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High-end choice, MX8.2+MC8.1, CHERRY cherry flagship package experience

Hello everyone, I am a dream is a pig, today I will bring you the experience of using a CHERRY flagship suit.

I believe that every friend who is keen on tossing keyboards has come into contact with CHERRY switches. For a long time, CHERRY switches have been synonymous with high-end mechanical switches. Although in recent years, many excellent switches have emerged in the industry. , but the CHERRY switch is still the main choice of many keyboard manufacturers. When it comes to CHERRY switches, the CHERRY MX series is the mainstream standard for mechanical switches, and it is also the switch used by many high-end keyboards of e-sports brands.

As a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, I have collected thirty or forty mechanical keyboards of different brands and different shafts over the years, but the original keyboard of Cherry has not been included in the bag. It is a pity, so I started recently. A set of CHERRY cherry flagship set - CHERRY MX8.2+MC8.1, finally made up the most important part that I was missing in the process of collecting mechanical keyboards.

The full name of this keyboard is CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless, which continues the metal appearance scheme of the MX series as a whole. The pure white keycap is matched with the silver body design, and the layout scheme of 87 keys. Overall, no matter the workmanship or the detail design All excellent.

In terms of packaging, CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless continues the MX series of ammunition box packaging, providing our users with a very tall silver metal suitcase, with protective feet on the bottom and back of the suitcase, and a red handle Played the finishing touch effect.

The thick sponge is provided in the suitcase as a buffer protection layer, which can protect the keyboard very well. No matter it is during transportation or our daily carrying, there is no need to worry about the keyboard being damaged due to collision and vibration.

CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless adopts a compact layout. With the ultra-narrow bezel design, the overall size is smaller than other 87-key solutions on the market. The official size of the keyboard is 350*220*35mm. Size placed on the desktop can effectively reduce the occupation of desktop space.

The keyboard body is mostly made of metal, and the panel and frame are made of aluminum alloy CNC, and have been frosted, which has a very good metal texture.

The metal frame is slightly higher than the panel, and with the suspension shaft design, this keyboard is very layered, and the suspension shaft design can better show the RGB light effect of this keyboard.

The bottom shell of this keyboard is made of engineering plastics, but the overall strength is very high, so there is no need to worry that the bottom shell of the keyboard will not be able to withstand the pressure generated when typing on the keyboard during use.

Two anti-slip strips running through the entire keyboard bottom case make this keyboard have excellent anti-slip performance, even if the keyboard is placed on a smooth glass tabletop, it is not easy to slip.

The one-piece foot support can provide two different support heights for this keyboard, allowing us to find a more suitable input angle for us.

The back of the keyboard provides a power switch, wired/charging indicator, Bluetooth indicator and 2.4G indicator. We can use these indicators to understand the working status of the keyboard very intuitively.

The mainstream Type-C interface can enter the wired connection mode after plugging in the data cable, and can also charge the keyboard at the same time.

The keycaps of CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless are ABS two-color injection-molded light-transmitting keycaps. One thing to say, the ABS keycaps are not as good as the PBT material. The disadvantage is that the surface of the keycaps after long-term high-frequency use It is prone to oily shine, which is indeed a shortcoming of this keyboard.

The keycaps are closed characters, and with the height of the original factory, in addition to bringing a more comfortable feel, the visual experience will also be more comfortable.

After a period of time, I found that the touch of the keycaps of this keyboard is quite good, especially the inner side of the space bar has been treated with a slight arc, which makes the thumb more comfortable when hitting the space bar. .

CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless provides a total of five different switch bodies for us to choose from: black switch, green switch, brown switch, red switch and mute red switch. As a green switch lover, of course I chose the green switch without hesitation. .

Cherry’s original green switch, with a trigger pressure of 50cN and a keystroke of 2.2mm, has a very clear paragraph feel. When used for text input, the green switch feels very good, but the only disadvantage is that there will be a clear knock when typing on the keyboard. If you use it in a large office, please be prepared to be beaten up by your colleagues. In addition, when you use it at night, you must also take care of your family's feelings...

The large key position adopts the satellite axis scheme, and the hand feeling is very good. There has not been any abnormal noise during use. It is really annoying after prolonged use.

CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless is designed with a full-key RGB backlight, which can provide 16 million RGB color options. With closed characters and floating shaft design, it can indeed bring very good lighting effects.

And because the panel of this keyboard is a silver frosted metal panel, it looks particularly soft against the RGB light and does not feel dazzling.

The keyboard is preset with a variety of lighting effects. Through the key combination, you can easily turn on/off the lighting effects, switch, adjust the brightness, adjust the dynamic speed and other operations. Even if you don’t install the driver, you can also achieve very interesting lighting effect settings.

CHERRY MC8.1 currently offers three different colors of white, black and pink for us to choose from.

In terms of packaging, CHERRY MC8.1, like CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless, also provides us with an aluminum alloy ammunition case.

The ammunition case also has a very thick sponge as a buffer protection layer, but unlike the CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless ammunition case, the CHERRY MC8.1 case does not have a handle, which is a little inconvenient to carry.

The overall tone of the white version of CHERRY MC8.1 is composed of white and silver, and it looks very coordinated with CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless. The surface of this mouse has been frosted, which not only has a more delicate grip, but also Can provide good anti-skid performance.

I was a little surprised that the main body of this mouse is also made of aluminum alloy. The anodized aluminum alloy body should be very strong and durable. The shape design is also the characteristic of this mouse. From the side we can see that CHERRY MC8.1 adopts a split structure with upper and lower layers, and the upper layer and the lower layer are connected by a cylinder.

This design of upper and lower layers can make a large area of ​​RGB light evenly transmitted from the hollow position in the middle of the mouse, so the lighting effect is more colorful than that of an ordinary all-in-one mouse.

This mouse has a very ingenious design, that is, you can loosen the screw under the silver magnetic decorative strip with the word "CHERRY" with a built-in hexagonal screwdriver, and then adjust the upper layer of the mouse in different directions, front, back, left, and right. The height angle can be adjusted to adjust the mouse to the most suitable posture for our hands. This design can well meet our individual needs.

In addition, this mouse is also equipped with two magnetic finger rests of different widths, and we can freely change the wide and narrow wing finger rests according to our own holding habits.

Different from the common circular rollers of ordinary mice, CHERRY MC8.1 adopts a crawler roller design, which is as flat as the excavator crawler, and there are two driving wheels under the crawler, which is more convenient than ordinary circular rollers. In other words, the contact surface between the crawler roller and the finger is larger, and the frequency of lifting the finger when using the roller is significantly lower than that of the round roller.

CHERRY MC8.1 is designed with a side button on the left and right sides, and there is a button with the CHERRY cherry logo on the back of the scroll wheel. These buttons can be customized in the driver.

There is a DPI adjustment button at the bottom of the mouse, which can be used for 6-level DPI switching adjustment. The default gear is 400/800/1200/1600/3200/16000DPI. When switching the DPI gear, the light will follow.

As CHERRY's high-end mouse, CHERRY MC8.1 uses a flagship high-precision optical sensor, which can ensure fast response and track movement without delay, and adapt to a variety of material surfaces, providing a moving speed of up to 400 inches per second and 50g Acceleration, DPI can be fine-tuned between 50~16000 to meet our performance requirements for gaming mice.

After downloading CHERRY Gaming, we can customize and adjust the lighting and button functions of CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless very intuitively in this driver. There are ten common modes of RGB lighting effects, and there are also custom modes to choose from, and the color of the lighting effects can also be set in detail. Custom keys support users to record and edit macro key functions.

In addition, CHERRY Gaming also provides keyboard return rate and quick brightness adjustment function.

In CHERRY Gaming, you can also customize the lighting effect and speed of CHERRY MC8.1, and customize the button settings.

The mouse's six-level preset DPI can also be set very carefully in the driver. In addition, the mouse return rate and brightness adjustment functions can also be selected in the driver.

CHERRY MX8.2 TKL Wireless provides self-developed CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology (CAWT) technology. The core of CAWT technology is a special low-latency mode, which can achieve an extremely fast response of less than 1ms, so as to achieve near-zero delay Experience, this technology is very practical for e-sports applications, and the lower latency means that it can also bring the experience of a wired keyboard in wireless mode, which can easily cope with various game scenarios.

In addition to the lower delay when connected to 2.4G, the battery life of this keyboard is also quite good. From the actual usage situation, under full charge, 2.4G connection, RGB lighting effect is turned off, about 200 hours of battery life can be achieved. Battery life, and because of the design of charging while using, basically there is no need to worry about the keyboard running out of power. In addition, after 30 seconds without using the keyboard, the keyboard will automatically turn off the light and enter the sleep state, so as to effectively extend the battery life.

CHERRY MC8.1 not only brings us an eye-catching appearance design, but also has excellent performance in terms of feel and control, and its performance is also remarkable. The flagship high-precision optical sensor can indeed bring Give us a better user experience. In the MOUSE TEST test for mouse performance, the acceleration of CHERRY MC8.1 is stable, the circle of the mosquito coil is relatively smooth, the sensor shake is not obvious, and the overall performance is very good.

In general, the CHERRY MX8.2+MC8.1 flagship combination, except for the slightly expensive price, has excellent performance in other aspects, and it is worth starting with high-end enthusiasts.

Recently, this set happens to have a 12% off event, when is it better not to start now?

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