High-value and lightweight elastic arm gasket structure-Daryou A81 Purple Gold Switch Pro mechanical keyboard

The mechanical keyboard market in the past two years should have been the fastest growing in the past two years. I am tired of talking about these two words. In the past, the niche choice of high-end players has gradually become the mainstream. The overall performance of the keyboard is even worse. I saw that the old keyboard affected the image a bit, so I was going to replace it. Before purchasing a new keyboard, I set three requirements: good looks, small size, and good hand feel.

Adhering to the idea of ​​buying new and not old, I found that there has been a wave of transparency in the peripheral circle recently. Since Xiaomi introduced the concept of transparent shells, the concept of transparency has spread wildly in various fields, but no one will Think big guys like keyboards can get involved too. After a comparison, I chose Dareu A81 Zijin Axis PRO.


The bright silver box has a line drawing of the keyboard printed on it. It can be seen that the size of this keyboard is relatively small. The keyboard is designed with 81 keys. Therefore, compared with the traditional mechanical keyboard, it removes the numeric keypad and screenshots. key, Home key and other keys, but still retain the five keys of INS, DEL, END, PGUP and PUDN, but these five keys are transplanted to the upper right corner of the keyboard, and there should be a big Elastic Gasket on the package.

A simple understanding is the elastic gasket structure, which is the official elastic arm gasket structure.

There is a round purple gold axis Pro logo in the upper left corner.

Open the package, the accessories are relatively simple, including:

1. Dareu A81 Purple Gold Switch PRO Keyboard

2. Standard transparent dust cover for A-series mechanical keyboards

3. Manual

4. Key puller

5. Type-C cable

This A81 Zijin Pro is black, which adds a bit of mystery to the fully transparent keycap that can be seen clearly at a glance, but the light transmission of the keycap is still good enough to see the internal shaft and structure clearly.

The keycap is made of a new transparent PC material, which is very different from the previous ABS and PBT. In addition to the transparent effect, the handle is also very smooth, similar to the ABS keycap after light oiling, but the keycap is wear-resistant. Sex is still guaranteed. The yellow axis is very eye-catching, the upper cover is also made of yellow transparent material, with a purple base, the purple and gold color is quite recognizable.

The body of the keyboard is thicker, and the front part is lifted higher than the general keyboard, perhaps to make up for the lack of support for rubbing feet.

The bottom cover adopts a matte transparent design, embellished with transparent diagonal stripes, and the corners are rounded; there are four non-slip foot pads attached to the four corners of the bottom cover, and the keyboard is placed flat on the desktop, which is stable and not slippery.

experience feelings

First of all, the Dareu A81 wired mechanical keyboard does not use the traditional 104 keys, but uses 75% arrangement, 81 key design, and the key surface is arranged in an orderly manner. Its dimensions of 328.3*149.6*43.6mm make the keyboard occupy more space Small size can give more room for activities to other peripherals such as the mouse, making multi-device operation coordination more free.

There is a physical button for WIN/MAC switching on the side of the A81 mechanical keyboard, which can perform one-key switching of the system. At the same time, the keyboard can be connected to the computer for power supply through the Type-c cable.

In terms of the shaft body, Dareu A81 Zijin Switch Pro, the shaft core is upgraded to a fence structure, and the color has also changed to yellow. The hand feel has also been greatly adjusted, from the large paragraph design in advance to the centered paragraph feeling closer to the brown switch today, similar to the feel of a printer, and for use with welding, the Zijin Switch Pro on the A81 and other hot-swappable versions. The difference is that the Zijin switch pro on the A81 adopts a five-pin design, which can better fix the switch body and improve stability. The satellite switch of the large key position has also been greatly improved, using the PCB satellite switch design, the satellite switch is fixed by screws, and the new satellite switch has indeed reduced the fleshy feel, and the overall consistency of the feel has been improved.

One of the selling points of Dareu A81 Zijin Switch Pro, the elastic arm gasket structure is also different from other mechanical keyboards. The A81 launched by Dareu this time adopts a "steel-free" design, that is, the keyboard inner tank does not have a positioning plate, and the shaft body is directly welded to the PCB.

We can see that the PCB of the A81 is different from the common ones. There are four extended levers on the upper and lower edges of the PCB. This is the elastic arm in the Dareu A81 elastic arm gasket structure mechanical keyboard.

There are silicone gaskets in the two sections of each elastic arm. In addition to supporting the PCB, it can also play the performance of the elastic arm. During the pressing process of the button, there is a certain degree of bending between the elastic arm and the PCB to achieve "softness" and "Bouncy" feel.

You will find that the sound from the Dareu A81 keyboard is not noisy, thanks to the elastic arm Gasket structure inside the keyboard and the silicone layer under the PCB of the keyboard. There is also a piece of poron cotton on the silicone layer to enhance the noise reduction and shock absorption effect, without disturbing The human and comfortable tapping experience is really enjoyable to use.

The lighting performance of the keyboard is not inferior to many cool and colorful mechanical keyboards. There is a light mode adjustment lever in the left area of ​​the Dareu A81 Zijin Switch Pro keyboard. The functions from top to bottom are constant light mode, breathing mode and light off mode, and we can also use "FN" + "[" Combination keys to switch the lighting effect. In addition to the constant light mode, there are also wave mode, ripple mode, horse racing mode, lap mode, raindrop mode, fading mode with pressing and breathing mode, "FN" + space bar The key combination can adjust the light brightness.

Combination keys not only support light adjustment, but also support multimedia functions, such as "FN" + "F5" can enter sleep mode, "FN" + "0" can take a screenshot, so some missing keys can be realized through these combination keys Corresponding function, and long press "FN" + "Win" combination key for 3 seconds to lock the keyboard in Windows system mode, at this time, the lock Win key indicator light on the front of the keyboard will light up. It is very friendly for friends with dual systems.

In addition, this keyboard also supports full-keys without punching. When playing games, multiple keys are often used at the same time to combine skills. Whether it is racing games or flying games, drifting and the release of ultimate moves can be realized by combining the keys on the keyboard. , Enjoy the fun of the game as you like.


Generally speaking, the transparent lighting effect design and smooth feel of the Daryou A81 Zijin Switch Pro mechanical keyboard make me feel very comfortable in terms of vision and touch. Good, overall it brought me a lot of surprises!

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