Hot-swappable, full of playability, Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard review

In recent years, we have been surrounded by high-priced mechanical keyboards. Whether we choose the one that suits us or the more expensive one, everyone seems to have a different answer. And customized keyboards have always been the favored object among keyboards. Nowadays, the homogenization of mechanical keyboards is becoming more and more serious. There is a lot of novelty. Although there are many answers given by customized keyboards, its price has remained high.

Recently, I received the Rapoo V700DIY launched by Rapoo, which supports hot-swappable 104 keys, RGB backlight, full key position without punching, etc., and besides the surprise, I also received the KA-12 self-developed linear So what is the difference between this switch and the fast silver switch that fits in the fuselage, and what are the advantages, let's take a look together.

In the past few years, I have been exposed to many Rapoo products, and I have summarized the details of the packaging, that is, its main packaging color will be black and blue, so I see this design of keyboard packaging in shopping malls. , nine out of ten are Leiber's.

Floating keyboard design, over the shoulder design is very thoughtful

In terms of the keyboard, the Rapoo V700DIY gives me the feeling that it is very clean. The pure white keyboard is matched with the aluminum alloy top cover. The overall feeling is very elegant. If my desktop is the main color of white, then this keyboard will be more attractive. Of course, the white keyboard will not be very picky, because it is very versatile.

I remember that my first mechanical keyboard was from Rapoo, and it has been with me for more than 5 years. It can still be used normally even now, so I can see from the side that the life of the mechanical keyboard will be very high, and it will not Because we use it for a few years, it will be damaged. The keyboard layout of Rapoo V700DIY is a standard 104 arrangement. The biggest difference from other products is that there is a shoulder design on the upper right. This area contains four function keys and a scroll wheel. Keys come faster, especially when fishing in the office.

At the bottom of the keyboard is a section of feet, counting the non-slip silicone pads on the feet, a total of seven pieces, the entire keyboard supports two angles of adjustment. To be honest, I still recommend using multi-segment foot supports, which can meet the needs of different people. It is enough to see the slotting position, and it will be better to replace it later.

In order to create a better backlight effect, Rapoo V700DIY adopts a suspended design, and it can be seen through the side power supply opening that it provides a reserved position for future multi-mode keyboards.

After all, it is a brand that has been cultivating peripherals for many years. The keycap of Pennefather V700DIY uses a set of light-transmitting PBT keycaps. After all, the addition of PBT material makes the entire keycap feel very good. The price of 100 yuan is a big discount on the workmanship, and the rough edges of the keycaps are still very good.

Compatible with multiple brands, there are surprises for the independent axis body

In the shaft part, we divide it into two parts, one part is the shaft body and hot swap mounted on the fuselage, and the other part is the linear elastic white shaft.

Most people choose the hot-swappable keyboard because of its rich DIY attributes. You can change the keycaps and shafts according to your own preferences. The Pennefather V700DIY uses the standard pentagonal shaft seat, which means that all the familiar shafts are all You can buy it back and put it in. You can even change the red switch, black switch, jellyfish switch according to different positions as long as you like. We don’t need to worry too much about its lifespan in today’s keyboards. Instead, it’s its design, the switch The life of the socket is all there, and every family is the same. You can't plug and unplug the shaft dozens of times a day.

The Rapoo V700DIY in my hand is equipped with Rapoo’s own fast silver switch body, which is a linear axis with a trigger stroke of 1.3mm. If your office is not particularly quiet, I think the fast silver switch is more suitable for long-term typing. Because its trigger stroke is relatively short, it can be activated without much effort. Of course, there is no problem in taking into account some games.

Let’s take a look at the linear elastic white switch in the small package. Although they are all linear switches, they still have certain differences. Its trigger stroke is lower than that of the quick silver switch, only 1.2mm, and the trigger pressure is also higher than that of the quick silver switch. It is about 10g less, so it is a shaft with smaller trigger pressure and trigger travel. I think it is more suitable for female text creators. There is still a certain probability of accidental touch in the game.

There is no difference in the structure between the Rapoo white switch and the fast silver switch. Compared with the silver switch, its feel will be stronger after pressing the keycap. It's quite interesting to be able to clearly feel the feedback given to the fingers between the different shafts when typing on the text.

18 kinds of lighting modes to create a magical desktop

In fact, in terms of price, the design and structure of the Rapoo V700DIY are sufficient, but it also creates surprises, that is, the figure of RGB will leak from the shaft body to the keycap, and the Rapoo V700DIY has quite rich The RGB lighting mode has different lighting effects under different modes, and the button to switch the lighting effect is located in the over-the-shoulder area on the right.

There are many lighting effects. I have recorded several lighting modes here. In addition to the above constant light, there are many rich illusion modes. We can even customize each button under the lighting mode. Setting the color, standing in this price is really rare.


If you are choosing a keyboard recently and want to have hot-swappable, RGB lighting effects, DIY attributes, metal texture, and independent design, then Rapoo V700DIY will give you a different surprise, compared to the "four square" custom As for the keyboard, Pennefather V700DIY has a certain design language in it, just like the packaging mentioned at the beginning. When you see a keyboard with this design, it is a Rapoo product in all likelihood.

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