Hit your girl heart! Unpacking Lofree Marshmallows

As a digital blogger, I have already seen all kinds of digital products. It is difficult for ordinary products to arouse my desire to unbox them. Why? Because most products can only be said to understand everything in terms of design and color matching. The statement of high EQ is the mainstream aesthetic, and the statement of low EQ is lackluster, which will inevitably be boring, so I often can’t help but sigh, is there no such thing in the digital circle An aesthetic one? Why can't we have some novelty and high-value products? Maybe God felt my pious prayer, and specially sent me the new Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao Cotton Candy Mechanical Keyboard. Highly recognizable, rejecting the "rotten street", everything makes this mechanical keyboard so unique, the following is the experience report of this keyboard, I hope it can also hit your girl's heart.

Even a man like me couldn’t help saying “wow, it’s so beautiful, so dreamy, and I like it” when I started using cotton candy for the first time. Indeed, people are visual animals. After all, who would refuse beautiful things? Woolen cloth?

The beauty of the front face is really amazing, as if the rainbow in the sky suddenly turned into a cotton candy in your hand, beautiful and sweet. There are also a variety of playful small pattern designs on the keycaps, as well as unique large fonts. The overall design style is escaped and comfortable, just like bathing in the warm sun in the afternoon, bright and warm. Sure enough, the design of this piece has to be It's Luo Fei!

Xiaoqiao is Luofei's characteristic series. The highly recognizable 9° inclination is scientifically calculated and ergonomically designed to ensure that the wrist can be typed at a comfortable angle, and it will not be tired after long-term use; and this curved surface The design also takes into account the aesthetic design, and the overall small cocked shape is elegant and delicate.

In terms of configuration, Lofree Marshmallow adopts a 100-key design, which is 80mm shorter than the traditional 104-key arrangement, which saves more desktop space and is easier to carry around (if you have this demand). In addition, it also specially designed The small keyboard area is reserved, which is quite friendly for groups that often need to input numbers.

As for the keycap, this Lofree Marshmallow keyboard adopts the mainstream Jiadalong G red Pro switch body, which supports full-key hot-swapping.

During the knocking process, there are two details worth noting: 1. The entire rebound is moderate, the process is buffered, and the experience is silky and linear, which is the same as office games; 2. Knocking The noise during the hitting process is relatively small, unlike the crackling of the green axis "Ma Jian Da", so the marshmallow is more suitable for use in a multi-person office. The button itself is made of high-content PBT material, five-sided sublimation process, uniform color, clear pattern, not easy to fade, very wear-resistant, and the overall texture is very strong.

When you come to the bottom, you can see a long shaft, which is used to install the No. 7 battery. At the same time, there are four high-strength silicone pads at the bottom, which have strong grip and I am very satisfied with the actual anti-skid effect. At the bottom of the long axis is a rotary dial. Users can select Bluetooth connection and 2.4G wireless connection by rotating it. Of course, they can also use the USB-C provided by the manufacturer for wired connection. For the simplicity of the desktop, I usually use the Bluetooth mode.

Oh, by the way, this marshmallow is also three-mode wireless, supports Bluetooth, 2.4G, wired, and is a rare style that supports dry batteries. It uses 3 AA batteries and comes with the package.

As a mechanical keyboard, the Lofree Marshmallow Keyboard really gave me a very different feeling. In terms of appearance, the gradient color plays very well, and you can feel its flamboyant personality and creativity; in terms of experience, the PBT keycap and the shaft body of G Red Pro, combined with the small inclination angle of 9°, make the tapping experience smooth , After getting familiar with it, the operation is smooth and smooth; in terms of interaction, three-mode connection, multi-device switching freely. Such a keyboard with both good looks and strength, let alone a girl can’t refuse it, even a man like me can’t refuse it.

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