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High technology creates retro style - cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard review

The keyboard and the mouse are the two most important peripherals of the computer. Most of the commands require keyboard input, especially for the input of games and documents. The keyboard is indispensable. The early keyboards are shrapnel-type mechanical keyboards , the sound is loud, the pressing force is heavy, the metal fatigue is easy to break and the cost is high, and then it is gradually replaced by the membrane keyboard, but the rebound of the membrane keyboard is not satisfactory, the response speed in the game is slow, and occasionally there is a phenomenon of connecting keys. With the pursuit of quality, mechanical keyboards have returned to people's field of vision again, but the material, feel, and voice control have been greatly improved compared with previous products, and there are red, blue, black, tea, etc. according to different characteristics. The distinction of various key shafts. Cheap ass brings us a retro-style RS2 mechanical keyboard, let's see how it performs.

【Product packaging and appearance】

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard adopts a simple packaging style, white paper material, and the image, logo and model of the product are printed in monochrome on the front. The brand logo is marked on it. On the back, the characteristics of the product are explained in the form of pictures and texts, and the product parameters and manufacturer information are marked.

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard adopts the opening method of the world cover, and the inside of the package is wrapped by a paper black liner. The main product and all accessories are separated into separate partitions. The manufacturer is equipped with a data cable and a key puller for the product. For small accessories, the manufacturer uses an embedded placement method to ensure the safety of the components.

The first thing I feel when I get started with the RS2 mechanical keyboard is that it is full of weight. It is extremely stable after being laid flat. It does not feel like a thin membrane keyboard at all. The compact layout of the front keys of the RS2 is very retro, and it is carried out by the gray ABS material bottom bracket. All-round package, frosted surface, very rich in texture. The height of the keyboard has been increased and a forward-leaning design is adopted, so that the wrist can fit the keyboard better and avoid the fatigue of long-term use.

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard adopts the 99-key R1~R4 two-color laser-carved injection-molded keycaps, which do not require separate adaptation. Laser printing, clear black font has very good recognition. The keyboard also has multimedia functions. The media playback and light adjustment can be controlled through the FN combination key. The sound setting knob is placed in the upper right corner, which can quickly switch and adjust the sound. There is also a calculator shortcut key on the side of the knob.

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard adopts Jiadalong's G tea switch as the core, which has the characteristics of paragraph feeling, short key travel, fast response, small pressing force and long service life. It is a key with very balanced performance in all aspects. axis. And the keyboard supports hot-swapping, which can be changed side-by-side. The standard-sized key shaft is also very easy to replace.

The light source of the cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard is set at the end of the key shaft, so that the light is only emitted from the hollowed-out logo and the bottom of the keycap, and the concentration of attention will not be affected by excessive glare.

The bottom of the cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard The mechanical gaming keyboard has a smooth bottom. The four corners of the keyboard are provided with non-slip rubber pads, and the two corners are provided with foldable pads. And built-in wireless receiving module.

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard adopts wired, 2.4g, and Bluetooth three-mode connection modes. The wired and wireless switch is at the end of the keyboard. The keyboard adopts a more versatile TYPE-C interface. ° Direct interface. .

【Function Trial】

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard adopts the Gasket structure. Due to the addition of a custom-made silicone pad, the force is relatively soft when tapping, and the impact of hard contact is reduced. The downward inclination angle of the keyboard can provide good support for the wrist. When the fingers strike the keyboard, they can quickly strike and rebound with the minimum force, reducing the fatigue of long-term use. Coupled with the segmental stroke of the tea switch, every key press is a joyful enjoyment.

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard only provides one color of yellow light, but in the case of free drive, you can switch to nine different lighting effects through the FN combination key. Very distinctive modes such as ripples and tides, and the time brightness of the keyboard light can be hard-coded.

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard adopts a full-key non-conflict design, which can improve the speed and accuracy when coding, plus the light mechanical sound of the red axis, with the light in the ripple mode, and the light and shadow effect that changes with the change of different keys , which can turn boring recording into fun like playing.

I use a cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard with a three-mode connection. In addition to wired and 2.4g wireless, it can also connect to three sets of Bluetooth devices, which can be switched by combination keys. And support Microsoft, Apple, Android and other mainstream platforms. It is applicable whether it is a mobile phone or a computer.

【Trial summary】

The cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard, with a small and beautiful design, has the characteristics of soft and fast feel, supports hot swapping, no conflict design in the whole process, avoids the situation of ghost keys and skip keys, conforms to ergonomic design, and is very comfortable to use, 2.4g , Bluetooth, two kinds of wireless and wired connection, can connect multiple devices at the same time, the compatibility is very good, in the case of retaining the numeric keypad, the occupied area is reduced, the volume control is very good, it is a keyboard suitable for all-weather use.

(My trial data is limited to the device I use, which may be different from other device data due to individual device differences)

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