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Hot-swappable, low-profile, compatible with MAC, RGB, optical axis, all requirements can be met at one time! This is keychron K3E!

Hello everyone, I am Tiantian!

As you all know, I have a beloved MacBook PRO, and I am also a staunch fan of mechanical keyboards.

I usually take my MBP with me when I go out, but everyone knows it. The MBP comes with a keyboard, which is hard to describe...

So I often imagine that if I have a suitable mechanical keyboard, I can take it with me at any time.

But for well-known reasons, this is extremely difficult.

Not to mention mechanical keyboards and thin and light laptops, just like Cowherd and Weaver Girl, they cannot meet 0. Traditional mechanical keyboards are often large in size due to reasons such as shafts and structures. The effect of 1+1>2 is obtained, and it can be taken out to match with thin and light notebooks. It really feels like a small horse-drawn cart.

It would be great if he could be as thin and light as a membrane keyboard.

On the other hand, the size of traditional mechanical keyboards is generally 104, 87, and my mbp is 13 inches. I'm a staunch wireless party, and when I'm out and about with a bunch of wires, I'm going to get annoyed.

If, it is wireless, and the size ≤ computer is fine.

Not to mention, because the main target users of mechanical keyboards are gamers, and desktop games are concentrated on Windows systems, so 99.9% of mechanical keyboards are only optimized for Windows systems, omitting the mac system...

It would be great if he can adapt to MAC.

To be honest, the above problems made me almost give up the idea of ​​going out with MBP + mechanical keyboard, because I know that such a mechanical keyboard cannot exist.

And until one day, I met such a keyboard, I didn't know that it really existed like this.

Its name is - keychron k3.


The item was sent by SF Express, the octagonal point is very good, and the speed is very fast, it arrived early the next morning.

There are many versions of the K3 keyboard. The switches are divided into ordinary blue/red/tea/black switches and self-developed optical switches. The lighting is divided into white light/RGB. I chose the optical switch and RGB versions, code-named K3E .

Open the lid to see the keyboard, let's take them out and have a look.

Let’s take a family portrait, including the keyboard body, Windows-supported keycaps, key puller, shaft puller, and data cable.

U1S1, very complete.

According to the usual practice, let me show you a beautiful picture of the keyboard first. Among other things, the color of the keyboard is good, it is very attractive, and the texture is also great.

There is a keyboard mode switch in the upper left corner, which can switch the wired/Bluetooth mode, and the other is the mode switch of the four systems of Windows, Android, MAC, and IOS.

The keyboard supports two-stage footrest adjustment. This function is very practical, because different people prefer different inclination angles, and this is a very thin keyboard (see below for details on how thin it is). It is an adjustable footrest. The difficulty is greater than that of ordinary keyboards, which shows that the manufacturers are still very careful.

As I said before, this keyboard has a hot-swappable design, and it is an optical axis. It is very convenient to disassemble and replace the axis. However, because it is an optical axis, it is not compatible with ordinary 3-pin and 5-pin switches. After all, the structure of the switch body Designs are different.

Take a close-up of the command and other keys, this dumpling was made for this bowl of vinegar, and this keyboard was made for these few keys.

Although RGB is not the main reason for me to buy this keyboard, a good RGB can achieve the effect of icing on the cake, but if it emits the same RGB light as killing Matt, then I cannot accept it.

Fortunately, the RGB color selection of this keyboard is very good, and it feels very geek, so give him a big thumbs up.

Since it is a low-axis keyboard, there is no doubt that it is thin, and the thickness is only half of that of an ordinary mechanical keyboard.

In terms of weight, it is very nice, 477.2g, it will not feel heavy when you carry it around, and it is much lighter than ordinary mechanical keyboards.

What surprised me even more is that this keyboard is not only adapted to the MacBook on the system, but also has exactly the same size. Now there is no need to carry an extra backpack, just stuff it into the computer bag. (happy!!!)

In terms of thickness, just now we only saw the comparison of the thickness of the ordinary mechanical keyboard and this keyboard, and we couldn’t intuitively feel how thin it is, so I took a picture of the comparison between this keyboard and the MacBook, and we can see that this keyboard is in the same place. With the kickstand raised, it's only slightly thicker than the MBP.

To be honest, although compared with the film, it may still be a little thicker, but I am very satisfied with this thickness.

To sum up, first of all, this is a keyboard specially made for MBP. It is obviously not suitable to use it as an ordinary mechanical keyboard at home with a desktop computer. It is most correct to take it with MBP. It is a product between the film and the machine. It not only retains the thinness of the film, but it is a complete mechanical keyboard in structure.

I didn’t mention the hand feel in the previous article, because this thing can’t be described by photos, so I’ll briefly say it here. First of all, it’s definitely much better than the film. The design of the optical axis + short axis makes the trigger very fast. The playing is also good, and the hands will not get tired after typing for a long time. (Inner OS: I finally don’t have to put up with MBP’s damn built-in keyboard.)

If you are like me and need a keyboard like this, to be honest, it is not a good enough keyboard, there is no gasket structure, no various switches, but it must be suitable.

In addition, the Double Eleven is approaching recently, and keychron has also opened the Double Eleven discount. If you are interested, you can go directly to it.

Thank you all for watching till now~

I am every day.

See you next time!~


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