High-value full-size RGB hot-swappable——Rapoo V700DIY keyboard


There are many media people around me who rely on writing for a living. For them, the keyboard is a bowl for eating and a crucial productivity tool. For our gamers, although the keyboard is not something to eat, it is also a vital equipment in our game world, and it is a sword in hand. For those keyboard peripheral enthusiasts, the keyboard has become a "plaything", a gold-swallowing beast that burns money.

Therefore, as long as you don't put the keyboard at home as a figure, whether we are typing or playing games, the keyboard is a crucial input interaction device for us.

Friends who work at desks for a long time and play games urgently need a keyboard with high appearance, more playability and convenience. Today, I will introduce a Rapoo V700DIY keyboard that supports full-size hot-swappable, and customization is popular. , is also Rapoo's first 104-key full-size customized keyboard, equipped with Rapoo's self-developed KA-12 linear fast silver switch/spring white switch, with its own factory moisturizer, making it comfortable to type on the keyboard for a long time.

【brand introduction】

Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2002, Rapoo has taken "wireless" as its mission and continued to expand the application scenarios of wireless life. Its business covers peripheral products such as mice, keyboards, speakers, earphones, and handles. Technology research and development is the core, market demand is the guide, user experience is the purpose, supplemented by the precision quality of the Rapoo robot automation production system, and is committed to creating interesting and friendly product experience for consumers.

Next, let's take a closer look at this Pennefather V700DIY keyboard.


The overall package of the Rapoo V700DIY keyboard has a black background, the front is the product photo, the product model "V700DIY", and the Rapoo logo is attached, and the product name is expressed in four languages ​​including Simplified Chinese; the back is also explained in four languages The 6 major selling points of the product: full keyboard conflict-free design, full-key hot-swappable switch design, full-keyboard editable, RGB backlight system that can be adjusted freely through the driver, onboard memory, ready to use, and two-color PBT keycaps. The overall packaging is very simple, without fancy decorations, in line with the positioning of keen gamers.

Open the box, it is covered with a dust-proof film, and the V700DIY keyboard is supported by a mold inside to ensure stability and the safety of product transportation. The above is the accessories. The inside of the box is very compact, without redundant and complicated mechanisms, which saves costs and is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Family portrait includes: keyboard host, Type-C cable, key puller, manual.

The Pennefather V700DIY keyboard gives people a cool feeling. The current popular 104-key layout is adopted, and the digital area is increased compared with the compact 87-key layout. With a reasonable layout, we will be more comfortable in long-term use. The size of the body is 435mmx149mmx48mm, and the weight is about 835g. I am used to the small keyboard, and I feel that the V700DIY is very solid, thick and lightweight. Vivid, I think it is best used as a player who loves cool.


The appearance is relatively regular, with a square frame, that is, there is a protruding part in the upper right corner, and a shortcut key is set. The keyboard is made of aluminum alloy, the color is silver, and it comes with a linear fast silver switch. The calibration factory runs the satellite switch with strong rebound and clear hand feedback.

There are 5 regularly distributed silicone pads on the back, which make the keyboard more stable and non-slip on the table, and play a mute role. According to the ergonomic design, the inclined foot pads have a more comfortable angle, and the arc design of the human hand is more in line with the ergonomic data, which is natural and comfortable.

104 keys support hot-swapping, you can customize the replacement of the plug-in shaft, 10,000 hot-swappable metal shaft seats, custom-made people can choose their favorite sound, their favorite feel, their favorite color, and create a unique and exclusive machine keyboard. Whether it is pulling out keys or shafts, the damping is moderate and will not be loose. It feels smooth, and the sound is crisp, taking into account the various needs of office and games.

104-key Symphony RGB backlight system Game mode can be set independently by single key. There are not many manufacturers who can make the mechanical keyboard so beautiful and the color matching so harmonious. The whole key has no impact, the response is fast, and the input speed is fast. With 45±10gf trigger pressure, 1.3±0.5mm trigger stroke and 50 million button life, it is difficult to wear out during normal use within the life cycle. Fine workmanship, very solid and full of texture.

The Rapoo V700DIY keyboard adopts PBT two-color keycaps, which are not easy to decolorize and oil-free, and can still maintain character clarity and refreshing feel after long-term use. The character design is neat, and the ink does not overflow, which shows that the craftsmanship is well controlled.

Separate key line design makes storage and carrying more convenient.

Five special function multimedia buttons are added to the upper right corner to adjust the keyboard status more quickly during work and games.


Use the Type-C cable to connect the computer and the Rapoo V700DIY keyboard to complete the wired connection mode, which is very convenient.

5 steps to change the axle easily and autonomously:

1. Remove the keycap with the key-pulling part of the attached key-pulling device;

2. Use the shaft pulling part of the key puller to insert into the upper and lower parts of the shaft body to pull it out;

3. Press the shaft body to be replaced lightly on the corresponding pinhole on the keyboard motherboard according to the corresponding pin;

4. When a crisp sound is heard, the shaft has been changed successfully;

5. Finally, install the keycap and it can be used normally.

The entire replacement process is simple, smooth, and highly operable. DIY builds a mechanical keyboard that suits you.

After the connection was successful, I tried text input. The pressure is moderate, easy to trigger, and straight up and down. I can input text faster and present the content of my mind as soon as possible. It is completely suitable for long-term office codes. No problem.

In e-sports games, the touch feels very full, and the sense of paragraph is also very strong, which is very comfortable to use.

The Pennefather V700DIY keyboard has two states: game mode and office mode, and the mode can be switched with one key through the M key in the upper right corner. In the office mode, you can switch 18 kinds of monochrome lighting effects through the V1 button. In the game mode, you can switch 19 kinds of magic lighting effects through the V1 button or the driver software, and the brightness is also adjustable, creating your own personalized cool lighting .

Through the combination of Fn+F1-F12, you can quickly switch and realize a variety of shortcut combinations, making office and games more handy.

Through the Rapoo driver software, 104 keys can be programmed, 104 keys have no conflicts, onboard storage and cloud storage can be customized, creating an exclusive personal usage habit mode, and support shortcut keys to quickly switch.


The Rapoo V700DIY keyboard conquered me with its super high value. The silver and white color matching and the texture of aluminum alloy make me feel cool. 104-key design, thick, cute, compact and practical. Rapoo self-developed KA-12 linear fast silver switch/spring white switch, comes with factory moisturizer, smooth feel and crisp sound. Support hot-swappable, programmable, 104-key non-conflict, on-board storage and cloud storage custom settings. The tilt angle of the keyboard conforms to the ergonomic data, which is natural and comfortable. A variety of lighting modes, very cool. Friends who pay attention to appearance, coolness and practicality can give priority to this Pennefather V700DIY keyboard!

Rapoo official website link: https://www.rapoo.cn

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