keyboard, because of the high content of PBT materials, are more wear-resistant and durable, and the touch is delicate and comfortable. Even if you use it for a long time, you don’t have to worry about becoming shiny. The characters are made of two-color closed-mouth molding process, which will not wear out, let alone make the keys difficult to distinguish after use.

What's more considerate is that the official has specially prepared additional replacement keycaps for users to use on devices with two different systems, Windows and MacOS. Moreover, the keyboard can automatically recognize iOS and Android systems, and it is easy to switch at will.

In terms of switches, the official has prepared red switches, brown switches, silver switches, and silent red switches for users to choose from. If you have any experience with mechanical keyboards, you should know that there are obvious differences in the feel of different switches. The red axis and the silver axis have a linear feel. The difference is that the wheelbase is different, and the strength required for tapping is also different. The brown switch has a clear sense of paragraph, and the mute red switch I chose, while retaining the linear feel, the unique "da da" sound of the mechanical keyboard is significantly smaller. It is easy to affect family members or colleagues.

All the keys support hot-swappable, that is to say, users can personalize the keyboard shaft body according to personal preference, DIY, and create an exclusive keyboard as they like. Use a specific switch body at a specific position to customize a keyboard that is more in line with your habits. The official also provides a key puller and a shaft puller, which saves time and effort for replacement.

In terms of details, the official Durga is also excellent as always. The overall shell adopts a two-color design to enhance the product layering. At the same time, the "DURGOD" Logo printed on the right is more recognizable. A silicone pad is added inside, and there is a sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom, which has the effect of reducing noise and shock absorption.

The five indicator lights in the upper right corner correspond to the keypad, Bluetooth 1, Bluetooth 2, 2.4G wireless and battery respectively, which is convenient for users to confirm the status of the keyboard, and the accurate connection saves trouble and worry.

The two-stage feet can provide three heights for everyone to choose from. After all, everyone has different operating habits, and the layout of the computer desk is also different. Adjusting the keyboard according to the actual situation can greatly reduce wrist fatigue.

You should have also noticed that there is a hidden receiver storage compartment next to the right foot, so that the 2.4G receiver is always with the keyboard. It is easy to access and not easy to lose. It is safe and reliable to store properly.

Of course, if you are a friend who uses a mini host like me, you can also choose the wired connection mode, after all, the host computer and the keyboard are very close. The wire connection scheme will significantly reduce the delay, and it is not easy to be disturbed by the magnetic field. The most important thing is that it does not need to be charged.

When it comes to charging, here is another feature of Duga K610W: strong battery life, under the basic charging power of 5V/2A, it only takes 3 hours to fully charge the keyboard. In Bluetooth mode, the keyboard can be used continuously for 360 days, even in the 2.4G wireless mode with high power consumption, it can reach an astonishing 200 days of battery life. Such an exaggerated endurance performance is very rare in the market, so you don’t have to worry about suddenly running out of battery while using the keyboard. Sufficient power is the basic guarantee for smooth games.

Another advantage of the three-mode design is that you don’t need to pick any equipment. It can not only be used on the computer side and the game console side, but also can be used with mobile phones and tablets to achieve efficient typing. You can start working immediately after connecting to the tablet, which is very practical for working professionals.

Or, like the Raiders, connect the mini host to the TV to experience the ultimate experience of super large screen entertainment and office. Playing games and watching videos, the big screen is more enjoyable to use. The wireless keyboard allows us to keep a sufficient distance from the screen, even lying on the sofa or lying on the bed, we can tap as much as we want, without the constraints of wires, we can do whatever we want.

By the way, Duga’s Zeus driver software should also be given a good review, because Dujia k610W supports onboard storage configuration function. With the driver software, it can realize button editing, macro setting and various exclusive configuration files, allowing users to play games, It saves a lot of trouble during office work. If the macro settings are used well, the efficiency improvement is not a little bit. It is definitely the best choice for improving productivity.

The same choice of keyboard, the three-mode design is indeed more worth having, not only the choice of use scenarios has increased, but also in terms of operating feel and functional design, Dujia k610W is also better. With rich functions and outstanding appearance, it is not inferior to the products of foreign manufacturers, and it also has an advantage in price. If you let friends choose a mechanical keyboard for their own use, do you think the Dujia k610W is more valuable?

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